Reva is running around Jeffrey's room in his shirt. She's thrilled to have a 'no strings attached' relationship. She wonders why his place is such a mess though. He explains that he'd had a fling with the maid and it didn't turn out well. Reva just wants this to be a drama free zone from now on. Suddenly, Josh knocks on the door. He's looking for Reva. She calls out and he peers in, spotting her lounging on the sofa. Jeffrey picks up his shoes and does up his pants before walking out to leave them alone. Josh tells Reva that he watched the DVD and knows what Cassie did. She asks him if he can let all of this go. Stumbling with his words a bit, he insists that it is not his place to condemn or condone Cassie anymore than it is his place to judge what she's been doing with Jeffrey. Walking over to him, she grins and taunts him to say how he really feels about seeing her with Jeffrey. He repeats that it's none of his business. She reads something different in his face; she knows he doesn't want her with Jeffrey. 'Why don't you tell me who you want me to sleep with?' she asks. He backs away and, changing the subject back to why he is there, he tells her that Rick knows and no one else 'so don't say anything.' It's up to Rick now. He walks out and she lets out a little chirp.

At CO2, Olivia apologizes to Jeffrey for flying off at he and Reva last night. She explains that she and Reva don't 'bring out the best' in each other and she couldn't handle seeing her acting like she owned the place and him. She is sure that they aren't really sleeping together and is angry that she took Reva's bait. They soon begin arguing until Alexandra interrupts, asking Olivia why she was calling Alan behind her back. Olivia insists that she didn't call Alan about anything to do with business it was... Jeffrey surmises that she wanted to send Alan after Reva. Olivia tells Jeffrey that she is just trying to do him a favor and Reva is nothing but trouble. He's tired of fighting with her on a constant basis: He doesn't need all of these complications in his life. He tells her flatly that he is sleeping with Reva. At least that isn't complicated; something they could never be. She asks him why he came after her and stopped her from getting married. He doesn't know.

When Jeffrey returns to his room, Reva is frustrated on the phone dealing with sponsors for the cancer center. They begin to vent about their love lives with other people before stopping themselves. She wants to leave but he challenges her to a drinking game instead: 'How stupid am I.' They begin as he asks himself: 'How stupid am I to constantly think of the one woman who reminds of the worse thing I have done in my life?' She goes next: 'How stupid am I that I was trying to seduce my ex-husband who is engaged to my sister?' Apparently, they're both stupid, so they both drink. After many more ties for stupidity, they try and figure out which of them is really the biggest 's***' in Springfield. Meanwhile, Josh arrives at Company and finds Olivia sitting there. She's confused about Jeffrey and Reva. Josh says that he shouldn't care, so why should she? 'He's the father of my daughter,' she says. He points out that Reva is just his ex-wife now. So is Olivia and she knows it's not the same, there's more to it. She just doesn't want Reva to flatten Jeffrey out; it could be bad for Ava. She reminds him that she's been holding the ballroom for his wedding to Cassie for two months: 'Holding the ballroom but not my breath.'

In her room, Dinah becomes distraught when she keeps forgetting how to open the door to the bathroom. Meanwhile, on Main Street, Mallet tells Frank that he wants to give up his new job with the crime commission so that he'll have more time to spend with Dinah. Frank tries to talk him out of it but Mallet is insistent. He calls Dinah and asks her if she'd like to get out of the house; he's set up a little party for her at Company. She assures him that she's up to it, but, once she gets off the phone, she can hardly button her shirt. When he arrives to pick her up, he has to re-button her shirt and gives her a hug.

Dinah and Mallet arrive at Company to the applause of all of their friends. Dinah is uncomfortable and disoriented, but only Matt seems to notice. After a few awkward encounters with guests, Matt corners her and tries to give her some support. She assures him that everything is slowly coming back to her. When she forgets Remy's name, she starts to cry and runs to the washroom. Later, she goes down to CO2 and fumbles with her phone, dropping it and breaking into tears when someone jogs by. Mallet runs up to her and holds her close, trying to calm her. Sitting her down, he apologizes for the party; it was obviously too much too soon. He tells her that he is stepping down from the crime commission but she doesn't want him to give up his life for her. 'Everything else is just stuff,' he says as they kiss.

At Company, Cyrus finds Marina filling balloons. Grudgingly, she tells him that she's happy that he's there. Turning around, he spots Terri, the INS agent, outside and excuses himself. Outside, he tries to talk Terri up and charmingly offers her whatever she wants. She doesn't want him (she likes women); the only thing she wants from him is money. Marina peers out the window at them as Cyrus continues trying to barter. Alexandra arrives and watches with Marina. She tells her that whatever he's up to, it looks serious. Terri spots Alexandra inside and suggests that Cyrus get the money ($100,000) from her. As she saunters off, Cyrus goes back inside where the two women in his life look him over quickly. Frank thanks Alexandra for her tip but wonders what her interest is. She changes the subject and walks away. Cyrus sits with Marina, knowing that she's concerned about seeing him with a woman outside. She downplays and it and walks away from him. Later, she finds him sitting outside alone. He tells her that the little things mean a lot to him, but sometimes big things get in the way and work against them. Awkwardly, he tries to explain but finds that he can't. Instead, he tells her that he won't give up when there is so much at stake. His life was easier when he just had to outsmart cops. Now he's in real trouble. As they start to kiss, Alexandra comes out and tells Cyrus that she wants her ride home. When he brings her back to her room, he watches as she takes off her pearls and puts them in the vault. He realizes that he could easily swipe them and pay off his blackmail. Alexandra asks him to keep her company. She wants to enjoy some 'face time' with him. He pours her a drink.

Next on GL:
Cyrus wonders if he should swipe the pearls or if there's another way.

Alan worries that Harley will drive Rafe away.

Natalia threatens to leave with Rafe.