What started as the happiest day of my life, quickly turned into a nightmare, Doris cries to the cameras at the beginning of her press conference. Before she can get into the details of how much she and Alan loved one another, Alexandra and Beth come and tear her away from the cameras. Alexandra tells the reporters to pray for her dear brother and go home. The three women argue through the corridor until Alexandra announces that the new Mrs. Spaulding needs a few lessons on how they do things in this family.

Reva has been watching the coverage on TV. She calls Josh and leaves a message asking if Cassie is okay. She travels to the hospital to check on Alan. Alexandra catches cousin Reva trying to get a snoop at Alans medical records and starts listing off all of the reasons Reva
hates her brother and wants him dead. She already took him hostage at gun point after all. They continue to compare griefs, Reva pointing out that Alexandras relationship with her brother is less than ideal and suggesting that she must have finally snapped. I didnt shoot Alan, but Id like to shake the hand of whoever did, Reva says as she walks off.

At home, Gus gets an update from the hospital on Alans condition. Harley asks him if he wants to go and see his father. He says that he may be one of the only people in town who doesnt want Alan dead, but he still wont go; he has other priorities....and Alan has Doris. They start to worry about Daisy and she suddenly appears. She sits down to eat and Harley says that, because she is always complaining about not having any friends, they have signed her up to do volunteer work at the hospital. Daisy interprets this as meaning community service for her misdeeds, but agrees to try it and walks off to the hospital. Harley thinks that they should follow her, but Gus tells her they need to give her some space.

When Daisy arrives at the hospital, she meets the co-ordinator of the volunteer program. He leers at her and makes some suggestive remarks that creep her out. She starts to wander around the hospital while Reva runs into Doris in the corridor. Doris smirks at Reva and quips that the vultures have already begin to show, then fobs her off when she asks about Alan. Reva turns around and finds Daisy, who starts asking her grandmother if she shot Alan. Reva tells her that, if she shot Alan, hed be dead. Daisy admits that even shed like to see him dead. Reva tells her that she shouldnt blame herself for the things that have happened. Shes just made some awful choices. Daisy explains why shes there and what happened with the volunteer co-ordinator. Reva offers to take her home; they can get updated about Alan on the news.

At home, Harley starts ranting about Daisy sneaking out of community service (she called to check). She is all set to go out and find her when Reva and Daisy arrive at the door. Harley lays into them, but Reva defends Daisy and says that she made the right call. They explain what happened and Harley asks to talk to Reva alone while Gus and Daisy go outside. Harley says that she should have been called to handle things and she doesnt appreciate Reva interfering when shes trying to develop a relationship with her daughter. Right now, she needs her daughter to trust her and Reva is just trying to fill the new hole in her life. Reva tells her that, after everything Daisys been through, she can use all the help that she can get. Outside, Daisy wonders why all men are such dogs. Gus cant argue and tries to give some advice. Still, shes glad to have Gus to help her, even if he doesnt know how to talk to teenagers. She goes back in for a quick telling off before Harley gives her a hug.

Marina has brought Remy to the station for questioning. She really doesnt want to do it and complains about her pencil instead of questioning him. Frank walks in and Marina informs him that Remy violated his restraining order. Then a cop walks in to show Frank the Towers security uniform they found stuffed in the trash. Remy admits that it was his and Marina shakes her head. Frank takes his daughter out of the room and they go over everything that Josh told her about Remy fleeing the scene of the crime. Frank suggests that Marina doesnt have her priorities straight and is giving Remy special treatment. She says that he deserves it. Frank goes back in to continue questioning Remy. Mel arrives before he can say anything and tells him to remain silent. She asks for a moment alone and Marina apologizes as she leaves. Mel doesnt want to know what really happened; she needs to believe in his innocence. Remy starts going over his memories of Tammy and talking about how much he wanted Alan to pay for what he did. In the hallway, Frank asks his daughter if she needs to be re-assigned. She tells him that he should have more faith in Remy. Frank has plenty of faith, unfortunately, Remy isnt helping him keep it. She makes a few calls and quickly discovers some more information. She and Frank go back in to the interrogation room and tell Remy that they talked to the manager of Towers and know that he signed up to work there on the day of the wedding under a false name.

In his room, Alan-Michael tells Ava that his dad alway though his heart would kill him. He never liked the irony of that. Ava says that she can see the worry in his eyes. He asks for a glass of water. As she leaves to get it, he grabs the phone and makes a call. Hes still alive...for now, he says. When she returns, he tells her how much he hates having to look after things and hates being stuck in his chair. Ava wants to help. He tells her to go back to work. When she leaves, she realizes that there is one more thing that she can do for him. She goes to visit Gus and tells him that his brother needs his help finding who shot their father. Gus flatly refuses to have anything to do with it.

Alexandra and Beth walk into Alan-Michaels room and helps him into his chair. He tells them that they have to prepare for all possibilities. He needs them to trust him. They cant trust the police in this; they have to become Springfield PDs worst nightmare. Right now, they need to concentrate on pushing Doris out. They have to join together to do it; Alan couldnt do it alone and neither can they. Alexandra goes out in the hall when she gets a call from Amanda. The line cuts out while she signs for a package sent to Alan-Michael. As she looks through it, Ava returns and Alexandra brings her into the room to show her the kind of man shes getting involved with. Alexandra accuses Alan-Michael of trying to stab the family in the back. Showing Beth the papers, it becomes apparent that Alan-Michael was trying to take over most of the company holdings for himself. He argues that he was only trying to protect the familys assets, although many of those assets are Alexandras. Ava starts defending him and saying that they should be thanking him for looking out for them, not climbing all over him. I think you may be the one climbing all over him, Alexandra says, disappointed that her nephew is so much like his father. The only difference is that Alan wouldnt have been caught. They leave him alone with Ava. She thinks that theyre only interested in Alans money but will soon see that he is not the enemy. Then she tells him that she talked to Gus, news that makes Alan-Michael angry. He doesnt want the police involved in any way and, besides that, Gus hates Alan. He is going to have to hire a private security team that will answer only to him.

Alexandra and Beth track down Alans doctor. Alan is just out of surgery and it hasnt gone as well as theyd hoped. He is still in critical condition. Before he can say anymore, Doris swoops in, declaring that she has power of attorney and she will decide when they can see Alan. Meanwhile, Reva goes to Outskirts and looks at pictures of the wedding on her computer. Zooming in, we can see that she was hiding in the background at the service.

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Josh asks Reva for help with Cassie.
Cassie and Reva go after Alan while hes in his hospital bed.