At home, Harley is trying to call Rafe and Daisy downstairs to get in the car. The young couple slowly descends the stairs, taking a few final kisses before emerging. When Gus calls for them again, they launch into their hating each other routine. Before going out to the car, Daisy opens up the cookie jar where Harley keeps some extra cash and pockets it.

Ashlee is playing catch with Moxie at CO2. Sadly watching young couples walk by, she tells her dog that Coop is with Ava now, where he belongs. Company calls and she rushes over. Outside of Company, Alan is telling Beth that he'll be taking her off on a plane tomorrow to get married. It sounds like a business merger the way he talks about. Beth wishes there was more romance involved. Coop comes out and pulls them in as Ashlee arrives. When she goes inside, she's startled to find a welcoming party waiting for her. She can't believe that he did all of this for her, but he tells her that lots of people care about her. She starts hugging him before he wanders off awkwardly. Daisy arrives. 'He totally likes you,' Daisy tells her friend, but Ashlee is sure that Coop is with Ava now. Ashlee is startled to see 'vent boy' Rafe there so Daisy explains everything what's happened to her since she got out of juvie. People soon start filing out, put off by Alan's presence, but Ashlee defends Alan to her friend. Her mother arrives and gives her a hug, happy to see her. Ashlee doesn't buy this; she is sure that Doris is only interested in being mayor. Angrily, she loudly makes a toast to Alan, who surprisingly proved that he actually cares, though Doris the only one to clap. She then toasts Coop Cooper. Doris takes Alan aside and wonders who he is battling this week.

Alan asks Gus if he's decided whether or not to be his best man. Gus doesn't give an answer and Beth seems uncomfortable. Alan wonders how his grandson is working out. Meanwhile, Beth excuses herself and walks out. Alan stops her, sure that she is going to see Rick. He tells her to make sure that he says some good things about her in front of witnesses so that it will hold up in court. Going back inside, Alan listens while Gus and Harley worry about Rafe. Harley reminds him that he shouldn't smother his son. As Gus wanders off, Alan tries talking to her but she puts an end to that. 'If only my children could hate me one day as much as yours hate you,' she quips. Alan moves on and asks Daisy about Rafe. Later, Daisy tries prompting Ashlee to go out and talk to Coop. What do they have to lose now that they're free? When Ashlee peers outside, however, she finds Coop talking to Ava on the phone about a dinner date. She hurriedly runs back inside and then away. Coop comes in and Daisy tells him that Ashlee just ran away after hearing him on the phone. He tracks her down at CO2 and asks her how she likes being free. She feels tired and thanks him for everything before walking away.

At CO2, Billy meets with Dylan. He tells his son that going after a married woman makes for complications, he knows from experience. Dylan says that it's already complicated, but... Harley walks by, looking for Gus and Rafe before sitting down. She tells her ex that Daisy can't stand Rafe, but they've been better since juvie. He understands that she and Gus need to support his son, he just hopes it's not at the expense of his daughter. She gets a message from Gus that he found Rafe. Harley is sure that they will manage things together and be 'one big happy family.' She gives him a kiss and walks away.

At Cedars, Mel tells Rick that if he wants custody, he's going to have to crush Beth. He tells her that the BBQ won't be the same without her. She knows. Later, Beth arrives looking for Rick, but Mel pops up, already on the defensive. Mel thinks that Alan and Beth deserve each other, but the baby deserves better...even Rick deserves better. Rick returns and finds the ladies together. Beth tells Mel that she's co-hosting the Bauer BBQ with Rick this year. She is not amused by this news. Shrugging it off, she walks away while Rick wishes that things weren't getting so complicated. He just wants a truce and worries about Alan. Beth hurries away without calming his fears. When she gets back to the mansion, Alan eagerly waits for her to tell her that he wants to have the wedding at home surrounded by family. She tells him that she couldn't get anything out of Rick. He tells her not to worry: Tomorrow is the BBQ and she'll have plenty of opportunities to get Rick to tell everyone how he really feels about her. He brings her milk and cookies, while Beth wishes that Alan wouldn't be trying to prompt Rick to expose his feelings in front of the town. Alan is sure that this is a fool proof way to get what they need to prove that she's not an unfit mother.

Natalia settles into her new apartment when Remy calls to take her dancing. She hides away a photo of Rafe and Gus in a drawer. A knock comes to the door. It's Rafe. He's surprised to see her dressed up for a date and isn't happy that she's going out with Remy. Gus comes knocking next when Rafe makes his presence known. He breaks the news that his mother is going out with Remy. Gus doesn't think much of this choice and Rafe backs him up. Natalia tells him that he has no right to say anything about her choice in men; he's not anything to her anymore. 'I'm Rafe's father,' he reminds her. As Rafe leaves, Gus doesn't know how she can manage on her own. She admits that she worries about him all of the time, but he has no right telling her what to do. Remy arrives and takes her off, telling Gus not to wait up. He hangs around the apartment until he hears Remy and Natalia return later. He spots them kissing in the hallway and goes out to the fire escape as they come in. Collapsing on the couch, they kiss some more but she tells him that she needs to stop it there for the night. Remy understands and leaves. Once he's gone, she calls Gus out. He climbs back in and tells her that he was just trying to set up an alarm system. She opens the door for him to leave, 'unless you have some other reason to be here instead of home with your wife.' After he leaves, she goes out to the hall and Remy pops back to give her a good night kiss.

Daisy meets with Rafe on Main Street and offers to take him to the movies. Meanwhile, Harley returns home and notices that the cookie jar is open and her money is gone. 'Rafe!' she exclaims. Gus soon arrives, surprised to see that Rafe hasn't returned. She asks him if there's a reason they shouldn't trust Rafe. He doesn't really answer, just looks forward to time with his son at the BBQ. She wants the family thing to work.

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