Cassie spends a sleepless night on the couch. Her eyes wont even close. She starts to wander around the kitchen frustrated, before Josh calls. She tells him that she will have a perfect Valentines dinner prepared for he and RJ when they get back from soccer practice. But once she hangs up, she says to herself that nothing is going to be perfect again. Not as long as hes... and walks out the door.

Dinah has called Mallet to Towers under false pretences just so that she can have dinner with him. As they eat, she gets an idea. She wants to cover Alans wedding for her TV show and expose everything. Mallet wonders how he could have ended up with someone so insane. Lucky? Dinah smiles. They continue chatting and Dinah wonders if Alan is already getting punished enough by marrying Doris. The check comes and Dinah tries to pay it with her credit car. The card is declined and her other cards are no better. Shes not about wash dishes (it would ruin her nails) so Mallet goes to the nearest table to get the women there to vouch for him as a TV personality. This isnt impressing the maitre d, so Dinah starts to sell off Mallets clothes to his female fans. By the time that she reaches his boxer, the maire d is getting nervous. She manages to sell off all of his clothes and he is left in a towel. Thats alright, she tells him, she has clothes in the car. He suddenly gets a call from Lizzie. There is something that she needs to have dealt with tonight.

Ava walks in on Coop and Alan-Michael fighting on the balcony. Alan-Michael goes over the edge and Ava runs down to him. Alan-Michael is rushed to the hospital and into surgery. Ava is disturbed to find that Coop isnt remotely sorry for whats happened and blames all of this on Alan-Michael. He would do it all the same if he could do it again. Its beyond Ava how stupid things have gotten. Besides that, Coop seems to have really changed, and not for the better.

Buzz and Olivia are eating chicken wings at Outskirts. He didnt have time to plan anything special for Valentines Day because of the upset over the adoption hearing. Buzz thinks that Olivia must understand something about losing a daughter. She doesnt think its the same thing at all. Frank and Jeffrey walk in together and sit down. Jeffrey apologizes to Buzz for failing at the hearing. Buzz just hopes that, one day, Sydney will find her way back. Stranger things have happened. Cassie walks in, staring like a zombie and demanding to know why they are all just standing around while Alan Spaulding is walking free. Frank tells her that theyre doing all that they can, but thats not enough for her. Jeffrey suggests that she gets some sleep, but she cant and, if she falls asleep, she will only dream of everything that shes lost. She begins talking to Tammys ghost in front of everyone and claims that she will only be able to rest when Alan has paid. Jeffrey tries to calm her and she begins asking him if he can plant evidence on Alan. Theyll never catch him otherwise, hes bullet proof. Cassie sees her daughters ghost in the doorway again and walks out with her in a trance, unresponsive to anything anyone says.

You see what happens when you love a child. I cant imagine losing one, Olivia remarks as they watch Cassie leave. They go back to the bar. He wonders if they should say something to Cassie but she doesnt think that would go well. On the bar, he has a gift for her. She opens it to find the framed portraits of her two daughters. Not fair, she says with a forced smile. Then, Buzz gets a call from Coop saying that he and Ava are at Cedars. They rush off to them and Jeffrey follows behind.

Buzz and Olivia arrive at Cedars. They are happy to see that Coop and Ava are okay. Jeffrey follows close behind. Ava tells them that Alan-Michael is in surgery. Coop says that he just tripped. Jeffrey is relieved and is about to go when Frank stops them. He says that they might need a lawyer and he should stick around. Frank isnt looking kindly on Coops excuses. It seems like its suddenly open season on the Spualdings, he says. Ava claims that she didnt witness anything and walks away to see how her boss is doing. Jeffrey follows her. She couldnt get in touch with anyone in his family so she had to sign all of Alan-Michaels papers herself. He tells her that shes doing the right thing and she walks away. Jeffrey goes to Olivia and tells her that someone should be with Ava now. Olivia thinks that the someone should be him, but he thinks that she needs a mother. Olivia doesnt agree, but she will admit that, when she heard her daughter was at the hospital, she felt worried. Ava annoys her, but shes not a bad kid. Buzz is upset to see Jeffrey and Olivia standing together. Alan-Michael is wheeled down the hall. He has a spinal cord injury. Its too early to know if there is paralysis. Ava promises that she wont leave him.

Lizzie is glaring at a picture of Alan. You ruined my life, just like you ruined my dads... she says before taking out a knife. Suddenly, Remy grabs her arm and tells her that its not worth it. She jumps back and keeps him away from her with the knife. Hes already almost beaten someone to death, shes not about to let him any closer. He tells her that he does blame her, but thinks that she is a victim too. Three people are dead because of Alan and they cant let it stand. Lizzie admits that she dreams about her baby and wakes up when she thinks that she hears her crying. Remy tells her to give him the proof that will put Alan away. She thinks that its too late, but he still needs to honor Tammys memory and is sure that she needs to honor those she lost as well. He leaves and, only a moment later, Cassie appears with her face in the glass door. Lizzie is startled while Cassie rams herself against the door until she opens it. She starts to yell at Lizzie when she doesnt hold the door open for Tammys ghost. Lizzie asks her if shes been drinking and the ghost starts feeding Cassie questions which she repeats until she begins screaming. Lillian has come down stairs and demands to know whats going on. Her granddaughter says that Cassie has gone crazy. Cassie spots the knife sitting on the table and says I guess I have nothing to lose. Lillian tells her that she knows how she feels; she thought that shed lost Beth for years. She also tells her that, sometimes, she too dreams of going into Alans room and...but she is only there to protect her family and she is sure that Alan is suffering already. Thats not enough for Cassie: Hes still alive along with the other Spauldings. Lillian promises her that Alans bad karma will catch up with him. Sooner than you think, the ghost mutters as she and Cassie leave.

Lillian hands Lizzie the hideous brides maid dress that Doris has sent over. At first, Lizzie just wants to hack it up, but decides that this might be perfect for the occasion and, smiling mischievously, goes upstairs. Meanwhile, Cassie returns home and tries to convince herself that Alan is already suffering. Tammys ghost wont leave her alone though and has her pick up the paper and look at the announcement for Alans wedding. Better RSVP, she says.

When Dinah goes home, she gets on the phone to her bank, demanding to know whats wrong. They inform her that all the money in her checking account has been withdrawn and all of her cards have been cancelled. She has no idea whats going on. Meanwhile, a fully dressed Mallet goes to Outskirts to talk to Remy. Lizzie has launched a complaint against him and a restraining order has already been issued. Remy tells him that Doris belongs in a pine box next to Alan. Mallet reminds him that hes lucky that hes still free to walk around. Remy warns him that he better have his whole crew guarding Alans wedding and then walks out drunk.

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