Dylan is carrying his daughter's stuff into Harley's. Harley jokingly tells her that she can have the third floor. Daisy imagines that must be the consolation prize for staying away from Rafe. She leaves to pick up some sunglasses before she gets down to her chores. Her daughter actually behaving herself makes Harley worry even more than usual. Dylan says that they should try and be more optimistic. She tells him that he's been very good for their daughter. After he leaves to bring in more of Daisy's things, Buzz points out that much of this has been about Dylan finding reasons to be near. Harley reminds her father that she is married. When Dylan walks back in, she remembers something and runs off.

At Company, Coop is eager to get back to the hospital and check on Ava, much to Ashlee's chagrin. She thinks that he should leave this to the cops but he wants to check all of the security cameras. Suddenly, a detective arrives to investigate the Ava case. Ashlee called in a favor with her mom to put this on the front burner. 'We'll get the guy who attacked your girlfriend,' the detective says. Ashlee tries to explain that Ava is not Coops's girlfriend, but he jumps ahead, not correcting this mistake and worrying aloud about Ava. Later, Daisy arrives and finds Ashlee busing tables. Ashlee is starting to wish that she hadn't tried to help Ava. She only did it to keep Coop away from Ava but it seems to have backfired. Daisy tells her that he will come around but she remains skeptical. Suddenly, flowers arrive. The girls giggle at first but when Ashlee reads the card she sees that it's from Stuart, the lawyer her mom tried to set her up with. Daisy joke that maybe Ava just got hit on the head to get Coop's attention. As she leaves, Ashlee starts to think.

At Cedars, Olivia brings coffee to Jeffrey while he sits and waits for news about their daughter. She moves on to her daughter's side just as she wakes up. Ava thanks her for staying and says that she can ID the man who mugged her. Olivia tells her not too: They've probably left town by now anyway. Ava quickly realizes that her mother set her up. She really wishes that she hadn't done this. Soon, Jeffrey walks in, glad to see her awake. 'You're not going to believe this,' Ava starts before her mother shoots her a dirty look. Changing the topic, she says that she's impressed that he waited there all night. She's fine now. It's just a shame that someone would stoop this low, she remarks looking at her mother. Olivia rolls her eyes. Coop arrives and calls the detective in to take her statement. Jeffrey is impressed: This is one of the best detectives he's ever known. Olivia is uncomfortable and bites her tongue while Ava tells the detective that she can't remember anything. After he, Jeffrey and Olivia file out, Coop tells Ava how sorry he is that this has happened to her. He takes her hand and tells her that he wants everything in her life to be good. He tells her that Ashlee pulled a lot of strings to get that detective involved. In the corridor, Olivia drinks water and Jeffrey wonders if something is wrong. She admits that she's been 'intense' about he and Reva but... Jeffrey says that he hopes she can restrain herself because 'Reva's not going anywhere.' This is disgusting for her. She's sick of him sleeping with all of Springfield. He points out that she's guilty of that as well. As they start to insult each other, Coop interrupts to tell them that Ava wants to see them. They rush in worried, but she just tells them that they sound just like her parents. As she takes their hands and Coop look on, Ashlee arrives to watch through the window.

Gus is helping to move Rafe and Natalia into the Spaulding mansion. The place is more like a museum than a home. Lizzie arrives to half-heartedly welcome them. 'Don't worry...I don't live here anymore,' she says. The butler arrives to hand Rafe the keys to his new car. His jaw drops but Natalia seems concerned. A gift that size comes with 'ropes attached,' she says. The butler then hands Natalia the keys to an SUV in her favorite color. Rafe thinks that she deserves it. Lizzie tells them to enjoy the ride: 'My grandad collects families,' she warns them before walking out. Gus tells his son that he can't run out and jump into the car. He doesn't even have a license yet. First they have to get that and then they can get him a safe car. Rafe isn't going to give it up and doesn't want his mother to give hers up either. Gus warns him that Alan is not what he seems. He has tried to be a good father, Gus admits, but in the end, 'this isn't really a house, it's a spider's web.'

Back at her apartment, Natalia is finishing her packing. Remy continues trying to talk her out of it. She doesn't need warnings about Alan and Rafe needs some family, she insists. Remy is sure that she is really just moving in to get closer to Gus. Natalia shakes her head, but before she can reply, Harley walks in. Natalia assumes that she has come to accuse her of trying to steal Gus but Harley insists that she is only there to help. Remy walks off and Natalia tells Harley that she doesn't need any help. Harley asserts that her marriage to Gus has never been stronger and she never wonders about what things could be like with Dylan.

Left alone, Rafe picks up one of Alan's cigars and wanders around before playing with a vase. When Daisy walks in and surprises him, he drops it onto the floor and it smashes. He's not happy to see her and starts to panic as he picks up the pieces. She thinks that he just blew her off before to please his mother, but he says that things are just 'weird' between them now that they're step brother and sister. After observing their parents for the last few days though, Daisy doesn't think they'll be step-siblings for much longer. 'Everybody's perfect little marriage won't be perfect for much longer,' she says as Lizzie look in. She leaves and meets with Remy at CO2. She tells him that her grandfather is looking for a new family. He asks her to hire him so that he can work as her spy and keep an eye on Natalia at the same time. Meanwhile, Rafe and Daisy have moved onto the couch and start to kiss before Natalia walks in. She tells Daisy to leave before security notices her. After sending Rafe off, she reminds Natalia that if it wasn't for her, she wouldn't have any of what she's gotten since she came to Springfield. She owes her, but as long as she allows her quality time with Rafe, she can have quality time with Gus.

Gus meets Buzz on Main Street. He's been out driving his son's new sports car. Buzz obviously has something on his mind. He tells Gus not to be so busy with his new family members. Then he takes the keys to the car to take it for a spin. When he comes back, Gus asks him if he is seriously questioning his loyalty to Harley. Buzz thinks that Gus' problem may be that he is too loyal. The strongest marriage in the world is still a fragile thing, he warns. Meanwhile, Harley returns home and Dylan is there alone. He gets her to listen to music with him. As they talk about how happy they are to have Daisy back, he begins to kiss her just as Gus walks in.

Next on GL:
Remy is Lizzie's new security officer.

Coop has a theory about Ava' attack.

Natalia pushes Daisy out of her life.

A jealous Gus beats Dylan.

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