Harley arrives at home with an armload of 'guy movies' for Gus to watch with his son. She wonders if he's having second thoughts about keeping the kids apart. He's sure that if they were kids, their parents couldn't keep them apart. She smiles. Only a few feet away, Rafe chats with Daisy through his laptop while she sits in Dylan's room at The Beacon. Rafe is clearly not interested in watching anything with Gus and walks off to his room. Harley wishes that she had been Gus' first love, she says as she nestles with him on the couch. 'I saved the best for last,' he says hugging her. Meanwhile, Rafe has already snuck out of his room. Moments later, Daisy does the same. Dylan rushes over to Gus and Harley's with the news. They soon realize that Rafe has vanished too. They call Alan, Buzz and Natalia to break the news. Everyone meets together in the kitchen and exchanges blame until Frank arrives to say that they've been spotted heading to a hotel. Alan rants at Harley and threatens to bring in his security team to search. Natalia is sure that she can find her son; he will not run from her.

Gus and Natalia
Outside, Gus and Natalia try to piece together where the kids could have gotten to. He promises her that they will get their son home safe. She embraces him and they rush around town. He tells her that she looks very nice and she downplays his compliments while they return to her apartment to search. Gus tells her to stay there and wait in case the kids come by. She hugs him again until Remy walks in. They tell him what happened and he eagerly offers to help. Gus seems put off by this but he can't say no. He and Remy walk out and Gus soon starts challenging him about Natalia. On Main Street, Remy runs into his bookie. When the thuggish man demands the money that he's owed, Gus tries to tell him that Remy is working for him undercover. The bookie leaves with a threat and Gus swats Remy for getting into something so stupid. He wonders what would have happened if Natalia had been there instead of him. Remy tells him to do what he knows how to do: Walk away. He is sure that Gus is just angry because he can be with Natalia while Gus can't. Before Gus can rise to this, he gets a call: The kids have been found.

Harley and Dylan
At home, Dylan and Harley are calling around for information. He tries to calm her and asks her to try and think like them. 'They don't think,' she explains. He reminds her that the kids are exactly like them when they were their age. They can figure this out. When they go over to Company, he tries to get her a drink to calm her down as she becomes increasingly frazzled. She won't drink and drags him down to Main Street. There is no sign of the kids. He wonders if they should have run away when they were kids. Harley doesn't even want to think about that. They start searching again and end up back in his room. She begins checking through Daisy's computer while they teasingly remember the times that they had in his old truck. Nothing turns up on the computer and, slightly drunk, he continues stumbling around the room for clues. Staring at her, he wishes that they'd met when they were older. Leaning over, he kisses her. Uncomfortable, she gets up, but he won't apologize for what he just did. He doesn't think that he'll ever get over her. Before she can say anything, the phone rings: It's the hospital.

Alan and Natalia
Left alone, Alan comes knocking at Natalia's door, eager for news. He offers her help. Seeing that he's in a tuxedo, she tells him that he should go wherever he was going. He was going to a charity event; he always does his best for children, he tells her. Sitting down, he asks her why she hasn't returned his phone calls. She doesn't know. She's heard a lot about him, but doesn't believe it all. Rafe likes him anyway. Alan is happy to hear that; however, like his grandson, he can also be an infuriating man. His butler calls to say that the kids may have been seen on the grounds. He and Natalia rush over to the mansion but the kids are nowhere to be found. As she admires the house and he gives her a drink, he tells her that the last few days have been rough for him. She's heard all of the gossip. Alan promises her that he will make sure her son comes home to her; Rafe was good to him on a hard day. Natalia is unsure of how to feel about all of this. When Alan offers her keys to the house, he notices that the lake house keys are gone. Suddenly, Daisy calls in a panic. Alan figures out that they are in the lake house and they rush down.

Daisy and Rafe
After Rafe jumps from his window, he rushes over to The Beacon. Daisy was just packing up to meet him. He's anxious to get going, even if he doesn't know where. She throws a few things in her bag and they head out. Returning to his mother's apartment, they are sure that they'll be better off once they escape from Harley and her rules. Neither Gus nor Dylan would ever override her. When they hear someone at the door, they rush down the fire escape and downtown. After almost being spotted by Dylan and Harley, they go to the mansion and Rafe grabs some keys from Alan's desk. Going down to the lake house, they turn on the lights and get close. He's jumpy and steps back when she tries to kiss him. She looks for something to eat but there is nothing other than baking soda and pickles. He decides that they should go swimming instead. As she begins to strip, he collapses. Instantly, she pulls out her phone and calls Natalia.

Natalia and Alan arrive at the lake house and give Rafe something to drink. Alan calls an ambulance. Moments later, they are at the hospital and the rest of the family (and Remy) arrives. Gus and Natalia go to their son's bedside. He wishes that he wouldn't have taken off like that. Outside, Dylan and Harley check on their daughter. Even though she was bad, at least she was smart and did the right thing. Things could easily have been a lot worse. They let her go in and see Rafe. Standing in the corridor, Gus and Natalia stay to one side of the room, staring across at Dylan and Harley at the other end.

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