Cassie walks along Main Street before stopping to stare up at the theater marquee. She remembers that its been a month since she and her daughter went to their weekly chick flick Friday. Josh offers to take her, but she turns him down. She thinks that he should be helping Reva right now; she doesnt have anyone and they cant leave her alone. He asks Cassie to come with him to see her sister, but she declines. She wants to go to the movies alone.

Alan watches Beth through the window. She touches the sculptures on the patio in the cold. He goes out to her, offering her a coat. She tells him to save it. Your new fiancee is as cold as ice and youre going to need it. He only seems to get joy from kicking her away, she suggests, but he tells her that their marriage was over as soon as she began an affair with Rick. Now, he only wants this divorce to be as painless as possible. Beth wont have it; she promises him a fight.

Reva goes to Outskirts to clear up when Josh arrives to tell her that shes not alone. She tells him that running a bar isnt easy. He ask her if shes okay and she quickly changes the subject. While he continues to ask her about her feelings, she keeps avoiding the questions. Finally, she just talks about how much she misses Jonathan and how he was better for having Tammy in his life. A good woman will do that, Josh says smiling. She only wishes she could have done more to stop the Spauldings. She goes on to say that she wont be holding a service for Jonathan; they already said goodbye in their own way. After her cancer scare, she thought she would learn to live in the present, but since Tammy died, she can only think of the past. Josh hugs her and she tells him that Cassie needs him more now than she does. He cant understand why; they both suffered the same loss. She insists that its not the same. Cassie is really really hurting and actually needs him.

At court, Donovan continues to attack Daisy on the stand about her involvement with Gillespie. Harley cant understand whats happening and Daisy begins begging for a break but the Judge will not relent. She finally breaks down and tells the truth: She loved Gillespie. Gus starts to hide his face in his hands. Under further pressure, Daisy begins rambling and lets out details of the night of Tammys hit and run. Donovan tries to make her look like a drug addict and suggests that she was actually driving the car that killed her cousin. Daisy tries to protest until Gus finally stands up and says that he can vouch for her not being the driver because he was the one that found her in the car. As he tells the story of finding Daisy, Harley is crushed.

The Judge finally calls a recess and Daisy runs out. Gus tries to hold Harley back, but she promises that what she has for him isnt any better. He takes her into the hall and explains that he was only trying to protect her daughter and their chances for adoption. Guess what? It didnt work, she says angrily. Daisy runs into her grandmother Reva down the hall and tells her that things arent going well. She begs her to help her fix things. Reva promises to help; Daisy is the only granddaughter she has left to look after now. The Judge calls them all back in and Jeffrey asks to have all of Daisys testimony stricken from the record. The Judge is non-committal about it, but what really matters concerning Daisy is that she proves that Harley is only a part-time mother and this has had negative consequences. Harley now assumes that theyve lost. Daisy tries to run out of the room, but her mother stops her.

At the mansion, Doris has already started taking stock of the property. Im not gone yet, Beth reminds her as she watches her taking notes. They exchange insults as Beth accuses Doris of being a vulture. Doris tells her that she can look down on her all that she wants, but she has no idea how hard shes worked to claw her way up to where she is. Beth still thinks that she can stop this, but Doris promises her that, if she tries, shell knock her flat and make sure that her and her bratty daughter end up with nothing. Right now, she wants Beth, Lizzie and Lillian to move out. Beth wont let that happen. Shes a survivor and has seen countless women come and go through this house while she has always remained and will still be there long after Doris is gone. Its the one constant in her life and shell be damned if Doris pushes her out of it.

On the patio, Cassie creeps up on Alan. They maintain a distance. She cant believe that no one could stop him from just walking away. He tells her that she shouldnt be there. Cassie tells him that she sometimes hears Tammys voice and comes here to watch him and wait. He ask her again to go, otherwise, she may end up in jail. To her, it seems like Alan has already forgotten that he killed her daughter. She wont let this go away because, as long as shes alive, the pain will still be there. Doris and Beth come out and Doris instantly starts threatening to have Cassie arrested. Beth stops her, saying that Cassie is obviously suffering and offers to drive her home. Cassie stares into Alans eyes and vows that he will see her again and again and again.

Later, Ashlee is wandering around the house when Alan finds her. She has to tell him who she is and then starts asking him how much things cost. Hell be her first real dad, she excitedly tells him. Im honored, Alan mutters as he looks through his newspaper. She almost breaks his Ming vase and then her mother arrives with fabric swatches for her to decorate her new room. Doris tells Alan to get his coat theyre going out. After they leave, Lizzie find Beth downing some scotch and asks her if Ashlee is really moving in with scary Doris. Beth nods. The worst of it is that Ashlee is moving into Sarahs room. Doesnt Alan-Michael actually own the house? Lizzie asks. Its complicated. Lizzie then tells her mother that this house is all that they have now and they have to fight for it; thats who they are. These words make Beth proud and they hug.

Doris and Alan arrive at police headquarters to give a press conference. Doris says that Gillespie acted alone and was so intoxicated on the night of Tammys death that he didnt even know that he hit her. Her office has found absolutely no connection between Mr. Spaulding and Mr. Gillespie. Alan is cleared of any charges. He then steps up to announce that he will be setting up a scholarship in Tammys name at the local college. After the conference ends, Doris tells him that that was a nice touch and then drags him to see the caterers. Everyone in town has been watching this press conference and are completely appalled.

Cassie goes to see Josh in his office. She is completely disoriented and starts asking about Reva and talking about running errands. He takes her coat and finds a picture of Alan and Doris in the pocket. He asks her if she went to see Alan again and asks her what she needs. She doesnt know; she just needed to see his eyes and when she did, she could see that he is not suffering the way that she is. Standing there and staring into his eyes, she could see that there is nothing there. Josh rips up the picture and promises her that Frank will get Alan and, if he doesnt, then he will. Right now, she needs to grieve and start looking forward to the future. She watches the press conferences and then runs out to the balcony for some air after she sees that Alan has been cleared. She hears Tammys voice and tells her that she cant forgive him. However, when she turns around, we see that Tammys ghost is covered in blood. She tells her mother not to forgive him, she has to go after him and stop him before he can hurt anyone else.

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Doris threatens to have Lizzie and Alan prosecuted if Alan back out.
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