Coop arrives at Spaulding for a meeting with Ava. He is eager to get her to use her connections to get Ashlee free. Ava remarks on what a lucky girl Ashlee is to have someone like him, but maybe he needs to back off on her. Alan looks in and walks away. Ava tries to explain that she doesn't know why Alan hasn't arrived, but Coop wants to get away. Ava tells him that he is giving Ashlee false hope; he is going to break her heart. Coop picks up his bag and walks out.

Ashlee sits uncomfortably in a jail cell, wondering why she has been transferred there. Coop arrives with flowers to take her home. She hugs him, thrilled to be free. They wander around town laughing before he takes her back to Company and dances with her. After kissing, they proceed to his room at The Beacon to drink champagne and climb into bed. that was just a fantasy. Ashlee is really just sitting in her jail cell. As she scribbles in her diary, Alan arrives. He goes into the cell and tells her that Beth's baby is Rick's, his new grandson is a juvenile delinquent, and Lizzie has been acting crazy. He spent a lot of time behind bars and he knows that it's no fun. She doesn't understand why he's telling her this, unless he's blaming her for ruining his life. 'You came here to laugh at me didn't you?' she asks, expecting him to throw her into the slammer with the tough chicks. That's not why he's there; he's there to tell her that she's free. She grabs him in her arms. After she gets changed, Alan offers to give her a ride. She may be the most positive person he's ever met. 'Life's hard enough without being hard on yourself,' she says, thanking him again as they walk out.

At Cedars, Mallet promises Dinah that he'll never love anyone the way that he loves her. Her eyes open and she says his name. Relieved, he smiles and strokes her hair. The doctor soon arrives, tells her that she is very lucky and goes into the corridor with Mallet. He reminds him that while Dinah's regaining consciousness is important, they still don't know the full extent of her injuries and have to run more tests. Mallet rushes back to his wife's side. She asks him what happened and he explains, thanking her for saving his life and promising that Griggs is long gone. He wanted to shoot him, but Cyrus had a better idea and sent him overseas where he was arrested. The nightmare is over.

At home, Daisy is playing up the hating Rafe routine when he tells her that everyone is gone. Knowing that they're alone, they start to kiss until a knock at the door interrupts. She takes one more tender kiss before going to answer it. It's Coop. He just wanted to see how she's adjusting. He wants to know if she's been keeping in touch with Ashlee. She starts to tease him: 'She's in love with you dumb ass!' Later, after he leaves, Daisy and Rafe are about to get friendly again when Alan comes to the door. He's looking for Gus; he wants him to be the best man at his wedding. He walks in and asks Rafe if he knows who he is. He does. Alan tells Daisy that he got her old cell mate released. She's impressed. 'My pleasure,' he says. After Alan leaves, the couple settle down on the couch and hold hands, staring into each other's eyes. Alan peers in at them through a crack in the door.

Coop goes to Company where Ava finds him and starts to give him a neck rub as Ashlee watches through the window. Moxie rushes up to her and Ashlee is happy to see her dog again. They run off together while Coop hears something outside.

Marina brings Cyrus to her room at The Beacon, talking in a rush as she pulls off his shirt and jumps into his arms. As they tumble into bed, Frank starts knocking at the door, demanding that she open up. When she answers the door, he threatens to suspend her for spending her time with known criminals. Cyrus tells him not blame her for this. Frank accuses him of being selfish and blames him for what happened to Dinah. Franks tells Cyrus to get out of town, but a security guard arrives to wrestle him away from the door. Marina tells the guard that Frank has been harassing her and her partner. When Frank flashes his ID to the guard, he backs off. Marina threatens her agitated father to stay away and stop bothering them. He tells them that Dinah is awake and walks away angrily. Marina tells Cyrus that they should go see her. As she dresses, he walks into the hall and makes a mysterious call to meet with someone. Going down to CO2, he meets with Frank and assures him that he's not the only one who worries about Marina. Cyrus just wants peace between them; he would never hurt Marina, what more could a dad ask for?

On Main Street, Matt grabs away Vanessa's phone to tell her that Dinah is awake. She tries to rush off but he stops her, reminding her that they need to wait while they continue to run tests. He feels that this is a sign that everything will be alright. Taking her hand, they know that they can't wait and run off and over to Dinah. They sit by her side with Mallet. He tells her that he was trying to let her go and be faithful to her last request in her living will. She seems confused. He wanted to be able to let her go, but he couldn't and begs her to forgive him. 'I don't need to forgive you,' she says. Later, Marina arrives to pay a visit and Dinah asks where her 'daddy' is. Vanessa gets a worried look when she hears this. Vanessa explains that Ross died a year ago. Dinah remembers and says that she's just tired. They all file out but Mallet stays by her side. In the corridor, Cyrus arrives and tells Marina that he knows her father just wants what's best for her. None of that matters to her though. 'I believe in you,' she tells him.

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