In her room, Dinah is searching the Interpol records when Vanessa arrives. Shes come to apologize; it was definitely not Dinah who sent the nasty email to the advertiser. Dinah just wishes her mother would trust her once and a while. Vanessa suggests that its time to go to Mallet for help, but Dinah insists that they keep it between them. They go out for dinner at Towers and her mother suggest that she use her show to educate the public about identity theft. Dinah isnt in love with the idea. She just wants to solve this problem quietly and asks her mother for a loan of a hundred thousand. Vanessa cant give her that kind of money. She begins to wonder if this involves one of the people Dinah used to run with, particularly one who used a smiley face as his signature. Vanessa says that, if he is remotely involved, they have to report it right away. Mallet arrives with Marina and Dinah swerves him away before Vanessa can talk to him. They chit chat and then she drags Vanessa out of the dining room and into the elevator. Mallet is baffled by how strangely chipper Dinah seems. When Dinah returns to her room, she goes through a package she received containing a note with a smiley face on it. She makes a call and discovers that he is going to be released soon. Looking at the note she says, Ill be waiting for you.

Ashlee grabs Lizzie into a hug while she walks down the street. Lizzie is visibly repulsed, but Ashlee tells her that she needs to think positive thoughts. Theres obviously something wrong with Ashlee; she thinks that becoming a Spaulding is the best thing that ever happened. She tells Lizzie that they can work like sisters to bring the family together, but Lizzie tells her not to count on that, or anything else.

Beth walks into Cedars only to find Doris giving an interview with the comatose Alan. She holds his hand and poses for pictures while proclaiming her love and dedication. Not to be outdone, Beth drops some eye drop tears on her cheeks and rushes in to tell Alan that she can feel the baby kicking. Doris arches her eyebrows and says that they still have to have a paternity test because Beth is very friendly. Beth points out that Doris and Alan havent even had the chance to consummate their marriage yet and Doris needs her around so that she can get to know how things are done. Doris however, is ready to push Beth and the rest of the Raines women out to the country and even suggests that Beth might have shot Alan. The reporter gets excited, but Lizzie arrives and chases him out. The current and former Mrs. Spaulding hurl insults at each other before their daughters break them up.

Ava walks in on Alan-Michael as he tries to lift himself out of his chair. Tired, he sets himself down and tells her that he wants to call a press conference. He is going to offer a reward for Alans shooter. Mallet and Marina walk in to ask him some questions. When they tell him that they found his gun, he seems startled. He tells them blankly that he didnt shoot Alan; he wants him alive so that he can see what a success looks like. Maybe they should go back to Frank and he can assign someone who doesnt have it in for the Spauldings. Mallet isnt responding well to Alan-Michaels hostility and they decide that its time to go. After they leave, Ava starts helping Alan-Michael do exercises and he tells her that hes going to have to move back into the haunted mansion now that he cant look after himself. Ava worries that the shooter is someone who lives in the house and starts to list off all of the people there who may have shot Alan. I dont think the butler did it, he jokes. He admits that everyone in the family had motive, but that isnt enough. Despite everything, they still love Alan. He does some more exercises and tells her that, even if he cant walk, he still has a lot to be grateful for.

Walking along the hospital corridor, Mallet and Marina can hear Beth and Doris arguing over Alan. Ashlee starts shouting: Stop fighting! Were a family! Beth tells Doris that she married Alan for reasons that she could never understand. Doris calls a nurse in to have a look at Beth and talk about her pregnancy, but Beth declines and pulls Lizzie out of the room with her. In the corridor, Mallet and Marina are waiting for them. They split them up for questioning. Marina takes Lizzie. She tells her that shes had a hard life and she finally had something that would love her back. Sarah gave her hope, but Alan took it away and that hurt more than anything you can imagine. Marina knows all of this. She also knows that Lizzie has used a gun before, even on Alan, and had nothing to lose. Meanwhile, Beth tells Mallet that it wasnt easy being Alans wife and it hurt when he dumped her, but she wasnt scared and shes not a victim. She would have shot Doris before she shot Alan. Both women say that everyone knew there were guns in the house and people come and go all day. After questioning, Mallet and Marina both assume that the woman they were questioning is guilty. Marina reminds him that Lizzies shot people before, but Mallet thinks that, because Beths hurt was more recent, she is more likely. Theyve narrowed it down to the three people theyve questioned.

In Alans room, Ashlee cries to him and begs him to come back. She tells her mother that it must be terrible to be so hated and she hopes that theyll never be that way. Doris tell her that its not hatred, its jealousy and thats a good thing. If people are jealous, its because you are better than they are. Ashlee is still uncomfortable and doesnt want to go home because everyone there hates them. Her mother tells her to be tough. They deserve things. Ashlee wants love, not things and asks her mother if she loves Alan. Doris loves the opportunities that Alan can give them. Ashlee suspects that things wont last forever, but Doris assures her that, if Alan dies, they will inherit everything. They leave and Beth and Lizzie come back into the room. Beth confesses that shes not actually pregnant, something Lizzie suspected anyway. They ask each other who shot Alan, but Alan-Michael wheels in and says that it would be easier if Alan would just wake up and tell them all. They know that his gun is missing. He tells them that if one of them shot Alan, they need to tell him now so that he can protect them.

Next on GL:
Frank would like to give whoever shot Alan a medal.
Alan still haunts Alan-Michael.
Alan-Michael and Ava go on a date while Coop tries to move on.