In Company, Coop sits down to read the newspaper. He thinks back over Ashlee's suspicious admissions around Alan's shooting when Lizzie interrupts his ruminations. He's asked her there because he wants to write a story about her. After promising her that he will not distort her character ro turn her into a bad person, he begins asking her for information on where the gun was in the house, how Beth and Alan-Michael were acting etc.. She answers but soon begins talking about how things could have gone differently with Sarah and then changes the subject again. He asks her about all the new people in her house. Lizzie isn't shedding tears over Ava and Coop's breakup or Doris 'the wolf' or flakey, over-the-top Ashlee. She can't understand why Ashlee seems to care so much about Alan all of a sudden. Coop seems to hear his suspicions confirmed. Lizzie is sure that Ashlee was just trying to score points but Coop thinks that, maybe, she really cared about him. When Lizzie spills a few more details, Coop's finally heard enough and runs off.

Billy is at CO2 when Ashlee comes to serve him. She asks him to take a care package to Josh for her. Billy is touched, but he had no idea that she knew Josh. Ashlee begins asking him about how Josh is taking prison life and Billy tells her that he's been having a bit of a rough time and is being put into solitary for protection. Her eyes droop and sadness sets in. Coop soon arrives to help her clean up. He tells her that he's writing a story about the Spauldings. He was just talking to Lizzie and now he wants to talk to her about her experience with the family. She doesn't want to talk about it. He prods her for information and she begins to cry about how much she loves her mother and how she hates Alan for the way he treated her. Disturbed that he's asking these questions, she walks away. He tells her that he cares about her and wants what's best for her. Putting the news story about Josh behind bars in her face, he asks her if she knows how hard this must be on him and his family when he isn't even guilty. She becomes more flustered and cries while Coop refuses to relent. He asks her point blank if she shot Alan.

In the conjugal room at the prison, Josh tries to keep up to Reva's drinking. He toasts to her being there with him. She smiles as he gets drunker and they remember the old times. A siren begins going off and the prison is put under lock down. The alarm reminds them of their randy teenage years when they slipped into a football stadium and made a show of themselves. After laughing, Josh sits down and begins talking about RJ. He becomes sad and she hands him a letter from Cassie before walking out to give him a moment alone. The letter relates what a blessing he has been to her life and how much she leans on him. As he reads, he imagines Cassie in the room with him, touching him and holding him, protecting him with her heart. He misses her and doesn't think that he can spend fifteen years without her. Everyday he mourns the life that they've lost. Nothing is worse than that loss. She tells him that they'll have to dream new dreams. Outside, Reva runs into Vinnie. He never though he'd see her again. Grabbing her, he brings her into the corner, reminding her that she put him in there. She tells him to leave Josh alone; they aren't even married anymore. But torturing Josh is torturing Reva, Vinnie know, and that's fun for him. After he walks away, Reva returns to the conjugal room. Josh tells her that they've had enough and he doesn't want her comfort or her company. Nothing matters anymore: This prison is all that he is now. The outside world, the light, is what makes this world of darkness unbearable. He can't stand to see it anymore and needs to be left in the dark. Reva refuses to leave him like this. He needs 'contact', she insists, but he begs her to let him go. They begin to struggle until he throws her up against the wall and they start kissing feverishly before making their way to the bed.

In his hotel room in Chicago, Alan is shocked when Cassie announces her presence in the room. She's been waiting for him. He goes for the phone but she already unplugged it. He wants her to go away before she hops on a soap box. Instead, she pulls out a gift for his new baby and hands it to him. She is tired of all of this fighting: The only thing that she wants is for Josh to come home. Alan has his life back and she needs her life back too. After asking him to go to the police, she opens the gift and puts it in Alan's hands. It is a miniature of the lighthouse in a little globe of glass. He stares at it and begins talking about hope. 'Sometimes the loss of one's dreams are more painful than the loss itself,' he muses. She tells him that she and Josh need a second chance just like he is getting one. Their children could grow up together, she suggests. Suddenly, she becomes distraught and begins shouting at someone who isn't there. Alan decides that it's time for her to go and pushes her out the door.

Later, Lizzie arrives. Alan has called her there. He must want to use her for something, she assumes, just like Coop is trying to use her for his story. She spots the lighthouse and looks at it happily. A smiling Alan walks in and gives her a hug. He tells her that the family has taken some hits lately and a lot of it is his fault. 'You mean all of it,' she says. He tells her that he had a strange visit with Cassie and she went mental. Lizzie reminds him that she just lost her daughter; after that, you're never the same. Lizzie points out that the baby Beth is carrying is likely Rick's but Alan says that, as far as he's concerned, it's his. But what he needs from Lizzie is her moral support: This could be a new beginning for all of them. She agrees that nothing could be better for the family now than another baby. 'Maybe we won't screw this one up,' she says as she embraces her grandfather.

Billy runs into Cassie in the hallway at The Beacon. She asks him if he's seen Reva. He tells her that she has gone to see Josh. Cassie is shocked that her sister went after expressly saying that she wouldn't. She goes into his room and nervously walks around the room unable to comprehend why Reva is lying to her and going behind her back. Billy insists that Josh and Reva are just friends. This doesn't calm her, although she tries to talk herself around. She goes to Company and tries calling Reva but she won't pick up.

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