At Company, Frank is quizzing his daughter about her relationship with Cyrus. She clearly doesn't want to talk about it. As he rises to get coffee, she answers his ringing phone: It's the INS agent calling to update Frank about the Australian he had them tracking. She easily figures out what this means. When Frank sits down, Marina decides it's time for them to have a chat. She hopes that he has some lame excuse for calling Immigration on Cyrus. He admits that he did it and wonders why she keeps acting out like a teenager to annoy him. She explains that she cares about Cyrus and resisted him for a long time out of respect for her father, but she finally had to admit to her feelings. Frank is afraid that this could cost her dearly; she's already been shot. 'You're the one who pulled that trigger!' she points out. He blames Cyrus for this. She just wants a chance at being happy and if he pulls a stunt like this again, she'll call internal affairs on him. Mallet interrupts their fight and Marina explains the situation. He sides with her, although he's not thrilled that she's seeing Cyrus either. Frank reminds both of them that his daughter has chronically bad judgment when it comes to men. Marina concedes this, but she needs her father to step back and hope for the best. Mallet walks Frank out.

As Cyrus lays his hands on Alexandra's pearls, she walks in on him. He admits that he was stealing from her and she asks him why. He says that he has run into a financial bind and he can either rob her or leave her. Marina calls and Alexandra, after picking up the phone, hands it over. She tells him that he's in some real trouble. He knows. She asks to meet him later and he agrees. Off the phone, Alexandra says that none of this bothers her much. She's fond of him. As she probes through his problem, she suggests that they find a more permanent solution to his problem. 'If you marry a US citizen, you will become legal,' she suggests smiling. He can barely believe it when she goes on to suggest that he marry her. What's in it for her? She wants some company... and he looks good on her arm. He would have his own suite and allowance; all that he would have to do in return is 'amuse' her. He could still see other women as long as he was discrete about it. This sounds extremely generous to him. How can he say no? He can't ask Marina to marry him; he's sure that she would say no and he doesn't want to put her in an awkward position. Deciding instantly, he declares: 'If you'll have me, I'm yours.' She's thrilled and gives him a hug, sure that they will make a great team. He puts her pearls away and leaves to take care of something before they make plans. He goes over to Company and meets with Marina. She breaks the news about the INS being after him. He already knows and has solved his problem. 'What did you do?' she asks happily. He doesn't want to explain that now; he just wants to talk about all of the things they have to look forward to now that he's sticking around. Meanwhile, Alexandra gas already begun looking at wedding rings.

Mallet is dismayed to see Dinah pushing herself so hard to get back to work. He doesn't want to leave her but she pushes him to go off to work and leave her. Once he's gone, she calls Matt and asks him to give her some backup. Dinah goes out to meet an enthusiastic producer about interviewing Doris live on the evening news. Dinah tries to hide her discomfort at this challenge. Matt sits down with her and offers to help her out. The producer returns with Eve, a chipper replacement reporter, just in case Dinah needs to step out. Dinah remains undaunted; she wants to prove to everyone that she's even sharper than she was before her trauma. She wants a challenge; she's sick of relying on other people. Matt's impressed, she hasn't stumbled over a single word. He gives her a hug. Later, Mallet arrives just as the interview is about to begin. She is rushed in front of the camera to interview Frank. As she begins to read the teleprompter, things go fine until she has to speak for herself. The words become difficult and her sentences incoherent. After a long and difficult pause, Frank tries to speak, but everything becomes blurry for Dinah as she freezes up and holds back her tears.

At Harley's, Alan tells her that he wants Rafe to live with him so that he can get to know his grandson. As a bonus, she will get to save her marriage. She is a practical woman and she shouldn't let her hatred of him get in the way of making this deal. She must realize that if she keeps pushing Gus the way she has been, she will only get his resentment. She needs to admit that 'Alan knows best.' The 'troubled kid' is a Spaulding and he needs her to pitch this idea to Gus because it would never be accepted coming straight from him. She refuses. Rafe deserves more. Alan says that he cares more about the boy than she does, but she still refuses: It may be best for him and her but it wouldn't be best for Gus and Rafe.

At Natalia's, Gus tells her that she and Rafe are just as much a part fo his life as Harley. He won't let them go, he just needs time to work this out: He won't give up. Looking out the window, she waves to the patrol car he has watching her apartment. She wonders if his wife knows how much extra attention he's been throwing her way: This really isn't appropriate. 'You can't have it both ways,' she insists. 'You can try to, but you can't have both of us,' she tells him as he walks out. Once he's gone, Alan arrives and tells her that they are testing a new insulin pump at the university hospital. He's pulled some strings and got Rafe into the tests. Excited to hear this, she says that she would do anything for Rafael. Alan tells her that his mother and cousin are diabetic and asks for more details about Rafe's case. He promises her that from now on, his grandson will only see the best doctors. He wants her to consider him his friend and also consider an offer he has for her.

Gus returns home to find Harley baking. He tells her that he went to see Natalia and she wants to take off with his son. He hopes that he talked her out of it. She still wants to go with her condo idea, but Gus doesn't think that will fly. She then, sarcastically, offers to renovate the third floor and put alarms and bars on all the doors. 'Kind of hopeless,' Gus sadly says before spotting Alan's cigar splayed on a plate. She tells him Alan's offer and that she made it clear that no one would agree to it. She admits that, for one second, it actually sounded like a good idea, but living with Alan would be bad for anyone. Gus stays relatively silent, but he's glad to hear that Harley went out of her way to protect he and his son. Later, Alan returns and Gus flatly tells him that he doesn't want Rafe living with him. That's a shame, Alan says, because he wanted Gus' blessing. He doesn't need it though. 'I've got hers,' he says as Natalia appears beside him. Gus resents the fact that Alan has gone behind his back to do this. As they all argue, Natalia stops them. She knows who Alan is and what he is capable of, but she doesn't care about that: This is about what's best for her son. This is the only way to solve all of their problems. Alan ushers her away to collect Rafe.

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