At Cedars, Buzz runs out of his cardiologist appointment and starts kissing people in the hallway. He stops by Alans room and lays his clean bill of health on his chest. Sitting down, he tells Alan that, when he was going through the tests, he thought about his sons: Did he teach them the right way to live? Did he give them the right advice?

Alan-Michael gets out of bed in his hospital room. After climbing into his chair, he wheels down the hall and watches Frank tell a nurse that he prefers helping innocent victims, not people like Alan. If they do catch whoever shot him, part of him just wants to give them a medal. After they leave, Alan-Michael goes in to visit his father. As he starts to trim his fathers beard, he recalls when Alan taught him to shave for the first time. He always told his son to cut against the grain. How could I possibly do this to you? he wonders. But the rest of the family... Alan appears to him. He doesnt want to talk about them, he just wants to talk about him. Alex and Lizzie are both wrecks and Beth and Doris only pop their heads in to see if hes dead, but Alan-Michael is in it with him. Its surprising, given that he thinks Alan had this coming to him. Alan-Michael tells his father that the family doesnt need protecting, people need protecting from it. Alans not so sure, but he admired his sons wheelchair routine. Its something he would do. Im nothing like you, Alan-Michael objects, but Alan has vanished.

Buzz and Olivia chat at CO2 and he reminds her that she can tell him everything before he gives her a peck and rushes off. Coop comes by and tells Olivia that theyre cute. She cant imagine her life without Buzz now and she sees a lot of him in Coop. Trekking up to Olivias room at the Beacon, Coop finds his father snoozing on the couch. Buzz wakes up with a shout and leaps around the room. Seeing how dejected his buzz cut son is, Buzz tells him that he needs to stop being such a nice guy. Coops confused and doesnt know what to do. Right now, Alan-Michael gets the sympathy vote. Buzz tells him that he needs to fight dirty and takes him down to police headquarters. He yells for Frank to come out and give his little brother some advice. Frank doesnt say much, but Buzz thinks that Coop should take him as an example. Frank built a house to win a woman; Gus and Harley almost went to jail for life. It doesnt matter if you fight dirty or clean. Buzz has another idea. He has a girl set up for Coop. She can make Ava jealous and shes a neurological nurse specializing in spinal cord injuries, so she can help him get the goods on Alan-Michael.

Alan-Michael has Ava distract the nurse so that he can sneak out behind her back. He takes her to Towers for a meal, though he suspects that she still does not trust him. She shouldnt believe everything that people say about him and his family. When the champagne arrives, Coop and his date, nurse Jessica, arrive and watch them from the bar before coming over. Coop asks Alan-Michael if he has any feeling in his legs and snidely wishes him good luck before sitting down behind them with his date. Ava seems uncomfortable from this and suggests that they move. Meanwhile, Jessica points out that Coop cant stop staring at his ex and her new beau. While he stares, he notices Alan-Michael scratching his leg. He quizzes her about Alan-Michaels condition, but she cant give any definitive answers. A call from work interrupts their meal and she rushes off to take care of something. Ava goes off to freshen up and Coop moves to sit by his rival. He asks him again if he can feel anything in his leg. The answer is still no. Coop decides to wheel Alan-Michael out to the roof. He asks him about all the evidence thats been found that he shot his father. Alan-Michael insists on his innocence. He asks him why he doesnt seem more broken up for someone who lost the use of his legs. In fact, he seems happy to use his disability to his advantage. Alan-Michael doesnt answer. Coop pushes the chair to the edge and begins threatening to throw him off the building. He lifts the chair up and Alan-Michael doesnt flinch but holds tight. Ava comes out and catches Coop trying to kill him. Once wasnt good enough for you? she shouts as she takes Alan-Michael away. Left alone, Frank soon arrives and takes his little brother away. He tells him that the fight seems to have become more important to him than the prize. You never win if you lose yourself in the process.

Alan-Michael calls a press conference. He assures investors that the company is doing well and is still offering a solid return. He promises that they will catch whoever shot Alan and offers a reward. Strangely, he become upset and Ava gets into frame to put her arm around him. He then promises that the family is united and stronger than ever. Later, after Ava has taken him back to his room, she tells him that she saw something in him today that she never saw before. They kiss as Coop watches from the corridor. She turns out the light and walks out. Coop follows and stops her, but she doesnt want to talk to him. He tells her that she isnt willing to pay the price of being with a guy like him. That would require a sacrifice, which is what real love is all about. Tonight, he almost killed someone for her, but when he saw the look in her eyes, he realized that he was ashamed and wouldnt sacrifice himself. Now, he has to walk away. He walks away and returns to Buzz. They hug and he tells his father that hes out. Now he is going to go back to school and get his life together.

The lights in Alan-Michaels room come on and Beth wakes him with a touch. She smiles and then smashes his leg with a metal board. He goes into a spasm and she smiles wider. Im a miracle worker, she declares now that he has feeling in his legs again. Now, its time for him to help her in return. She tells him that things are looking pretty bleak at the Spaulding residence and the only person that can help her now is him. Together they can fight off that harpy Doris. He asks her about her pregnancy and she takes his hand. Were two of a kind, she says. Spaulding could be theirs. She knows that hes faking and, if she let it out, hed have a lot to lose, including Ava and an alibi. If they unite, he can be Alan. I already am, he says. Meanwhile, Buzz has returned to see Alan. Are you proud of yourself? he asks. I am.

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