Hesitantly, Lizzie enters Alans room at the hospital. She shows him a picture of her with Sarah and Jonathan and places it at his bedside. This is what she could have had if he hadnt taken it away from her. Shes made so many mistakes...maybe now shes getting what she deserves. I know that you are, she says.

Cassie wakes up after a long sleep. Retracing her steps with Josh yesterday was awful, but somehow it let her feel better and sleep better. She had a dream that Tammy came to her and told her that she was now at peace. Josh just wants everything to be okay for her. After having a sip of coffee, she decides that its time to go out and do some errands. They exchange I love yous and she leaves him with a concerned look on his face.

At CO2, Coop is clearing up, rather over aggressively. Buzz is concerned about him. He reminds his son that Alan-Michael isnt pressing charges against him and she should be relieved. Coop isnt. Buzz tells him to get out of there.

Still in his hospital room, Alan-Michael calls Alans doctor to tell him that he will be having a specialist brought. Hes frustrated and feels like hes the only one getting things done. Ava arrives with a meal. He tells her that he wont let anyone push him aside while hes down. She begins to list off all of the things that shes set in motion. He tells her that shes amazing. She thinks that hes pretty amazing too. He couldnt keep going without her faith in him, he says, adding that there are things that he wants that he hasnt gotten yet. A nurse interrupts to take him for some tests and Ava wanders out to the corridor. She finds Josh milling about with a newspaper and he asks her to have coffee with him. He asks about Alan-Michael and talks about his own spinal cord injury. Then he starts asking her for information about where the investigation is going. Alan-Michael wheels out, wondering why Josh is so concerned when he hated Alan so much. He and Reva and Billy are all pretty good suspects from where hes sitting. Josh tells him to look to his own family and strides off. Alan-Michael is upset and tells Ava to leave him alone. She apologizes for talking to Josh. He was obviously just digging for information. Alan-Michael thinks that she should go and work with Alexandra for awhile, but she doesnt like the sound of this. She thinks that he just doesnt want her to see him vulnerable and reliant. He admits that he wanted to sweep her off her feet, not have her spoonfeed him. She takes his hand and tells him that he is only human. As he begins to kiss her hand, Coop stands in the doorway. Ava backs away and Coop sits down. He says that he is sorry for the fall, even though it was an accident. They shake hands and Coop asks to talk to Ava in the hall.

When theyre alone, Coop starts kissing her. He cant live in limbo anymore. He needs to start putting things back together. She is still confused about her feelings and doesnt like to be pushed. He begins to rant about how manipulative and devious Alan-Michael is. Ava doesnt like to see him like this, its sick. Thats who I really I am, Coop says intensely. The Spauldings are all monsters and Alan-Michael may have even killed Alan. She tells him to go. He wont argue; he doesnt want to be around someone who goes around with blinders on. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael has gone to see his father. He hopes that Alan understands everything that hes doing. Getting up from the chair, he tucks his father in and tells him that this chair may be the answer to all of his problems.

Cassie is running errands when she stops by a shop window on Main Street and stares in. Lizzie approaches her. Cassie doesnt want to talk, but Lizzie feels that she needs to apologize. They begin to commiserate, though its mostly on Lizzies side, about the loss of their daughters. Lizzie doesnt expect Cassie to forgive her but she misses Tammy too. Sitting down to coffee, Lizzie reminisces with stories of shopping with Tammy and admits that shes partly to blame for everything thats happened, but she never wanted this. She begins to cry and Cassie says that she believes her. Since Phillip died, everyone has been disappearing from Lizzies life and soon she will be alone and be forced to live with herself. Cassie tells her that she is just trying to let go of her guilt and her regrets, but she has to find a way to live with herself again. She tells Lizzie to take care and walks away.

Cassie goes home and tells Josh what just happened. It was tiring and sad, but it may have given her a glimmer of hope to help her move on. Josh has something else on his mind and he cant keep it to himself anymore. The gun is missing. Only he and Cassie know where the keys are so RJ couldnt have gotten it. Cassie starts to panic again and thinks that hes accusing her. She cant defend herself, she cant remember anything. Hes going to take care of things just in case she did do it. Taking a few tools, he smashes the box up so that it looks like it was broken into. Now, if the police come, they can claim the gun was stolen and they had no idea. Cassie doesnt want to lie to the police, but Josh doesnt care about the law; he just wants her to be safe. She starts to wonder if Josh really believes that shes a murderer.

Lizzie goes to Towers and ducks under the police tape to step into the elevator that Alan was shot in. It goes up for a moment and then breaks down. Trapped in the elevator without light, she begins to shout for help. Spilling her purse on the floor after throwing it at the ceiling, she kneels down to pick things up and sees the blood. Jumping back against the wall, she begins to cry out repeatedly that she is sorry. Mallet and Marina arrive and pull her out. Mallet asks her what she is sorry about. They try and play good cop/bad cop with Lizzie, but she doesnt know what she is sorry about. She is claustrophobic and she got upset. Remembering her purse, she tries to get it, but Marina goes for her. In the elevator, she spots a loose panel in the ceiling. She calls Mallet over to pick her up and discovers a gun hidden in the ceiling.

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