Dinah begins to stumble over her words as she interviews Frank live on television. When she can't finish a sentence, Frank tries to help out but she begins to becoming increasingly confused and disoriented. While her would-be replacement is eager to move in and take her place, Mallet moves in first and tries to save things for Dinah. As soon as the broadcast ends, the producer confronts Dinah about her black out. Dinah says that it must be all of the medication she's on. The produced leaves unsatisfied and Mallet wants to take his wife home. Dinah is panicking. The other reporter is trying to take her job and she needs to get a story right now. If he wants to help, Mallet needs to start being her husband and stop being her nurse.

At Jeffrey's, a knock comes to the door. Reva climbs out of bed and finds Doris there. After they force smiles at one another, Doris reminds Jeffrey that her fundraiser is tonight. He says that he'll be late. Doris is sure to suggest that Reva not miss an opportunity to rub this new development in her love life in everybody's face. Later, after a shower, they get dressed and she asks him if Doris is right: Are they together just for revenge? No, they're just together for fun and who cares if people talk. They should go out in public. He begins to laugh mischievously and she rubs her hands together.

At Company, Coop and Ashlee joke about tips the customer's leave before she asks him to accompany her to her mother's fundraiser. She hopes that he's 'up for it' like last time. He accepts, although Ava turns up a moment later to invite him to the same event. When he tells her that he is already going, she suggests they all go together. Later, when they are all dressed and ready to go, an awkward feeling Ava leaves ahead of them. They move on to the fundraiser and Doris quickly drags her daughter up to the front to introduce her as a fine instance of everything good about the justice system. There she is-- completely rehabilitated. Doris then introduces her to Stuart Small, who just graduated from law school. Although she tries to press them together, Coop soon interrupts and saves her from his company.

Ava runs over to see her mother, declaring that she has lost Coop to Ashlee. Coop only falls for a cause, she explains. When she was 'little orphan Ava', he couldn't stay away. Now that she isn't helpless and confused, he doesn't want her, he wants helpless Ashlee, his new lost cause. Olivia tells her that she needs to make Coop know that she needs him, not that she wants him. The Coopers need to be needed; being helpful is what attracts them to people. Once Ava finishes venting, she leaves. Olivia later calls Coop to ask him if he's seen Ava; she's not answering her cell phone and she's worried. He offers to go and search for her and Ashlee goes with him. After finding Ava's car in the garage, they find her lying on the ground on Main Street. Coop tells her that he'll take her to the hospital. Ashlee calls Olivia and tells her that Ava must have been mugged and needs to go to the hospital. After hanging up, Olivia makes a call to an anonymous man. She's angry: He was only supposed to grab Ava's purse, not hurt her.

Dinah pulls Mallet and Frank along as she heads to Doris' fundraiser to interview the new mayoral candidate. Mallet soon drags her away from another failing interview. She confesses that she isn't feeling better; her brain doesn't work anymore. She shows him her notebook: It's all instructions about how to do everyday things like brushing her teeth. Taking her out to the balcony, he tries to learn more but she doesn't know what she feels. Her words are gone. She tries so hard, but there is nothing; she just grabs at the air. She can't have him following her and finishing things and she doesn't want his pity. 'I don't want to be a wife like this,' she cries. 'I'm damaged goods.' He tells her that they will go to the doctor and find out exactly what this is. She fears that this is who she is from now on. 'Kiss me,' he says. After she does, he tells her that there is something still there. He didn't know that she would survive but she did, she came back top him, and they will figure everything else out together.

In his room, Cassie tries to give Josh a study break by offering him chips. She brings up his recent run in with Rick and suggests to him that there is such a thing as a good lie, a lie that can protect a child's life. He doesn't know what to say. When did she decide that he saw things in such a black and white way? He just seems like he thinks he's mister perfect, she suggests. Josh insists that he likes shades of grey and can prove that he's only human: They should go skinny dipping in the lake right now so she can get a glimpse of his humanity.
Later, after their naked swim, they crawl through the alleyways completely naked after some children stole their clothes. As they hide behind some appropriate foliage and a well place gate at Company, Cassie calls out to her sister for help when she spots her and Jeffrey approaching. They quickly start to mock them but Josh left his sense of humor with his clothes. Cassie wonders what they are doing out together anyway. They're just out, Reva and Jeffrey say. As the new couple laugh and walk into Company, Josh and Cassie decline joining them. After getting some clothes, they do go inside and Cassie continues to wonder what is up with her sister and Jeffrey. Josh says that they are seeing each other but it's no big deal. She wonders why he never told her. He shrugs and they sit down to have a beer with their ex-lovers. When the topic of Ashlee comes up, Cassie is impressed that Josh is so forgiving of Ashlee after she left him to rot in jail. That's a good quality in a clergyman. He's been training for this whole life, Reva suggests. Actually he's spent most of his life saving Reva, he points out. Well now he can spend his time saving everyone else, she shoots back. As she and Jeffrey leave, Cassie can't stop herself from saying how weird this new coupling is.

When Jeffrey and Reva return to his room, she confesses that she feels awkward and maybe they should get some distance between. When he offers her his hand, however, she laughs and they rush into the bedroom instead. Meanwhile, Cassie wonders to Josh if her sister and Jeffrey are together just because neither of them are with either of them. Josh doesn't care; he's glad that Reva has a life. He just wants everyone to have fun, live in the moment and be happy.

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