Josh has fallen onto the ground and Cassie begins to mock him. He claims that he is only down praying for mercy. As he embraces and kisses her, she wonders if public make-out sessions are really appropriate. He says there is nothing in the Ten Commandments against it. He's interested in getting closer to God, not a vow of celibacy. They go over to visit the Reverend in his room at The Beacon (the rectory is being renovated) which is also doubling as his office. He's having a very slow day until the hospital calls: His sister just went into premature labor. Cassie drives the Reverend over to Cedars, leaving Josh to look after things while he is away.

Josh starts to scroll through all of the e-mails sent to the Reverend when Lizzie arrives at the door. She's in a bit of a crisis and she got there first. 'First?' he asks. Looking out into the hallway, he sees that half of the town seems to be waiting for advice. Flustered, Josh explains that the Reverend is away on an emergency and they should call his secretary for an appointment. Lizzie doesn't care, Josh is studying to be a minister and that's close enough. Pushing him back into the room, she pulls out a list of questions and tearfully goes through them all: Why did I have to go through Chemo? Why did Jonathan and Sarah have to die? Why was I the last to know my mom got married again? Why did I have to kill Carl? etc.. Josh really has no answers to these questions. Smiling, he tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself and do something that she loves, something that matters. 'Like my mom's new baby?' she jumps. He wonders if that's a good idea considering her recent loss, but Lizzie is sure that it is. As she goes to the door, she tells the waiting crowd that Reverend Josh is worth the wait.

Marina is next. She begins to rant about how unreasonable Frank has been and how she wants to get him off her back. Josh asks her to bring her father in and they will settle this. Billy comes next, asking for advice about what to do with one of his alcoholic employees. Josh advises him to give him another chance. Buzz comes after him, dressed in a suit for a date with Lillian. Josh is happy to hear that they're getting together, but that's not why Buzz is there. He wants approval for a catering bill. Josh gives him some advice anyway. Frank later arrives to talk to Josh and Marina. Josh suggests that he give Cyrus a month and let him prove to Marina who he really is. Frank agrees to this and Josh asks them to hug. They leave, thanking him and Josh laughs to himself, feeling like the 'Tiger Woods of ministry.' Cassie arrives, giggling to see him so happy. They walk around town and he tells her that he finally got answers to all of his doubts about his being a minister. Helping people be happy, helping them share their problems and learn how to compromise is wonderful. At CO2 they watch Marina and Frank giggle over ice cream before traveling to Company where they watch Lizzie, Leah and Beth laugh while unwrapping baby gifts. Cassie thinks that Josh is starting to sound awfully wise; maybe now he understands why she thought Alan should never keep the baby.

Inside Company, Lizzie tells her mother that Josh gave her a good idea. She's planned out a baby shower for her mother. This way, she can be a good sister. Leah isn't impressed: The only thing that Lizzie is good for is shopping. Staying honest, she turns and tells Beth that she wishes that she had stayed out of her father's life and not ruined his marriage. Beth is selfish and the only thing she is capable of giving is sex. Lizzie tries to defend her mother by saying that sex is an expression of love. 'So you're mother's been spreading love all over town?' Leah taunts her. Things escalate until Lizzie starts throwing food at Leah and they begin yelling at each other. Josh runs in and tries to break it up.

At Towers, Josh sits close by as Buzz is nervously twitching though his date with Lillian. He has a lot of baggage he needs to unload before they go any further. Bad luck follows him and destroys all of his relationships. 'I'm like a fatal disease...I end up alone and you end up dead,' he says. Lillian is becoming uncomfortable with where this is going and thanks him for not wasting her time. She just wanted some old fashioned romance, not a mess. She gets up and walks away. When Josh goes back to his room, he finds Billy waiting for him, telling him that his employee came in drunk, charged $11,000 to the company and stole his golf clubs. Going over to CO2, he sees Marina and Frank. He is telling his daughter that Cyrus will be staying in the country: He has found himself an American wife. Standing beside him, Billy slaps his brother on the back as they watch Marina furiously run away from her father. 'You got a real talent there little brother,' Billy smiles. Josh knows that he screwed up everything, but he remembers the 'Pottery Barn gospel': You break it, you bought it.

After finding Lillian, Josh tells her that she shouldn't blame Buzz for their failed date. It was his bad advice that ruined things and Buzz deserves another chance. 'Why is he alone? I'm not sure I want to find out,' Lillian concludes, unconvinced, before walking off. He continues on, finding an angry Frank who tells him that Cyrus is 'a world class creep' and tells Josh that he shouldn't quit his day job. When Lewis builds bridges, at least they don't collapse. Inside Company, everyone who he gave advice to that day stands around arguing and Josh begs God for help as Leah and Lizzie start to battle. Desperate, he calls the Reverend and hurries over to Cedars to tell him what a terrible job he's been doing. The Reverend is sympathetic but he's busy trying to help his sister as she gives birth. He tells Josh to have a beer or have a run but don't give anyone any more advice. Later, he meets Josh at CO2 for a cigar. He tells him about some of the disastrous advice he gave out when he first started,. It made him want to quit but he didn't. What advice did he give these people anyway? Josh explains everything that he told people and the Reverend summarizes: He told them to be honest, loving and focus on family. That doesn't sound like bad advice, he smiles.

Josh goes back to Company and meets Cassie outside. He tells her that he has been a jack*** and he needs to fix the things he's ruined. She tells him that he can't fix these things. None of the people who came to see him needed his advice; they will do what they do no matter what, they just wanted someone to listen to them and care. He goes back to the 'office' and re-interviews everyone. Lizzie decides that maybe she should help Natalia and Rafe; Marina is relieved that Cyrus is staying; Frank wishes he had been more comforting to his daughter; Buzz wishes that he's done things differently and meets with Lillian again; Billy get his golf clubs back. Josh goes home and opens some champagne. No matter how many mistakes he makes, he knows that Cassie will always be there to listen to him. She's already fallen asleep on the couch. He kisses her goodnight. 'I can do this,' he tells himself.

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