At CO2, Coop asks Ashlee point blank if she shot Alan. She tries to avoid him and begins crying as he attempts to pry a confession out of her. All this time she thought that he was trying to be her friend but he was just spying on her, she declares. As she runs off, Ava arrives. She wants to talk to Coop but 'this isn't a good time,' he says as he runs off after Ashlee. Ava follows him as he searches. He tells her that it's not easy having her pop back into his life whenever she wants to. She says that she is only there to make things right between them, even if it takes a long time to gain back the trust they once had. But Coop doesn't know if there will ever be anything between them again.

Ashlee has already gotten into her car. Turning on the radio she hears about Josh being in prison for the next fifteen years. Turning off the radio, she opens the door and Frank walks into it by accident. He apologizes and says that all he can think of is 'the gunshot.' When she gets out, he begins talking about how stupid he feels for shooting Marina by accident. She asks him how he can deal with the guilt. Later, she goes and finds Coop. She tells him that she doesn't want things to get worse than they already are. 'I did it. I shot Alan Spaulding,' she confesses. Sitting down, she tells him that she has never fit in but has always been optimistic, despite her mother shooting her down sometimes. Then she had the chance at a whole new family and everything that her mother had always worked so hard for. When Alan threatened to throw them back into the trash, Ashlee could only think of her mother and how she had worked so hard. She refused to let her be disappointed. He tells her that he doesn't hate her for what she's done, but she needs to tell the police the truth so Josh can get out. Somehow, now she is not worried; she just knows that she has to do what's right. He takes her to Frank to confess everything.

Harley and Daisy are visiting Gus at Cedars. Harley asks for more details about what happened in the hotel room: She knows Gus said it was his fault but that doesn't explain everything. Before Daisy can answer, Harley leaves to talk to the doctor. Daisy pulls up a seat next to Gus and thanks him for not ratting her out. She is glad that she told him how she feels about him and hopes that it's sinking in that she is better for him than her mother. He starts to wake up and speak a woman's name. Before Daisy can get an answer about this mystery woman, Dylan arrives. He send his daughter out and sits down by the only slightly conscious Gus. He tells him that he knows what he is about and isn't going to play games with him. Gus says that he would never hurt Daisy. Dylan accuses him of still 'using.' Gus denies this and asks him if he's 'worried or just jealous?' Dylan begins yelling at him and telling him that Daisy is his daughter and Gus shouldn't be near her.

In the corridor, Harley talks to the doctor before a flustered Cassie tracks her down. She wants to know if she is just being paranoid or if there is something really going on between Reva and Josh. Harley tells her friend to go home and have a warm bath but Cassie is confident that something is going on: Reva has been lying to her. She feels awful for thinking that her sister has an ulterior motive though. Harley makes things worse by telling her that she isn't going crazy; she saw Reva and Josh kissing. Harley tries to tell her that it was nothing, but Cassie doesn't think so. Daisy approaches them and says that Reva told her it was nothing and Reva only went to visit Josh to reassure him about her. Cassie happily accepts this and hugs her niece before walking away. Harley is a little baffled by her daughter's behavior. Going back into Gus' room, she finds Dylan yelling at him and drags him out. She tells him that he should be grateful to have Gus around; he's the only one that gets through to Daisy. He can't believe that she is so certain about Gus with all of the things that she knows about addicts. As he angrily walks away, Gus' machine begins going off and Harley runs in, calling for a nurse. After the nurse deals with Gus, a doctor tells Harley that Gus just had a 'respiratory incident' and should be okay. Daisy returns and her mother updates her on Gus's condition. Harley hugs her daughter and tells her that no one is perfect and she is sure that she didn't try to hurt Gus.

Meanwhile, Dylan goes into Gus and Harley's house with a flashlight and begins to search around. This isn't the sort of thing he ever though he'd have to do. He soon finds Daisy's laptop and begins looking through it. He watches her videoblog. As he listens to her talk about how she feels about her mother's husband, he fills with rage.

In the prison conjugal room, Reva and Josh lie in bed. He seems lost but she is far more certain about what she's been doing. He didn't want to admit that he needs anything... but he did. 'I needed you too bud,' she says. With her head on his chest, she listens to his heart. He starts to think of other things so she begs him just to concentrate on her. He's grateful that they had this moment and it gave him some respite from where he is, but now he is back in there again and can only think of everything he has lost. He can't even wake up next to the person he loves. 'Who's that?' she asks. Cassie is his future, he says steadfastly. Knowing that she is out there and loving him is the only thing that will let him get through this. What they just did is wrong and it can't happen again; he should have pushed her away harder, he says. This didn't feel wrong for Reva though... these things usually save them. 'Not this time,' he says as she finishes dressing. She tells him that she will always look after her sister because she promised her mother she would. Now he needs to go into his cell and think about the woman he loves and know that she is thinking of him. She tells him to call the kids if he gets phone privileges and leaves him there crying.

When Reva returns to her room at the Beacon, Cassie comes knocking. Although Reva is defensive, Cassie starts apologizing and says that she should never have suggested that she shouldn't go to visit Josh. She was being selfish while Reva was being completely selfless. Now she wants to hear all about the visit. 'There is something I need to tell you about the visit,' she says. Cassie begins to panic until her sister tells her that the only thing that makes Josh smile is the sound of Cassie's name. Meanwhile, Josh slips away and calls Cassie. He gets her machine and has to leave a message. The guard collects him and he runs into Salerno in the hallway. Vinnie renews his threats and tells him how angry seeing Reva made him. After knocking Josh's pictures and letters from his hands, he moves away.

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