At the wedding, Doris throws her bouquet and manages to hit a startled Beth in the face. Quickly changing the tone, she offers a toast to the absent Alan, claiming that fate was what brought us together and love is what will keep it that way. The elevator opens and Alan walks in and collapses, revealing blood soaking through his shirt. Doris starts to scream while Rick and Lillian move in to investigate: Hes been shot. Beth calls an ambulance while Alexandra says that hes had this coming for a long time, but not like this. As Beth crouches by Alan, Doris starts demanding that she get away from her husband. She and Ashlee are standing back though, blood covering Doris hands. She tells her daughter that someone must be jealous of them and be after what they have. The minister tells her that Alan is a bull and will get through this. She only wants to know that the wedding is official.

Doris tells Beth again to get away from her husband. For all I know, you shot him, Doris spits out and Beth walks away. She doesnt think that Lizzie should be watching this, but Lizzie insists that she needs to. The paramedics arrives and Alexandra says that theyll follow as they take him out. Lizzie, however, cant get into the elevator where he was shot. Lillian takes her by the stairs as Beth and Alexandra go down with Doris and Ashlee. Well get through this. Were a family now, Ashlee says to an appalled Alexandra.

Josh gets the car and comes back to find that Cassie is missing. Considering her recent behavior, this is very alarming for Josh. Suddenly, Remy runs into him and then runs away as fast as he can with a terrified look on his face. While he hears the ambulance sirens coming, Josh realizes that this cant be a good sign. Moments later, he finds Cassie sitting on a bench, completely lost an unable to remember what just happened. Rick and the paramedics rush Alan by as the family streams afterward. Rick tells Josh that Alan was shot. Josh realizes that this is a good time to get Cassie out of there. He takes her home and puts her to sleep on the couch with the promise that she will be safe there.

Ava walks into Alan-Michaels room at Cedars and finds him missing. She asks an orderly where he could have gone when he has a spinal cord injury. They can only tell her that hes gone. She starts to search around the hospital ward before Alan-Michael wheels up to her. Shes relieved to see him. He tells her that the doctors still dont know much because of the swelling around the spine. He doesnt want her there if she has come out of pity. She says that she has only come as his friend. Returning to his room, he turns on the TV for news about Alans wedding. He could use a good laugh. Theres no news, but Ava returns with word from the nurses that Alan was shot. Alan-Michael doesnt seem surprised. This is something that his father has deserved for a long time. She says that its a good thing that he wasnt at the wedding then and wonders why he isnt more worried. He used up all of his worry on his legs. People hate Alan and he doesnt want to worry about him but ever since I was old enough to know what was really real, all Ive ever done is worry about him. I dont want him to die, but I cant tell you how many times Ive wanted to kill him. So thats my life and now my dreams have finally come true and it just might be the nightmare Ive been having since I was twelve years old. I guess now he knows how Phillip felt. She offers to take him to see the family, but hes not keen to watch Doris doing her Jackie Kennedy routine. Besides, none of them have even bothered to check on him. Ava cant understand why he is always so self-controlled. There must be something in him that he doesnt want her to see.

When alone, Doris takes her daughter aside and tells her that they need to get cleaned up, go down to the hospital and take care of the press. When they arrive at the hospital, Doris tells Ashlee that someone is trying to steal the gift that Alan was giving them. As they look at the gathered family, she tells her daughter that she can trust none of them.

Lizzie sits with Lillian. She is upset. Even after what happened to Sarah, she never wanted him... Lillian can see that there is blood on her granddaughters hands. Joining hands with her, she pulls her up to go the washroom and get cleaned up. In case theres any powder residue? Lizzie asks. Frank and Marina then arrive to start putting a picture of what happened together. Alexandra tells him that Cassie crashed the wedding looking for blood and when they left, she saw Cassie with Josh and she looked like she had no idea what she was doing. They continue to describe what happened and Doris interrupts to say that Alan was trying to tell her how much he loved her before he collapse. Lillians disgusted and cries out just as Rick comes out of the OR. Doris starts suggesting to Frank that Rick was trying to subvert Alans treatment and must be involved with Beth. Alexandra is sick of this and grabs Doris before Frank separates them and takes the DA aside. He reminds her that he is conducting the investigation, but this doesnt stop her and Beth from shouting at each other. As Frank tries to calm everyone, Mel arrives to be someones lawyer. Beth takes her aside and asks her what her situation is now vis a vis Alans estate. Mel is a tad appalled by this, but Beth insists that shes only trying to protect whats ours from those who dont deserve it.

Doris tells Frank that he needs to look at the family first. None of them wanted this marriage to go through. Rick tells Beth that there was no exit wound; the bullet is still inside Alan and he is bleeding internally. Doris and Beth start fighting over who should sign the form to operate. Alans body is wheeled down the hallway past Alan-Michael. He cant look at his father. Ava tells him that he will see his father again. He tells her that it would be harder without her around. She promises him that they will find who did this.

Marina goes to see Josh and Cassie. As she questions them, Cassie stares blankly and cant really talk. Josh answers all of the questions for her, something which starts to irritate Marina. He finally cuts off her questions and asks to speak to her privately. After telling her his version of events, he insists that Cassie cannot be a suspect because she was with him the entire time. Marina is happy to hear this and then Josh tells her about seeing Remy in a uniform running out of Towers. She thanks him for the tip, she can use all the help she can get. Offering sympathy, she says that she still cant believe that Tammy is gone and can understand why Cassie might have... When she is leaves, Josh returns to Cassie and puts his arms around her. She tells him that shes sorry. You dont ever have to say to me, he whispers to her. Later, Cassie walks outside to speak with Tammys ghost. She tells her that Alan is paying, just like she wanted. Josh watches through the window as Cassie talks to thin air

After throwing his uniform in the garbage on Main Street, Remy goes to Outskirts to get drunk. Marina finds him with ease and begins to question him. He readily admits to being at Towers (they hired him as security). She is going to have to take him in, she says as she explains that Alan was shot. Hes glad to hear it, hes only disappointed that hes not dead.

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Doris tries to protect her family and all of its possessions.
Alexandra and reva have a confrontation and Daisy suspects that her grandmother did it.
Alan-Michael seems disappointed that Alan isnt dead yet.