At Cedars, Gus walks in to check on his son. Rafe is sleeping but Natalia is awake and standing by his bedside. She tells him that their son is usually better at taking care of himself. A doctor comes in and informs them that Rafe is stable and can go home later. A delivery arrives for Rafe. As he wakes, he opens it, happy to see an MP3 player inside. A smiling Alan appears in the doorway with a laptop to complete the package. Rafe can barely believe it and Gus suggests that his father should have checked with Natalia first. Alan insists that this is just a gift to his grandson. Gus drags his dad out into the corridor and tells him that Rafe is not for sale. Alan can't help it, he likes the boy. Gus thinks that he may be trying to compensate for losing Beth and the baby, but Alan insists that he just thinks his grandson deserves better than he's had. 'Not everything I do is toxic,' Alan protests. Natalia comes out and worries that it will be impossible to keep Daisy and Rafe apart now. Gus is sure that things will be fine now that Daisy is with Dylan. As he walks away, Alan tells Natalia that she needs to take Rafe home with her. Leaving him with Harley will just drive the boy out of town. When she returns to her son's side, she tells him that his collapse is not like him; he's usually more careful. She thinks that he's becoming too distracted: He needs to stay away from Daisy. She doesn't want to see him throw his life away on someone who has just drifted into his life.

Harley goes over to visit Dylan and tells him that Daisy will be going home with her. He's not confidant that this is a good idea and wants to discuss it. She tells him that he is just Daisy's father and Gus is her husband so he can stop acting like he is. When Daisy comes out, Harley tells her to pack her stuff and come home. Daisy promises her mother that all the crazy stuff is over and tells her father that she will miss him. As she walks away to pack, Harley promises Dylan that she won't let their daughter ruin her life, even if she has to track her 24/7. She goes over to Cedars and tells Gus that she will be bringing Daisy home. He's baffled by this complete flip on her part. She doesn't want her daughter living with a single man: She needs to be under her mother's watch, she insists. Gus interprets this as meaning that she is picking her daughter over his son. None of this is about Daisy, it seems to be about Harley, he suggests. Natalia walks in on the conversation. She protests that it's time for her to make the decision about what happens to her son. As she walks away, Harley suggests that they buy a condo for Rafe and Natalia in their neighborhood. Gus shakes his head, reminding her that they don't have the money for that. 'It's you and me,' she tells him, sure that they can work this out. He seems less convinced as he walks away.

Daisy arrives in Rafe's hospital room. She was so scared when she saw him collapse, she says. From now on, she will help him out. Rafe, clearly uncomfortable, is trying to put her off though and she wonders why he is so cold all of a sudden. He tells her that they are just friends and no more. 'You don't need me, I don't need you either...great,' she says, as he awkwardly breaks up with her. She promptly walks out. After writing a note in the hallway, she slips it under his door. He picks it up and reads it: 'I know your mom made you do it.'

At Towers, Cyrus calls a contact and tells them that he has access to some flawless jewels. Marina appears and puts her detective's nose in. He instantly drops the call and acts awkward. Spotting Terri, the INS agent, he walks across the room to her and sits down, leaving Marina behind with Remy. They sit at the bar and mourn their flawed love lives. Meanwhile, Cyrus tells Terri that he's tired of being followed. She doesn't want to follow him, she just wants her the end of the day. He tells her to take the squeeze off of him so he won't rat her out to her boss. After taking a picture of her, she seems undaunted and tells him that no one would believe him anyway. 'See you soon or pack your bags,' she says striding away.

Marina and Remy go downtown. He knows that she's clinging to him to make Cyrus jealous and he doesn't want to be any more than friends. Cyrus rushes up to her, grabs her by the arm and drags her away. He knows what she is up to, plastering herself to Remy. He's tired of jumping through hoops for her: He needs her to believe that he has changed. She does. If he is going to stick around, she has to quit all of her stupid games. She can agree to that and begins to kiss him. 'This is good,' he smiles. Marina confesses that her cop upbringing makes her suspicious of everyone but she has to stop all of that; she knows that he wants a fresh start now. He tells her that he'll meet her in her room later. Right now there is something he has to take care of. Kissing her again, he walks away.

At the mansion, Alexandra prepares a drink for her brother. She feels sorry for everything he's lost lately. Despite everything, she wants him to be happy. He wants her to be happy too. She asks him if he would mind her moving Cyrus into the main house; she's tired of roaming around the house alone. There's something about that young man that she enjoys. She'll take all the good company she can get. Rising, Alan tells her that he wants something more than good company. Later, Cyrus arrives in the, now empty, office to swipe Alexandra's pearls from the safe. He easily breaks in and takes them when she walks in and turns on the light. 'Those were always my favorite too,' she says.

Harley returns home and looks at the separate photos of she and her daughter and Gus and his son. Alan arrives at the door and she almost shuts it on his face. He stops her and tells her that he has a solution to all of her problems. He thinks that Daisy should live with her and his grandson should come to live with him. Why would she ever agree to that? 'It's simple: To save your marriage,' he says.

Going back to her apartment, Natalia begins to pack when Remy walks in. She tells him that she is taking Rafe back to Chicago. He thinks that's a great idea. They should get while the getting is good. He promises to visit her, gives her a kiss and walks out. Gus soon arrives and tries to talk her out of leaving. He promises her that they can make this work. This is not Harley's choice, Rafe is his son. 'You and Rafe are just as much a part of my life as Harley is,' he tells her.

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