When Cassie arrives at Lewis and finds Josh sitting alone with the surveillance DVD, he asks her what she has done. 'What has Reva done?' Cassie asks indignantly. He explains that he caught her sister trying to destroy it. He needs to hear the truth from her though: Did she change Beth's paternity test to make it look like Rick is the father? Is she playing God? She denies nothing, glad that he knows the truth now because she hates secrets; she doesn't feel a hint of guilt though. This is her 'good work' and the child will surely be better off. As she happily eats pie, Josh can barely believe what he's seeing. She agrees that it may not have been her place to decide this, but everything is working out for the better. The Reverend comes knocking on the door and asks Josh if he'd like to attend a baptism with him today; there's nothing like ending a child off on the right foot. 'I couldn’t agree more,' Cassie smiles. Josh offers to clear his schedule and the Reverend asks Cassie if she’d like to come along. With a little prompting, Josh tells Cassie that Rick and Beth want them to be godparents to their baby. She's very excited and the Reverend leaves, smiling. She wants to know if Josh still feels glad to have her in his life and whether he'll rat her out. He's just kicking himself for being so oblivious to how desperate she has become. She insists that hat she did was right; how is it that Josh suddenly has all the answers to what's right and wrong? She had to take a stand, but the choice is his now. He needs to take a walk, to think and to pray.

Rick is carrying Beth to their table at Company. Unfortunately, he sets her down where Mel is sitting. Leah has already told her everything that's happened. Putting on a smile, she tries to wish them all the best and assures them that she isn't angry and they should just be happy. This is what they wanted all along after all isn't it? She walks off and Beth follows her outside. Mel asks for Beth's word that she will never keep Leah from her dad because, if she hurts her, she will have to become the ex-wife from Hell. With this threat, she walks away and Beth returns to Rick.

Alan brings Rafe back to the mansion and gives him a tour, introducing him to the butler etc.. Alan's glad to have him around; he feels like they have something in common. Rafe is just relieved to get away from Harley; she’s always treating him like a science experiment. 'Harley is obnoxious and overbearing,' Alan summarizes. She married all three of his sons and ruined their lives. Rafe's mother seems nice though and he'd like to get to know her. Later, Alan shows his grandson the old family duelling gun. He wishes that they could still settle things the way that they did in the old days. His family was tough once, not like Gus; he could have been tough, but Harley got in the way. He gets a call from his lawyer and Rafe listens while Alan plots to get his baby back. Rafe can't understand why he wants his old wife back though. Alan loves her and he says that family is the most important thing in the world and begins telling Rafe that Rick and Harley are bad people who only care about themselves. Alan lights a cigar and assures Rafe that money is important but it can't buy you everything that's important. Rick and Beth are brought in. Beth leaves to wait while they talk and, as Rick begins to taunt Alan, Rafe becomes angry. Alan tries to calm his grandson, but Rick doesn’t relent. When Beth returns with her bags, Alan asks her to get an annulment. When he takes her arm, Rick grabs him and Rafe jumps in, punching Rick and wrestling him to the ground. Alan sits back and smiles as Beth screams.

Harley is telling Gus that she caught her daughter and his son together. He isn't following any of this and Harley complicates things by laying out more accusations against Rafe and insisting that she is just trying to protect her child. Gus seems more worried about where his son has disappeared to. He and Harley tell Daisy to stay in the house and then they go out searching. Harley breaks the news that Daisy thinks that she's in love with Rafe. Gus seems to take it in stride as they go over to Natalia's and tell her that Harley caught Daisy and Rafe together and now he has run off. Natalia wants Rafe home with her. She has to go to work so she walks them out and Gus returns home. Alone, he asks Daisy what's been going on. She knows that this has been weird, but she doesn't need Harley's protection: Rafe is a good guy. Gus would like to know what his son is really like; she seems to know him better than he does. Daisy tells him that his son is brave and protected her in juvie. She also tells him that she is the one who took Harley's money and Rafe just took the abuse from Harley when she attacked him for him. Gus tells her that she must realize that she and his son can't have a future; she needs to leave him alone. She doesn't feel like she can do that. Gus reminds her that Rafe can't live there anymore; they are step brother and sister. It’s just a crush and she's had those before, even on him. Harley calls and says that there is a disturbance at the Spaulding house. He leaves her alone and she wonders if anyone could be on their side. She rushes over to see Natalia, the only person who cares about Rafe as much as she does. Natalia tells her blankly that the last thing Rafe needs in his life is her. Her son doesn’t need sex, he needs a scholarship. Daisy is disappointed to hear Natalia sounding just like Harley; she wants Daisy to stay away from her son.

Josh goes down to CO2 and sits alone to think. Harley arrives and sits with him. He tells her that he is wrestling with whether it is better to keep something a secret or tell the truth. She tells him that secrets always come out. After getting a call, she rushes off. She arrives at the mansion, strangely unsurprised at seeing Rafe there. Alan leaves to 'take care of something' and Harley confronts Rafe, yelling and grabbing his wrist when he tries to walk away. Gus walks in. Meanwhile, Beth, Rick and his broken nose go down to Cedars as Cassie looms in the corridor.

Next on GL:
Cassie and Josh both try and tell Alan and Beth the truth.

Gus and Harley debate how to deal with Rafe and Daisy.


Hey everyone, we got a few complaints about the title of Matt's recap today. "Harley is Obnoxious and Overbearing". Just to let you all know, this title is not Matt's views. It's simply a quote taken from Alan's dialogue in the third paragraph.

'Harley is obnoxious and overbearing,' Alan summarizes.

It in no way has anything to do with Matt's thoughts on the character Harley! It's simply a fun and witty title. It's not easy for us to think up new titles daily, so sometimes we use the quotes from within the recaps.

I hope this clarifies everything! The title will stay!!!


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