Mallet and Frank lay out photos of all of their chief suspects in Alans shooting. Almost everyones a suspect, except Blake, Frank jokes. The whole thing is turning into a circus; Towers could sell tickets. There is still no news from the hospital. As Frank and Mallet get in the elevator as Frank wonders what would happen to the Spauldings if Alan was out of the picture. You ever see one of those animals shows where all the rodents feed on each? Mallet asks.

At the mansion, Lizzie and Beth find themselves feeling anxious in the silence left by Alans absence. Lizzie asks her mother how she will feel if Alan dies. Beth doesnt know. The quiet is broken by the arrival of Doris and Ashlee with their dog. Beth starts to follow Doris around while she inspects everything and writes up a little list. Ashlee introduces her dog, Moxie, to Lizzie and tells her that she wants to get her some couture outfits now that theyre family. Lizzie points out that they arent a family; Roxie is a pure bred and Moxie is a mutt. They arent family either; Doris and Ashlee are just hanging around waiting for Alan to die. Ashlee pouts and Doris announces that Beth and Lizzie wont be having the run of the house anymore, now that they are mere guests in her home. She is going to have Beth and Lizzie removed from their current rooms and placed in another wing of the house where they can eat in the kitchen, walk their own dog and will not have use of the driver. Beth refuses to go along with the new house rules so Doris calls in a cop to help escort her guests to their new living quarters. Lizzie tries reminding Doris that this is actually Alan-Michaels house, but Doris points out that hes a little too busy now to get involved. When the cop grabs hold of Beth, she wrests herself away exclaiming Stop! Youll hurt the baby. Lizzie jaw drops. Doris is unfazed. She immediately asks who the daddy is and puts a paternity test on her list. Beth tells her that it happened after Sarahs memorial service. She and Alan connected in a way that they hadnt in along time. She wasnt sure until this morning. Doris tells the cop to leave. Ashlee is excited. She thinks that a baby is just what the family needs to heal and hugs Beth, much to Doris chagrin. Beth just wants to go to her room now, but Doris says that shell have to pee on a stick first before thats allowed. Controlling herself, Beth decides that its time for her and Lizzie to pay a visit to Alan. Doris tells her not to get him too worked up or he wont be able to tell anyone who shot him. Lizzie and Beth look at each other and walk out.

Later, Ashlee seems bored because Moxie is out being walked by a dog walker and she has nothing to do. Doris is disappointed in her daughters attitude, but Ashlee is starting to think that there is something wrong with her mothers attitude. Doris just wants to get Beth and the rest out as soon as possible and, if Alan dies, they can probably stay for good. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Beth arrive at the hospital. Lizzie asks her mother if shes really pregnant just as Lillian greets them with a hug. She tells them that the doctors are not optimistic about Alans progress. Lizzie walks off at the news. Beth says that they may be better off if Alan doesnt wake up.

Dinah walks into police headquarters to report that shes been robbed. All of her cards have been cancelled and her accounts cleaned put. Mallet arrives and tells her that theyll get someone on it right away. She just wants to go along for the arrest. Dinah begins ranting about how her money would be safer in a shoebox than in bank. Now, Mallet will have to pay her bills and shell become one of the ladies who lunch. As Marina searches through Dinahs records, she discovers that the thief left a smiley face. This is unusual. The thief is leaving a trace and this leads Mallet to suggest that this is a personal attack. She needs to think about who would be out to get her. Dinah has no idea, just like she had no idea that Blake was after her. He tells her that theyll figure it out and takes her out for a drink.

Daisy has been skipping out of high school because shes too bored. Public schools arent challenging enough. Harley decides that shell get her a tutor and extra lessons that they can go to together. Daisy thanks her for not scolding her and trying to help before going upstairs to write an email to the guidance counsellor. (Shes actually gone upstairs to pack). Harley is impressed with herself and how calm she is being. Gus nods and eats an apple. She thinks that she can be a tough mom now and needs Gus to be a father. Together, they outnumber her and it has to be that way because girls are tough. Harley leaves and Daisy crawls out the window with her bag. Shes shocked to find that Gus is already waiting outside for her with coffee. He takes her inside and she tells him that she doesnt think this is going to work out; she doesnt want to be Harleys next project. Gus tells her that her mother loves her and just wants to help. Daisy wonders why she isnt acting more like a friend then, like Gus is. He reminds her that he is not her friend, he is her stepfather. He takes her out walking in the cold and walks her down Main Street. He shows her all of the things that the Cooper family have done there, but she isnt impressed. She doesnt want to be a super Cooper and she hates baklava. Gus tells her that he was alone for most of his life and wouldnt have made it without the family. She is being just as stubborn as her mother is. He tells her about how he fought to get Harley after she was sent to prison and he will fight to get Daisy back into the family.

Harley goes to Outskirts for a beer with Frank and some advice on raising a teenager. He tells her that she needs to let Daisy settle in and, as long as she stays herself, things should work out. She thinks that shes being hit by karma for everything that she did to Frank while she was growing up. He admits that, sometimes, he felt like a failure to her, but now hes glad because she knows that she can always come and talk to him. She needs to hang in and give it some time. When he returns to the sation, he tells Marina that he just had a talk with her aunt about Daisy. Marina says that Harley will be able to whip Daisy into shape; she had a good teacher. Frank smiles. Later, Mallet asks Marina if she should step back from investigating Remy. She insists that she wont cave just because she knows someone who is in trouble. Meanwhile, Frank runs into Dinah. Hes already heard about her case. She thinks its karma. The old me stole Cassie's identity, the new me has my identity stolen, she says. Frank tells her that he has his best cops working on it and walks away. She gets on her phone and calls to check on the status of a prisoner.

Harley arrives home and finds Daisys backpack on the floor. This isnt good. She goes searching and finds them coming out a movie laughing. She is not at all happy, but Gus tells her that Daisy needs some positive reinforcement. This doesnt seem to be what she had planned and she thinks that Gus is betraying their agreement. They all go home and Harley and Daisy start shouting at one another. Daisy thanks Gus for the good time, gives him a hug before going upstairs to unpack.

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