Mallet arrives at the station with the gun he and Marina found in the elevator. He sends it down to forensics. Dinah arrives, pretending to do research for a story on identity theft, and starts questioning a cop. She asks if its possible for a foreign citizen to obtain American records. It is. Mallet finds her and he asks her if her identity thief has made any more surprise appearances. He hasnt. Shes just been busy fixing everything that he destroyed. As she begins to ramble, Mallet starts to wonder if shes hiding something. Dinah insists that shes all of out of secrets, but this doesnt explain why her identity thief seemed to be sending her a personal message.

In Alans hospital room, Alan-Michael stands over him saying that he learned a lot from him, but Alan should have learned something in return, like how to let go. He should have learned from Phillips mistakes and not let an obsession rule his life. What Alan-Michael wants now, is something more than money and power.... Ava walks in, shocked to see him out of his chair. He collapses on the floor and claims that he was only trying to help his father. She helps him back into his chair and tries to comfort him while he beats himself up for failing to walk. She takes him back to his room. He wonders why she is there for him when the rest of his family isnt. Company loyalty first, she says. He kisses her and a nurse arrives. She gives him a needle while he playfully pretends to be afraid. When she leaves, he tells Ava that part of him is glad that hes in the chair because it has broken down his defenses. He cares about her. She admits that she cares about him as well. Thats why she cant commit to Coop. He needs to know if she cares because of where he is now. His father always taught him that anything broken is worthless. All of his life, he got by on charm and sweeping women off their feet. Now, thats over. Ava tells him that shes felt broken too, like when she learned that Olivia was her mother, and he helped her through it. He closes his eyes. She kisses him and walks out.

At Towers, Buzz and Olivia are picking food for the wedding and going through the lists. Buzz is going to have Coop as his best man. He asks her if he should call Ava or she will, but Olivia wants Cassie to be her maid of honor. She and Ava dont have, or want, a relationship. Buzz tells her its okay to have feelings for her daughter, but she wont register this.

At Cedars, Jeffrey runs into Ava in the hallway. He tries to stop her from going to see Alan-Michael; she needs to make some smart choices now. But hes not her lawyer, hes not even her friend. Youre my daughter! he blurts out, making her uncomfortable. She gets a call and turns her back on him. Walking away, he calls Olivia and interrupts her wedding planning session. He asks her to meet him and hangs up. She makes an excuse to Buzz and runs off. They meet on Main Street and she wonders what the emergency is. He called Ava his daughter. It was like confessing to a crime, he says, though Olivia isnt impressed by his analogy. She cant understand why he called her: She doesnt care and wants nothing to do with either of them. Jeffrey, by contrast, believes that they have to stop avoiding this and face it. She cant help him and doesnt want to, but doesnt want to watch him do something stupid, like playing daddy. As they argue, she lets it slip that Ava is her daughter and, annoyed for flustering her, bumps him off the bench onto the ground. After leaving, Jeffrey returns to the hospital to pay a visit to Alan-Michael himself. He wakes him and tells him that, while Coop couldnt give him much trouble because he plays fair, he can because he knows how to play dirty. If Alan-Michael hurts Ava, he will make sure that he is stuck in a bed like this for a very long time.

Dinah goes to Outskirts and Remy buys her a drink. She asks him what hes after with his shifty eyes. He wants information on the investigation, particularly the gun. She hasnt heard anything though and thought that hed washed his hands of this mess, unless hes still trying to clean off the blood. Vanessa appears, distraught, and asks her daughter why she is so afraid of success. Dinah isnt following her, so Vanessa shows her a nasty email that was sent to one of her sponsors with Dinahs name signed to the bottom. Now the sponsor is threatening to pull out. Someone hates me big time, Dinah realizes. Vanessa needs her to apologize because she cant afford to lose any more sponsors; she and Matt arent stable financially anymore. Dinah agrees to do it, even though she is innocent. After Vanessa leaves, Dinah asks Remy if he shot Alan. He admits that he wanted to, but didnt. They agree to help each other from now and shake on it.

Buzz goes to see Alan in his hospital room. After shutting the door, he pokes at his face and bites his toe to see if there is any response. He starts to giggle at Alans stillness. He tells him that Alan-Michael could use some fatherly advice, but hes sure that he has none to give. Most of this town wanted him dead, but he could fix this whole problem by coming out and saying that he shot himself. Buzz prepares to leave, but not without telling Alan that he and Olivia have set a date and he will make her happier than Alan ever did. Later, Buzz and Olivia meet up on at CO2 and she tells him that she met up with Jeffrey, but it was all about nothing. He isnt bothered that she met with Jeffrey, he just wishes that she would be honest about it in the first place. She becomes irate and tells him that she wont pretend to be a mommy or a perfect fiancee for any man and strides away, leaving Buzz bewildered.

Josh and Cassie are in their kitchen. Now that they know that Joshs gun is missing, Cassie begins to suspect herself of shooting Alan. Because of all the medication she was on however, she cant remember much of that night. Josh tries to reassure her by saying that no one else knows that his gun is missing and hell make sure that it stays that way. Even if she did shoot him, he adds, he was probably taunting her and forced her over the edge. Cassie gets up and walks to the door, announcing that she is going to turn herself in. Josh wont let her out the door. He knows that shes confused right now, but he needs her to choose their life together. She anxiously tries to change the subject and prepare food but Josh wont let it drop. He doesnt think that she should turn herself in just because she suspects that she may be guilty. It wouldnt be right to let anyone else to get in trouble for something she did, she says. Mallet knocks on the door and Josh lets him in, immediately defensive. Mallet has a few questions and Josh starts to protest their innocence and insist that they were together the whole time. Mallet, leaves without saying a word. RJ asks Josh to help him feed the horses. As he and Cassie prepare to go out, she cant believe that she almost turned herself in without thinking of what it would do to RJ. Meanwhile, when Mallet returns to the office, the registration check on the gun has come back. Its Alan-Michaels.

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