Billy comes to visit a newly bearded Josh in prison. He has brought his brother Ms. Martha's prayer book. As Josh nostalgically flips through it, Billy tells him that they're working on getting him put in solitary for his protection. Josh doesn't like the sound of that, but Billy tells him that it's the only way he's going to walk out in one piece. Billy wishes he could change places with his brother and gives him a hug before the guard takes him out.

At the Beacon, Reva is reading a note and wondering aloud what she's doing when Cassie surprises her. A jumpy Reva tells her sister that she isn't going back to see Josh again, not that anyone could stop her if she wanted to, but she doesn't. Cassie talks about all of the sleepless nights she's had since Josh left. She thanks her sister for everything that she has done and asks for some reassurance that things will be alright. Reva nods and Cassie leaves. Reva takes a deep breath and promptly goes to visit Josh for another conjugal visit. He greets her with a broad smile. She tells him that she knows that he's trying to be selfless and that's a good thing because she is certainly never going to be. He tells her that this may be the last time they'll have together because he should be in solitary soon: They need to make the most of this visit. 'I can do that,' she smiles. After they are brought into the little room, Josh starts to have a bad feeling when Reva wants to get him drunk. After some bawdy suggestions, Josh gets more upset. 'This is not right Reva!' he exclaims. But this is her kind of dive and he needs an attitude change. She suggests that he treat this like a bachelor party and pulls out a bottle of booze she bribed one of the guards for. He starts to worry about getting in trouble, but Reva says that she's all trouble. She won't let him face this alone. He smiles and takes a swig.

Cassie runs into Lizzie in Company. Lizzie tells her that everyone needs to find a way to get along, particularly now that Alan and Beth are back together and expecting a child. Cassie thought that Beth was with Rick and asks Lizzie whose baby it really is. They both assume it's Rick, but know that it hardly matters to Alan. When Lizzie tells her that Alan is out of town on business, Cassie abruptly exits. Billy runs into Cassie as she leaves Company. He tells her that he just visited Josh and she claims that she has to rush off to pick up RJ. She goes to Chicago instead and manages to wrangle her way into the hotel room next to Alan's.

In the warehouse, Cyrus tries to keep the wounded Marina awake. She sees his dog tags and asks him what they are. He tells her that they're numbers for a Swiss bank account, but she knows that he's lying. As the police sirens begin to ring out, he prepares to run. He can't leave her side though, not while she is so scared. She cuffs the case to herself and throws the key down the drain. Cyrus doesn't seem too bothered. He sits her up and tells her that he has promised himself that he would never see the inside of a prison cell again. Rising, he leaves her and the bag, telling her to take care of his money. As she struggles on the floor, the paramedics soon arrive after receiving an anonymous call from the pay phone outside.

Frank rushes to Cedars while Marina is brought in. He goes in after the doctors have treated her. Sitting at her side, he asks her if Cyrus did this to her because, if he did, he will kill him. She tells him that it wasn't Cyrus. He quickly realizes that he shot his own daughter and begins crying. She tells him that it's not his fault. He tells her that they will get Cyrus and everything he stole. She informs him that she already got the money back. Spotting the case sitting by the bed, Frank opens it up to find it empty. Marina hates being made a fool of, but she knows that Cyrus saved her life. Meanwhile, Cyrus returns to the warehouse. He has a police scanner with him so that he can check on Marina's status. He begins searching for the money which he hid in the boxes around the room. Sirens and voices can be heard.

Confronting Matt, Vanessa asks him why he wouldn't come to her with his problems in the first place. He says that he couldn't. They return to their room. She can't believe how stupid he's been. He tells her that he only did this for her; he saw the opportunity for something big. He wanted to make her feel secure again. As they argue, he confesses that he's always felt second class in the relationship; she was always the one who owned everything and had all the power. This was his one chance and he screwed it up. He furiously starts kicking at the furniture before she calmly tells him that they'll find a way to deal with this. 'No...there's more to it,' he says. He used their daughter's trust fund as collateral. Appalled, Vanessa begins screaming at him. Now they have less than nothing. She tells him to get out.

At company, Dinah wonders how Matt could have been so desperate to borrow money from a loan shark. Frank comes in and tells them he managed to get a shot off but Cyrus escaped. He gives Mallet all the details that they've uncovered so far: Cyrus wasn't acting alone, he had a woman helping him. Frank asks Dinah for some additional information on Cyrus but she insists that she can't help. Mallet returns to them after a call and says that he hasn't been able to get a hold of Marina. Something must be wrong. After going back to their room, Dinah begs Mallet not to get more involved in this. There's a knock at the door and a jumpy Mallet pulls his gun. It's just Matt though, aggressively begging Dinah for help tracking down Cyrus. He desperately tells her to help him just like he helped her in Europe. Mallet makes him back off. A call comes in: Marina has been found shot. Dinah tells Mallet to go and see his partner. He is reluctant to leave her with the angry Matt, but she insists that he go. Matt knows that Dinah knows more than she is letting on. Vanessa walks in and drops Matt's bags on the floor. 'I can't live with you right now,' she states. Dinah tries to tell them to work through it, but her mother cuts her off and tells her that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Vanessa wonders if there are other things that he's done, but Matt answers that he would never do anything intentionally to hurt her. Vanessa won't listen to either of their protests. Dinah offers to do anything they need, but it's too late.

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