Finding his son in handcuffs, Gus demands to know what is happening. Harley explains that Rafe assaulted Rick and she is taking him in. Taking her out into the hall, he asks for more of an explanation, but she's in a hurry to take him to the station. Gus can't even understand what his son is doing there. Harley tells him that he looked awfully cozy with grandpa Alan when she arrived. Agitated, Gus just wishes that he could take a step back because this afternoon has already caused too much damage. Walking back into the room, he uncuffs his son. As Harley peers in at him, Rafe pointedly asks her: This is about Daisy right?' When they return home, Rafe runs into Daisy's arms. Gus tells his wife that trying to pull them apart will just make things worse, but she's already decided that he has to go. Daisy is livid at the suggestion. Gus, however, agrees that having teenagers under the same roof that feel the way that they do about each other is not a good idea. Harley asks them for other options. Daisy offers to move out and let Rafe stay there in her place. Harley doesn't like this idea, but she can't deny that her daughter's being responsible. Harley takes Gus aside to talk it over and they agree to give it a shot. Rafe and Daisy walk off to pack. Later, Gus sits down with son to talk about Alan. Rafe likes Alan but Gus doesn't think that they should have a relationship, beyond that, he and Harley have settled on some guidelines: He and Daisy can't have any contact. 'This has Harley written all over it,' Rafe angrily says.

Coop goes knocking on Ashlee's door at The Beacon. In a flurry, she answers, hitting him in the face with the door and then rushing into the washroom to get ready. Looking in the mirror, she tries to talk up her confidence. They go down to Company and Coop tells her that he's worried that Alan will want something from her for getting her out of juvie. She's already realized this, but Alan doesn't scare her. Suddenly, Alan walks in and Coop escorts him out. He needs to know what Alan wants from Ashlee. He offers to pay the price, whatever it is, to keep her safe. Alan is only there to see Doris, not to harass his girlfriend. 'She's not my girlfriend,' Coop insists. Alan doesn't really care. Shaking Coop's hand, he agrees that he won't be causing trouble for Ashlee; he has other problems he needs to deal with. Back inside, Doris hunts her daughter down, concerned that she hasn't been responding to any of her calls. Something seems different about her, Doris remarks. Ashlee just feels liberated now that she's been apart from her mother. Coop comes in and takes her away. Doris follows them out and wanders over to Alan, offering him some mock sympathy for his recently lost fiancee. She goes on to explain that she's managed to build up more trumped up charges against Reva so that she should be behind bars soon. Alan isn't interested in trouble; he just wants to claim what is his.

Coop walks Ashlee back up to her room. She tells him that she finally told her mother off and it felt great. Then, she asks him in to crack open the mini bar with her and have an evening together. They settle in and watch a DVD. When she reaches over him, he becomes uncomfortable when he's obviously aroused. Embarrassed, he rushes into the bathroom to try and 'calm' himself when Ashlee bursts in on him.

Josh runs into Alan on Main Street. Alan is blaming Cassie for ruining his life and costing him his wife and his baby. Josh stops him from running off. 'Maybe I can help you,' he offers. Cassie watches them from behind a sign while Josh asks Alan to go somewhere quiet with him to talk. Alan rants. He can't understand why Beth is running off with Rick, a mediocre man who has done nothing but live in Phillip's shadow, when she could be a Spaulding. Hearing Alan talk this way, Josh decides that he may be making a mistake and walks away.

At Cedars, Beth greets her new husband with a kiss. Cassie listens from around the corner as Beth confesses to trying to trap Rick into saying good things about her so that she could take custody of the child. He doesn't seem bothered and sends her off to eat. When Beth gets down to Main Street, she finds Cassie already there and waiting for her. She wants to talk about the baby. So does Beth, she wants this to be a fresh start for all of them. Cassie tells her that she needs to prepare for complications; what if things aren't so simple, what if Alan has something awful planned or... But what she really wants is for Beth to promise to stay with Rick no matter what. This isn't a promise Beth finds hard to make, even if Cassie's behavior is somewhat baffling.

Josh arrives at Cedars to talk to Rick. He's in a hurry to get back to his honeymoon, but Josh insists that this is important and what he has to say will effect his future. Without getting into details, Josh tells Rick that the tests were switched and Alan is the real father. He would never lie about something like this. He couldn't live with himself if that baby needed some treatment and couldn't get it because the records were wrong. Rick walks outside and slumps against the wall. After a pause, he asks his friend if Alan knows. He doesn't. 'Thanks for doing the right thing,' Rick chokingly states before walking off. Cassie calls Josh. He needs to talk to her alone, in person. When Cassie and Josh meet in the hall of The Beacon, she tells him that she hopes Rick does the right thing and keeps this secret. Josh isn't sure what the right thing is anymore. She knows that he doesn't really approve of what she's done, but this is what is best for the baby. Is this going to be a problem for him? He loves her and is sure that they can work through it. Hearing their voices, the reverend opens the door and invites them in for the rehearsal of the baptism, a ceremony where 'you put the child's destiny in God's hands just the way it should be.' As they walk through the ritual with a young couple, the reverend explains that Josh and Cassie will be Godparents soon. Being a Godparent is a great responsibility the reverend explains.

An unsettled Rick returns to Beth. She surmises that Cassie must have gotten to him. Now that they are happy, they are going to fight for it no matter what, or who, comes in their way, she promises. Although he clearly has something on his mind, he can only say that he loves her and holds her close. Later, a knock comes to the door. It's Alan. He's not there to make trouble; he just wants to wish them all the best. Beth asks him if that's why he had Rick's car vandalized. He offers to pay for that. The only thing that counts to him now is that the child be raised by its natural parents. Wishing them a good evening, he walks off, leaving them somewhat relieved, but sure that he's up to something. As Alan walks down the hall way, he gets on the phone to Natalia.

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