At Company, Buzz tells Ashlee to take a break and pushes her over to Coop. He's busy working and needs to run off and see Ava. Ashlee bluntly tells him that Stuart asked her out for a dinner date. He assumes that her mother pushed her into this. She doesn't even know if she likes the guy. He shrugs and tells her to go for it and walks away, leaving her noticeably disappointed with his response. After he leaves, Buzz talks to Ashlee about Coop. He tells her that he is confused and she wonders if she should just tell him the truth. Buzz reminds her that Coop and Ava have a past.

Reva arrives at Cedars for her latest cancer check. Elsewhere, Jeffrey brings his daughter a bushel of flowers. When Olivia checks the card, she sees that they were for someone else and he obviously swiped them. As he leaves, embarrassed, Ava teases her for acting like a kid with Jeffrey. She thanks her mother for getting her Coop back to his role as the concerned boyfriend, even if she did have to get her mugged for it. Olivia smiles and walks out to get some bottled water when she spots Jeffrey and Reva gabbing. As soon as he walks off, Olivia rushes over to Reva to tell her that she shouldn't be here with Jeffrey. Reva tells her that she is only there to get her cancer checkup. Olivia apologizes and then, annoyed, returns to her daughter's side. Coop arrives and informs them that the detective working on the mugging case has found a lead. Neither of the women and thrilled at this news. Coop starts to quiz them about everything that happened. He can't understand what the motive was since nothing was stolen.

Jeffrey joins up with Reva in the waiting room to keep her company while she awaits her results. She tells him to go back to Ava but he decides to thumb wrestle her for whether or not he should stay. As they wrestle and laugh, the doctor walks in with the results. She tells Reva that everything is fine and that there are no signs of cancer. Reva starts to dance around and cries into Jeffrey's arms, hugging and thanking him for being there. They pencil in her next appointment and he offers to take her out 'to drink until they puke.' She tells him to go and see Ava instead; she doesn't want him holding her hand to doctor's appointments anymore: They are only together to have fun. After thanking him again, he leaves. When he returns to his daughter's room, he hears Coop saying that he thinks Ava's attack was just a warning. Jeffrey agrees with this theory.

Afterwards, Coop calls Ashlee and reluctantly tells her to enjoy her dinner with Stuart. Meanwhile, Olivia leaves Ava' side to book a one way ticket to Mexico City as Reva stands a few feet away listening in. After Ava begs Jeffrey to do something nice for her mother, he approaches Olivia and offers to drive her home. He takes her to her room and tries a little too hard to be nice, offering to take her to the spa etc.. She realizes that Ava put him up this and tells him to stop. She feels like she has been trying too hard with their daughter. He tells her that Ava obviously loves her for sitting with her for every minute since her attack. Meanwhile, back at Cedars, Ashlee watches through the window as Ava tries to get changed in front of Coop but he stops her and tells her to wait until she is discharged. Ashlee walks off and Reva follows her, disappointed to see her giving up. Ashlee tells her that Daisy, jokingly, suggested that Ava must have planned the attack. 'I'm sure it wasn't Ava,' Reva says.

At the mansion, Natalia is annoyed when Daisy is trying make a deal with her: Rafe for Gus. Natalia says that her dreams are only for her son and they don't include Daisy. Rafe has been listening in and finally pokes his head back into the room. Daisy asks for a few minutes alone with Rafe and Natalia, grudgingly, leaves them alone. Daisy feels like everyone is against her. Natalia obviously hates her. This is yet another in the long line of rejections she's had in her life. She knows that Rafe wants to be with her, but he says that the timing is bad and asks her to go. He doesn't want to mess things up for his mom.

In the hallway, a uniformed Remy runs up to Natalia and tells her that Lizzie has hired him as security. She thinks that he's paranoid; she doesn't need a bodyguard. He offers to keep her company in case she gets bored. Suddenly, Daisy runs past them with Rafe trailing behind. He stops to ask why Remy is there with her. He's annoyed that he has to break things off with Daisy when she is still running around with Remy. She can ask anybody, but Remy is ten times worse than Daisy is. He won't take orders from either of them, he declares as he walks out. Daisy goes over to Company to talk to her grandfather. She tells him that she could deal with all of the chaos and complications if she didn't have to deal with Natalia. She is a selfish person; she has broken her and Rafe up and won't stop until she breaks up Gus and Harley. Later, Natalia arrives with Remy. She's late for her shift. Buzz tells her that, although she's been a fantastic waitress, there have been a lot of problems between her and his family and... before he can finish, she quits. Outside, Rafe calls Daisy and arranges to meet her. They meet on Main Street moments later. Remy arrives to interrupt and accuses Daisy of costing Natalia her job. After he smiles smugly, he walks away leaving them to sort it out.

At home, Harley and Dylan are listening to music. He tells her how happy he is to have her and Daisy back in his life. As he kisses her, Gus walks through the door and punches him to the ground. Harley begs Dylan to stay back and tries to get between the men as they fight. Accidentally, she lets it slip that Dylan kissed her once before. Gus throws Dylan on the ground and begins to thrash him until he stops and falls back. He asks Harley to make sure that he's still breathing. He is and he thinks that Gus needs a psychiatrist. Gus starts to rant and accuse Dylan of just being involved with Daisy to get back with Harley. The bruised Dylan stands up to Gus and he punches him again, throwing him back against the kitchen island. As he collapses onto the floor, a cop runs in. Gus tells her that it's only a 'little family argument'. They don't know why she showed up. Did one of the neighbors complain? 'No it was me,' Zach says, suddenly appearing. He heard them arguing and called the police when he was scared. Dylan and the cop leave while Zach asks his parents if they are angry with him. They aren't but Harley sends him upstairs so that she can have a talk to Gus. He opens a beer and tells her that he really didn't mean to scare Zach. She thinks that he's upset over nothing. Gus doesn't think that a kiss is nothing and Dylan is after more. Maybe Dylan's not the only one living in the past? she suggests, pointing out his inability to stay away from Natalia. Gus decides that they need a 'time out' and walks away from the house. Moments later, he arrives at the mansion . Natalia offers him a drink and they stare into each other's eyes. Meanwhile, Harley has gone over to Dylan's room at The Beacon. She asks him if he's made a statement to the police (it would cost Gus his job). Dylan agrees not to press charges as long a she gives him what he wants.

Next on GL:
Dylan wants his old family back.

Daisy tells Harley that Natalia is after Gus.

Ashlee's suspicions of Ava get stronger.

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