Frank appears on television to announce that there has been a gas leak at 1713 Coventry Road and the area will have to be evacuated. That just happens to be where the Bauer's live. Buzz is upset, but Rick soon calms his worries by saying that the BBQ will go on. Toasting to Buzz for all his help, he hopes that people will go home remembering his burgers as much as they remember Buzz's. On Main Street, Rick tries to excite Leah, Beth and the boys as they prepare the festivities. Beth wanders off to take care of some details and Leah takes the opportunity to let her father know that she isn't thrilled to have Beth hanging around. She hopes that her and Rick having a baby doesn't mean that Beth will become a permanent part of their lives.

At Gus and Harley's, he's calling everyone down to get ready for the BBQ. As he files out with the boys, Daisy and Rafe come downstairs, grabbing a kiss when they have a moment alone. Before Daisy goes out, she hands him the money that was left from the cookie jar just as Harley comes down the stairs. Gus comes in and drags his son away while Harley stares into the jar. The family goes over to Company and Gus tries to tell his son about the history of the BBQ and how anything can happen at it. Rafe is more interested in playing a game alone but Gus still tries to ask him to play a father-son game. Gus walks away with the children, leaving Rafe and Harley alone. It doesn't take long for her to begin accusing him of stealing from her. He walks away and she runs after him, demanding to know where he got the money in his pockets. Alan jumps in, offering her the money to cover for it. He doesn't appreciate her blaming the child without any proof. Harley is angry, but Alan isn't fazed: He knows that she's just trying to put Gus' son in his place. 'Not everyone can be a ray of sunlight like your daughter Daisy,' he sardonically remarks.

At Cassie's, she tells Josh that she isn't in the mood to go to the BBQ and sends him off on his own. When he arrives, he tells Beth that she's doing a great job. Thinking of her up at the Spauldings, she reminds him of the 'normal blonde' on The Munsters. Meanwhile, Cassie shows up at Company to get some take-out. She's clearly upset: This is her first Fourth of July without Tammy. Buzz tells her that she won't stop missing Tammy, but she will stop counting the days. She soon moves on to Main Street and finds Josh who is happy to see that she changed her mind about staying home.

Alan arrives on Main Street to remind Beth that she needs to get Rick to admit, in front of witnesses, what a great parent she. That way they'll have something to use against him at the custody hearing. As he strides off, people gather and finish setting up the BBQ. Leah is clearly not enjoying herself and can't understand why her father continues apologizing for Beth. When Beth wanders over, she tells him that the baby is kicking and he is happy to hear it. He wants to talk to her and sits her down. She tries to get him to talk about her parenting skills but they are interrupted. Lillian begins talking to them about the old days and how grateful she still is to Rick for everything he did to protect Beth from Bradley. Uncomfortable, Beth walks away. When Josh wanders over, Rick tells him that he trusts Beth; it's just Alan that he worries about.

When Gus goes back into Company looking for Rafe, he finds Harley instead. She tries to talk to him, but he walks out looking for his son. Meanwhile, Rafe and Daisy return home. She's worried about how upset he is. Now that they're out of juvie, she doesn't think that they should be sad anymore. As they begin to kiss, Harley walks in and her eyes almost pop at the sight of them together. After pushing Rafe off and accusing him of attacking her daughter, he storms out. Daisy jumps up and tells her mother that she started it. Harley is in denial about it, but Daisy breaks the news that they met in juvie and things started there. 'I love him! I do. You can't stop us,' Daisy says, walking out.

Cassie wanders around outside Company and hides in a corner while Alan talks to his lawyer about his strategy. As soon as the lawyer walks away, Cassie walks out and threatens to tell everyone what he is up to. He tells her that making a public scene at his wedding just made her look crazy with grief, doing it now would just make her look plain crazy. They return to Main Street and watch from the distance as, moments later, Rick moves over to Beth. He fell in love with her when he was seventeen and he would trust her with his life. She is decent and honorable; what man wouldn't want a woman like her to raise his child? 'I want to spend my days with you too,' she bursts out, almost surprising herself. She would rather spend her life with her best friend than with someone she doesn't even trust. Alan hurries over and asks her what she's doing. She's finished with being Mrs Alan Spaulding; she wants to be proud of who she is again. She asks Rick to marry her right there and then. Alan and Leah both object but Cassie has already grabbed Josh to perform the ceremony. Even if he isn't officially a minister, he's good enough for now and they can make it official later. Josh is reluctant, but Cassie reminds him that he's always trying to sell her on faith. 'If this isn't faith at work, I don't know what is,' she tells him. He smiles and agrees as everyone cheers.

They grab some flowers and begin. Josh makes it clear that this is a less than legal ceremony but no one cares: It's a party to celebrate the start of the Nation and the start of a marriage. They can look back on their history as a country just as Rick and Beth look back on their history as a couple. Rick tells her that what he's loved in his life has always been her and always will be. Beth tells him that she's been saved from many things in her life, but today, Rick saved her from herself. He has always been there for her and loved her when she didn't even deserve it. 'I love you Rick Bauer,' she declares. Since they don't have rings, Josh pronounces them 'sort of' married and they kiss. Everyone claps and fireworks go off. Lillian and Leah congratulate them and Beth asks her mother to move in with them.

Cassie walks over to Alan to taunt him, but he doesn't think that she's any better than her fiancee the 'fake preacher.' Cassie tells him that today everyone is celebrating their independence from him. Angrily, he walks back to Company, tearing down decorations. Rafe finds him and asks him what's wrong. Alan says that he just lost something valuable: His car. Rafe offers to drive him home, even though he doesn't have a car of his own, it's never stopped him before. With a glint in his eyes, Alan approves and they walk out together.

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