Daisy tries to run away from Harley. Finally, they stop on Main Street and the confrontation begins. They go around in circles before Daisy starts accusing her mother of hating her and believing that Sydney is perfect; at least Gus tried to help. Harley tells her that she doesnt hate her, shes just angry with her for being stupid and putting her life at risk. Daisy tells her mother that she wont lose Sydney; it was all her fault and the Judge will see that. At the same time, Jeffrey tells Gus that it will take a miracle to get the Judge to give them Sydney now. Gus tells him to find one; he doesnt want to lose the baby, or Daisy for that matter. The lawyer Donovan arrives and has an offer for them. Gus assumes that hes looking for money, but Donovan says that no one would sell a child to them for any amount of money. Sydney can either go into foster care or she can go with her aunt and uncle in Africa. This isnt much of a deal from Gus perspective and Harley soon rushes over when she hears them talking. Interrupting, she asks Donovan why this uncle hasnt come himself. Donovan isnt interested in talking; he claims that he simply wants a decent home for Sydney. Before walking away, he tells them that they better not think about skipping town with Sydney or theyll lose all of their kids. Gus imagines that there must still be something that they can do. Daisy offers to sign a statement saying that she will leave and never have contact with the family again. Thats what you want anyway, she tells her mother before walking off. Jeffrey doesnt think this is such a bad idea.

Gus and Harley go home with Sydney. Harley admits that shes afraid to leave her daughter alone in the world without her love. She refuses to take Jeffreys suggestion seriously, even though she knows that Gus would pick Sydney over Daisy in a heartbeat. He has that choice, she doesnt: Shes a mother. He tells her that he only wants whats best for Sydney. If the uncle is as good as Donovan says, then Sydney has a good chance in life. Daisys a different case because they are all that she will ever have and, if he had to choose, he would choose Daisy. They kiss.

Meanwhile, Daisy goes to Outskirts with a fake ID. After getting a beer, she spots Donovan sitting at the bar and decides to join him. He asks her if mommy and daddy threw her out. She asks him what it would take to drop the case...shes sure that they could figure something out. He tells her that its appealing even if shes under-aged and offers her a meeting in his hotel room tomorrow night to work it out.

At the Spaulding residence, Beth has been calling Jeffreys office without response in a bid to stop the divorce. Doris wanders in, perplexed to see that Beth is still fighting her when she has gone out of her way to make things easy. She tells Beth that, if she cant marry Alan, shell be so disappointed that shell start lashing out and have to put Lizzie and Alan in prison. Then, Alan appears, asking whats going on. Beth knows that Alan is doing all of this under threat, but he assures her that he is doing this because he wants to and should have done it long ago. Looking at smug Doris, Beth asks her to leave so that they can sign the papers alone. Alan walks Doris out and she reminds him of what he stands to lose if he backs out now. Returning to Beth, she tells him that, together, they can be stronger than Doris ever could be. They share something that nobody else can understand. Even though, at the beginning, their relationship was only a business arrangement, it has become something far deeper. She encourages him to fight and he begins to remember when they renewed their vows. He quickly trails off and represses his feelings for Beth. Love is a weakness I can no longer afford, he tells her. The marriage is dead, she put the last nail in the coffin and he never forgives anyone who betrays him. Sick of arguing, Beth gets ready to sign the divorce papers. I suggest from now on that you sleep with one eye open, she says as she signs. Doris walks in before the pen is even off the page and asks Beth when she will be moving out. Alan tells her to take as long as she needs. Beth turns to go when Doris asks her for her wedding ring. Beth refuses; the ring is a symbol of her relationship with Alan. When Doris marries him, she can find her own symbol. I suggest a shackle, Beth quips as she walks out. Unperturbed, Doris tells Alan that she feels like going out and celebrating.

Josh arrives home with flowers and plans for celebrating Valentines day. Hes dismayed to discover that Cassie is nowhere to be found. Panicked, he calls her on her cell phone. She answers and tells him that she is just on her way to see her sister and will meet him later. Cassie goes into Outskirts and hugs her sister. Billy offers to look after the bar as they talk. In the corner, Cassie asks Reva if she still talks to Jonathan because she still talks to Tammy all the time. Reva watches her distraught sister begin to rant about how Tammy wants justice and Tammy wants to make Alan pay. Finally, she stops herself, says that she shouldnt have said anything, hugs her sister and runs out. Billy turns to Reva and says Shes not doing well is she?

At Towers, Josh and Cassie sit for a meal. He gives her a Valentines gift: Its Tammys friendship bracelet. Cassie had put it away, but Josh got it out. He thinks that she should keep it with her always. It still smells like her perfume. How did you know? she asks him overwhelmed. Because I miss her too, he answers as they embrace. I dont know what Id do without you, she admits, but, within moments, her eyes narrow and she freezes up again. Alan and Doris have arrived and sit nearby. Josh tries to calm her by changing the subject and suggesting that they go away with RJ. She cant stop staring at Alan though. Suddenly, champagne is delivered to their table, Alans complements. Cassies outraged and asks him if this is some consolation gift for murdering my daughter? Josh takes the champagne and ice and pours it over Alan. My family buried three young people because of you, he shouts in Alans face. If the law doesnt get him, then he will. Doris threatens to have him arrested for assault and he promises her that shes next before he takes Cassie and walks out.

Once theyre gone, Alan wants to leave but Doris refuses to allow it. Hes never cared about people staring at him before and she wont let him start now. She produces a pair of Valentines gifts that she bought for them using his credit card. Beth arrives and sits at the bar. She almost leaves when she sees them but decides that this is something that she has to see. Realizing that Beth is watching, Doris gets more excited and opens up the gift, exclaiming that it must have cost a fortune! Alan controls himself and watches Beth walk out. Doris tells him that shes already picked out wedding rings for him and starts to make plans for the service. He just wants a small wedding, but she will never allow that. Unlike him, this is will be her first and only wedding and she wants it done right. She uses a few casual threats keep him in line as she starts to gush about her plans.

Josh takes Cassie home. Shes afraid to go to sleep and afraid to wake up to the split second when she forgets that her daughter is dead and then has to go through the loss again. She tells him that she cant sleep without her pills; she will only lie in bed thinking horrible thoughts. He comforts her on the couch until she eases in to sleep. Reva arrives late and watches them through the glass before tapping. He answers the door and she tells him that she is just concerned about all the intense things that Cassie has been saying. He thanks her for coming by and sends her home. As he takes Cassie up to bed, Reva still watches through the glass. Happy Valentines Day bud, she says.

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