Josh walks into the police station and finds Cassie sitting at Marinas desk. She is silent and stares blankly. Marina takes Josh aside and tells him that she found her parked outside the Spaulding estate and this wasnt the first time. They are going to have to stop her stalking Alan. Josh cant follow this and insist that shes only grieving and they have to let her grieve. The ghost of Tammy comes to Cassie and they start to talk. Tammy tells her mother that she needs to let her go. Josh sees her talking to thin air and kneels down by her with concern. Cassie snaps out of it and begins to demand to know why they havent taken Alan in when everyone in town knows that he is guilty. Josh promises Marina that he will keep Cassie away from Alan and tries to take her home. He cant hide her from the newspaper though and she sees that Alan is now engaged to DA Doris. He wont get away with it, Josh promises her. Isnt that what Alan does? she asks already knowing the answer. But really, she says, shes no better than him; she wants to see him dead.

Josh wants to help, but he doesnt know how, so he takes her to see Felicia. Cassie is reluctant, but agrees when she starts to see Tammy standing beside Felicia. Josh leaves them alone and Cassie starts to smile. She tells Felicia her dreams about going to Alans funeral with Tammy and how happy that makes her feel. Sometimes she parks outside of his house and watches him though the windows, fantasizing about how shed like to hurt him. Felicia tells her that this could be healthy, as long as it remains a fantasy. She is not like Alan, she would not actually do these things. Cassie goes on to say that she sees Tammy everywhere and feels like she is blaming her for abandoning her, chasing men, being a stripper and raising her in a fantasy life on San Cristobel which left her detached from the real world. Felicia tells her that she could not have saved her daughter and should not blame herself. Tammy gave her life for another person; she did that because she was raised right. Now it is time to let her go.

Josh meets with Billy at the bar. They are going over some plans but Josh cant concentrate. Hes not sure that he can help Cassie the way that she needs, so he has sent her to someone who can. He just wants Cassie to get better; shes been stalking Alan. Billy tells him that he will have to show her that there is more to life than anger.

Cassie goes to the hospital with a box of Tammys clothes for the clothes drive. The nurse who receives them is surprised, they never get anything this nice. Cassie has second thoughts and finds it hard to let the clothes go for a moment, but then gives in. As the nurse walks away with the box, Josh appears and tell her that that was one of the bravest things hes ever seen. She hugs him and asks him to call Felicia and tell her that she is okay; she left in a hurry. When he goes outside to make the call, Cassie opens up the newspaper and freezes as she stares down at Alans picture.

On Main Street, Coop, sporting a new haircut, is rehearsing his testimony for Gus and Harleys adoption hearing. Ava tells him that he sounds rehearsed. He quickly changes the subject and asks her if shes sorry about the other night. Shes not sorry, but it was just one night. He wants it to be more than one, but he already suspects that someone else is getting in the way of that.

In his room, Alan-Michael is on the phone doing damage control over Alans tabloid lifestyle. Jeffrey walks in through the open door. If youre here to rub salt in my familys wounds, take a number, Alan-Michael says. Jeffrey is there to talk about Gus. We never see him, Alan-Micahel says before moving on to what Jeffrey is realy there about: Ava. Jeffrey asks him to release Ava from her contract; hes already violated it anyway by keeping her in Paris under false pretences. Alan-Mchael didnt force her to do anything. Jeffrey tells him that he wont let him damage Ava the way that Tammy was. This is a little over the top and Alan-Micahel points out that he has never lied to Ava bout anything...unlike Jeffrey who uses his lawyers act in a desperate attempt to get close to his daughter. If you ask me, youre worse for Ava than Ill ever be, he says showing him the door.

On Main Street, Ava tells Alan-Michael that he needs to hold a press conference to try and get rid of the bad publicity. He just wants to spin things away before the board revolts, but its too late a journalist Ava called arrives ready for an interview. He doesnt know what to say. Ava whispers to him that she likes to see him twist in the wind. The reporter asks him about his ten million dollar donation to the Find Your Light foundation. Hes baffled, so Ava explains that Spaulding is a very modern company and they know that a corporation isnt just about making money, it has to give something back to the community. She goes on to say that Alan-Michael does more than just sign checks and puts a construction helmet on his head before bringing everyone to a construction site. Youre good, he tells her. Does that mean Im not fired? she asks as they make their way over. He finishes building a slide while answering questions. The reporters walk away happy. Ava tells him that she loves working for him but they have to keep it professional or they cant continue. She also tells him that she spent the other night with Coop, news that almost makes him shed his cool for a moment.

Harley is anxiously trying to pick out what to wear to court. She imagines that Daisy is upstairs rehearsing her testimony when she is really outside. Gus finds her with a bag full of pills. She tells him that she needs them to relax for the hearing. He takes them away. Harley comes out with baby spit up all over her blouse and Buzz follows to punch them altogether for family picture.

At court, Jeffrey tells them all to just try and be positive. The judge arrives and begins by reminding them that this is not a trial; it is just a hearing of arguments to decide who is best suited to look after Sydney. Jeffrey tells the judge that Sydney wont just be getting a mother and father, shell be getting an extended family. The family members each give their testimony about how they live big and love big and how close they have already come to Sydney. The judge finally calls up Daisy and she is very nervous. Harley butts in to explain that she gave Daisy up. Just like Sydneys parents walked out on her? the Judge says. This makes Buzz upset and he begins shouting until the Judge has him removed. Harley defends herself by stating that she made a very grown up decision in giving Daisy up when she did. Daisy adds that her mother has always been there for her when she has had the chance. She goes to sit when the other lawyer, Donovan, starts asking her questions. He takes out Gillespies picture and she admits that she recognizes him from the papers. He then shows a picture of Daisy with Gillespie and produces sworn statements from Daisys friends that she was Gillespies girlfriend. Harley is horrified.

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