Olivia arrives at Company, happy to see Buzz, the comfort of his presence and the friendly face he has. She tells him about her plans with Alexandra to expand her restaurants and hotel; she'd like them to feel the way that this place does. He tells her that being friends with her is still tricky. She asks him if he's seen Reva lately. Reva wants Josh and only Josh; if he's getting involved with some distraction with Reva, it could mess things up with Ava. Buzz tells her to stop lying and, at least, be honest with herself. She is being obsessive and this disturbs him because, when she gets obsessive she's dangerous. 'Should I call Reva and warn her?' he asks. Olivia insists that she is not obsessed; she doesn't even want Jeffrey. When she gets a call, she walks off as Lillian enters. As she orders a cup of coffee, she wonders what has happened to her. She used to be a gorgeous woman with her own house and now she is stuck living vicariously through her crazy daughter and granddaughter, eating breakfast with Alan and being reliable. To his surprise, she asks him out to dinner. She's a bit embarrassed at first, but he thinks that would be fantastic. They laugh and he invents a sandwich for her. She assures him that what they have will just be casual.

On Main Street, Reva finds her sister smiling, feeling like her life is finally going well again. Cassie breaks the news about the wedding and lets her sister know how happy she is to have set all of this in motion. Now the baby can grow up without Alan and Rick and Beth can be happy. She just hopes that her sister doesn’t rat her out to Josh. Reva says that she would never do that: Cassie bust her out of jail and they need to protect each other now that Alan will be on the warpath. To celebrate, Cassie takes out the surveillance DVD and pass card from the hospital, the only evidence connecting her to what happened. The only thing to do with them now is to destroy them. Reva asks her to allow her to do that. Cassie hands them over, hugging her sister and thanking her.

At the mansion, Lizzie is unpacking, not entirely thrilled with moving home. Lillian asks her if she’s heard the latest development: Something very spontaneous happened: ‘Your mother married uncle Rick!’ Lizzie’s jaw drops. Later, she runs into Cassie shopping on Main Street. She’s annoyed that she hasn’t even heard from her mother about any of this; it’s too weird. Cassie assures her that she has a real family now and her mom loves her: Everything is the way it’s supposed to be. They sit down together and Lizzie begins to cry as she thinks about her daughter. Cassie tries to reassure her; all of the positivity that is coming into her mother’s life will rub off on her. Lizzie begins to cry and collapses on Cassie’s lap. She really is happy for her mother, but she feels like everyone is moving on with their lives and leaving her behind. She feels stuck. Cassie assures her that she is making progress. Lizzie tells her that she should make a good minster’s wife. Afterwards, she calls her mother and leaves a message, telling her that she is happy for her.

Beth and Rick arrive at police headquarters with Josh to make the marriage legal. Frank teases them before walking off. Josh remarks on how happy the new couple look. 'You and Cassie will be signing one of these soon,' Beth asks, smiling at the marriage certificate. Josh smiles back. They go in and have the official ceremony with Josh acting as witness. Afterwards, they ask Josh if he and Cassie would be the godparents to their child. He's touched, but he wonders if they don't have someone else to choose. Might this not just be about rubbing Alan's nose in it? Beth insists that isn’t the case; without Cassie, they would never have known that Rick is the father to the child. Josh promises to talk to Cassie, but tells them that he's honored. The newlyweds stare at the marriage certificate while it sinks in. Beth admits that when she first found out that she was pregnant, she wanted the baby to be Alan's; she was just so sure that it was his. She’s glad now because she knows that Rick will always put her and the baby first; her child will have something that she never had and which she could never give to her own children before.

Reva returns to Billy's room at The Beacon and starts to destroy the evidence when Josh walks in. Smelling a strange chemical smell from the burnt pass card, he starts to quiz her about what she has in her hands and wrestles the surveillance DVD from her hands. When he asks her what's on it, she tells him it's none of his business. He assumes that she's being blackmailed. She tells him it's nothing like that: There is something about he and Cassie on it. He doesn’t like the sound of that and is going to take a look at it. As he walks out with it, Olivia appears and stops her from chasing after him. Reva is in no mood to argue about Jeffrey and tells her to get out of the way. If Olivia is interested in Jeffrey, she should do something about it and not be harassing her. After chasing her out, Olivia calls Alan, ready to team up with him. Meanwhile, a panicked Reva tries calling Cassie, but only gets her machine.

Josh goes over to Lewis to watch the DVD. Wanda is thrilled to see him in the office again. For a minute, she thinks that he might have given up being a man of the cloth and will be coming back to them. He assures her that that is not the case. After asking for a moment alone, she leaves and he puts the DVD in. Later, after a call, Cassie arrives and finds him sitting, depressed and, apparently, praying while the DVD plays. 'What have you done?' he solemnly asks.

Rick and Beth go up to his room at The Beacon. She's disappointed that Lizzie still hasn't called her and points out that Leah wasn't exactly thrilled by their impromptu marriage either. Rick is sure that they'll come around. They need to concentrate on themselves right now. He has waited his whole life for her; she is his first love and he never thought this would happen. 'This is where I want to be,' she promises him. After they get in bed, Frank comes knocking. Reluctantly, Rick answers the door and Frank tells them that his car has been vandalized, smashed with a rock, had paint poured on it and been set on fire.

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