At Towers, Lillian sits at the bar drinking martinis in the middle of the afternoon. Billy arrives and sits beside her. She becomes instantly defensive, but he tells her that they can sit alone together. He can see that she is drinking to forget. She begins to rant about the way that Alan has used Beth and thrown her away as it suited his interests. She's looked away for too long and had to go through too much suffering before she was willing to finally do something. Upset, she walks out. Concerned, Billy drops by the police station to ask Frank about the investigation. Frank can't say anything and Billy won't let on about why he's so interested.

Reva has arrived at Cassie's. Josh tells her that the gun found was not his but Alan-Michael's. Cassie and Josh are relieved and hug while Reva looks away, she's not sure what any of this means and decides it's time to go. Josh walks her out. He knows that she's suffering too. 'Life is a series of loses and you can either let them crush you or move on,' she says before slipping on a patch of ice and into his arms for a brief moment. He says goodbye and goes back in to Cassie. Reva watches them through the glass for a moment before walking to her car.

Daisy rushes down the stairs into Harley's living room and gives Gus a hug. She's so happy that he's getting her out of the house so that she can go to the spring dance. He has no idea what she's talking about. If she's going somewhere, it's because of her mother. She doesn't care about that now. She just wants to take him out and give her advice on buying a dress. Gus is resistant, but Harley strides in and announces that she'll be taking her daughter shopping. Gus ducks out and Daisy starts rolling her eyes. Harley takes her daughter out for breakfast and already has a whole day of shopping planned for them. She spots her old paperboy and drags him over to introduce him to Daisy. Harley says that he can show her around. 'I know my way around,' Daisy says. He'll show her around at the dance he says before walking away. Appalled by her mother's taste in boys, Daisy asks what that was supposed to mean. Harley has set her up with a date already. Daisy doesn't think that she needs a babysitter and refuses to go to the dance. Reva appears and suggests that she should take Daisy out shopping. Daisy accepts the invitation and they leave Harley pouting. The duo soon return sporting fake tattoos and a short new dress. They make quite a team, Harley admits, biting her tongue before Daisy runs back to the store for shoes. Reva tells Harley that she should worry; her daughter is going to be a real heartbreaker. Harley is getting tired of Daisy always trying to play her off against someone else. Reva tells her that she's not being fair. 'You can't use my daughter to plug the holes in your life,' Harley declares. Daisy can barely look after herself and every time that someone subverts her discipline, it makes things worse. Reva, genuinely insulted, says that she's glad she never tried to keep her own children in line because life is too short and she doesn't need anyone telling her how to fill the holes in her life. She stomps off to Billy and tells him that she doesn't feel like being alone.

Harley takes Daisy home and she tries on her dress for them. Harley's glad to see that it isn't too short after all and goes upstairs. Gus tells Daisy to stop giving her mother so much attitude. She's having a hard time coming to grip with the fact that her daughter isn't a little girl anymore. Daisy's glad that someone noticed and hands him a present that she got him at the store. It's a watch. He thanks he and puts on his coat. Now they're going to go to the store and return it because he can tell that it's stolen.

At the police station, Frank is impatiently working on the shooting. Gus happily walks into work ready to get busy when Frank tells him that he's putting him on the Spaulding case. No one else knows the family like he does. He is reluctant to get involved on anything involving his family and begs Frank to let him out. Then he spots Alan-Michael's gun and asks about it. Frank updates him and explains that Mallet thinks that Beth did it and Marina thinks that Lizzie did it. Gus thinks that they're both wrong and he knows who can tell him what really happened.

Gus finds Lillian at the hospital. He starts by asking her how things are going with Doris. The Dorises of the world come and go, she answers. He then tells her that he's worried about Beth and Lizzie and is glad that she is there for them to confide in. Lillian isn't stupid. She knows that he's asking her these things as a cop and tells him that he should, at least, have the respect to say that's why he's asking. Nonetheless, she confesses that she brought the gun to the wedding. She had to take the gun out of the house to protect Beth and Lizzie from themselves. She didn't think that she would use the gun, but then again, she didn't think that Alan would go through with the marriage. At the wedding, she became so angry that she followed Alan out the elevator, confronted him and pulled the gun. But Alan wasn't afraid, he was sad. He promised her that he was going to get back with Beth as soon as he could get rid of Doris and she believed him. He told her to keep up the good work so that Doris wouldn't suspect anything and then they hid the gun. Gus is reluctant to accept this. After all, who would have known where the gun was, use it and then put it back? Gus returns to Frank and tells him everything that Lillian said and then asks again to be taken off the case. Frank refuses again, but if Lillian is right, then they're back to square one. Suddenly, the ballistics report comes back on Alan-Michael's gun. It turns out that the gun wasn't actually used. Now Frank has nothing.

Cassie goes out to chip away the ice on the ground. She's obviously frustrated and admits to Josh that, while she was scared that she shot Alan, now that she knows she didn't, she feels like she's failed her daughter again. She couldn't even get justice for her. Josh tells her that shooting Alan had nothing to do with justice. She clings to him and wonders how he could just wipe the slate clean and start afresh. She wishes that she could do that. He wants to see her happy, but knows that 'it will take more than words to move forward.' He has two words for her though: Marry me? He gets down on his knees, declares that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and RJ. She starts to laugh. He tells her that with everything that's been thrown at them, their relationship has only gotten stronger. Together they can keep the memory of Tammy alive and teach RJ to be a good man. She cries and hugs him. RJ comes outside and asks them what's wrong. 'Nothing ever again,' Cassie answers as they walks inside. They sit RJ down and Josh says that there's something they have to ask him. RJ already assumes that they're getting married. Josh assures him that they won't do anything without his approval. RJ asks to see the ring and Cassie starts to laugh. Since they have no ring, RJ fetches the decoder ring that he got from a cereal box and says that they can use that if Cassie wants to marry him. Josh gets on his knees again and Cassie answers 'very yes' before he slips the plastic ring on her finger. Later, as they sit on the couch alone together, Cassie asks him if he didn't just propose to make her smile. He says that he's been waiting a long time to do this and now it feels like a cloud has been lifted. She doesn't want more words '...I don't get forever Josh.' 'You get forever starting right now,' he says as they kiss.

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