Ashlee and Coop are watching a chick flick together in her room. When she leans over him, he becomes aroused and, embarrassed, rushes into the bathroom to calm himself. She barges in and, seeing him in a state, asks him if she's interrupting something. He fumbles for an excuse and then stumbles out of the room. Surprisingly, Ava is waiting in the doorway with flowers. He sits down, covering himself with a pillow as Ava hands Ashlee some flowers and welcomes her back to the real world. After taking the hint, Ava leaves and Coop apologizes for making things uncomfortable. Ashlee is flattered by all of this. He thinks that he should go, but she wants him to stay. Buzz walks through the open door and, seeing the bed a bit of a mess, asks if he's come at a bad time. Simultaneously, Ashlee says yes, Coop says no. Buzz tells them that he's just there to take the dog for a walk. Coop gives Ashlee a hug and he and his smirking father leave.

Jeffrey arrives on Main Street to see Olivia. Awkwardly, she explains that she wants to 'see' him. It takes him a moment to figure out what she means by that. There is something between them and they need to figure it out. Maybe they need to build new memories, after all, they can't escape from the ones they already have. Maybe they can find a way past the past? She arranges for them to have dinner in his room and leaves him with a baffled look on his face.

At Cedars, Dinah's doctor is talking to her about the difficulties she may encounter. She starts to space out until Mallet arrives to take her home. As the doctor leaves to get the release forms, Mallet smiles and goes off to prepare things. Left alone, Dinah starts to mumble to herself and begins to play with her phone, forgetting how to use it. Cyrus walks in, surprising her. She can't remember his name until Marina walks in and says it. She tells them that she needs to dress and they leave as Mallet returns. He takes her home and Matt comes knocking. Mallet is about to leave them alone to pick up their food when she starts to space out again. When a knock at the door brings flowers, she gets jumpy and sits down as he leaves. Once Mallet's gone, she rushes into the washroom and tries to pull herself together. After she slumps down, Matt comes in to check on her. She tells him that everything is wrong; she feels blocked and words won't come out the way they're supposed to. When she saw him, she couldn't come up with his name and became confused. As she cries, he tries to calm her, reminding her that she's been through a serious trauma and it will be difficult for awhile. He tells her that nobody has to know that she's having trouble, she can take notes and practice until she gets back to her old self. When Mallet returns and unpacks the food, she hugs him close.

Cyrus and Marina arrange to meet up after she settles a few things. Kissing him, she walks off as an INS agent, Terri, comes from behind. She tells Cyrus that there have been quite a few problems with his green card paperwork. He offers to come down to the office and sort things out. The only thing that will sort this out is money, Terri explains: 'Lots and lots of it.' He has a prolific criminal record and she makes no secret that she is blackmailing him for it. He's not feeling threatened; he's dealt with worse than her. As she leaves, Marina returns and he tells her that he has to run off at Alexandra's call. He creeps along and breaks into agent Terri's room at The Beacon to search around.

Ava goes knocking on her mother's door. Inside, Olivia is trying to decide what to wear while her daughter tells her that there is a 'weird' vibe between Ashlee and Coop. Olivia tells her not to worry; if she wants Coop, she can get him back. Seeing that her mother is preparing to go out, she doesn't want to intrude, but Olivia tells her that she is going out with Jeffrey. She feels like she needs him to heal. Meanwhile, Reva goes to visit Jeffrey in his room with news that Doris and Alan are trying to get her in trouble again. Room service arrives with a meal and she sits down to help herself while Jeffrey laughs through the legal briefs. She worries that this is all very dangerous and suggests that he may want to get out. They start drinking instead... until Olivia walks in 'all dressed up.' She's livid to see Reva drinking her wine and eating her food; it's like they're purposely trying to humiliate her. She throws some chocolate dessert in Jeffrey's face. After Olivia storms off, Reva pulls some of the chocolate from his face and licks her fingers. He is annoyed that he's got all of these women in his life right now and he's 'not getting any.' Reva suggests that they try it out together and she kisses him. He takes a drink and then kisses her back. Left breathless by this, they start pulling off their clothes. After sex, they lounge around in their bathrobes, drinking and laughing. After all her stories about being involved with him, he' s finally made an honest woman out of her.

Olivia runs down to Company and looks in to see Coop and Buzz sitting together. Turning around, she finds Billy standing there. She doesn't want to talk to him and the rest of the Lewis clan. He realizes that she's annoyed because Reva and Jeffrey are always together, but he promises her that it's just a front and nothing is actually going on. Later, back at The Beacon, Ava arrives to give Ashlee a box of chocolates. Ashlee doesn't want them: She's allergic to phoniness and tries to get her out of the room. Ava insists that she is only worried that Coop will break her heart. Ashlee tells her that whatever they had was in the past and it's over. Undaunted, Ava tells her that she'll feel bad for her when she wins. As Ava walks away, Ashlee throws the chocolates after her.

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