Alan-Michael sits alone at the bar and begins to narrate the passing moments of the day. A picture of Jonathan and Tammy is propped over the bar. He glances up at it and takes a drink; hes preparing himself for the memorial service that Alan has planned. The family is at a crossroads; Lizzies a wreck and Beth blames herself for making her so. She wanted to give her daughter everything that she wanted, but she has been left with nothing but her dog. Now, Beth just wants to get them out. She goes to Cedars to visit Rick and tell him that this will be goodbye. He says that she should have left a long time ago and offers her his help.

At home, Alan sits on the patio while a set of crates are delivered. Doris calls, but he refuses to take it; what hes doing now is more important. Nervous, he watches the men open the crates and begs them not to make any accidents. He seems to miss Sarah even more than Lizzie, Alan-Michael says, adding that freedom means nothing if you end up alone. Alan-Michael follows his father out to the patio and helps him adjust the sculptures that have been taken out fo their crates. He wonders how long Alan will remain out of jail. His father tells him that the man who ran Tammy down was arrested and extradited; its not coming back to him. Is this why Doris has been around so much? Alan-Michael wonders. What does she expect in return for believing ion his innocence? Shes not like them, Alan explains; shes an employee and she wants gratitude. It will be easy to please her because she has no idea what to expect. His son suspects that his problems wont be solved this easily.

Lillian is talking to Roxie when Beth returns home. She takes the dog to find Lizzie after Alan walks into the room. He tells Beth that she looks beautiful and how much he wants to make a fresh start with her. Im already gone Alan, she says, and he cant change whats happened between them. He takes her out to the patio and shows her the sculptures. There is one for Sarah and one of the baby that they lost: Beloved. He will never forget what they went though with that loss, no matter what else happens between them. Last night, he had a dream that told him exactly where to place these sculptures and then woke with a feeling of peace. Its a beautiful way to remember the children, Beth admits as Alan caresses her face. Alan-Michael appears in the doorway and Beth changes the subject.

Lillian and Lizzie arrive soon after, surprised by the new additions. Lizzie walks to Sarahs and touches her name craved in bronze. I like having them here...they can stay close, she says before rejoining her grandmother. Alan tells them all that he needs them now more than ever and hopes that they feel the same way about him. Lillian then tells the story of Sarahs birth on a snowy Thanksgiving. She loved the baby when she saw it and the baby loved her back; nothing will ever take that away. I will never stop loving you and I will never be the same, Lizzie tearfully says. Alan tells her that hes sorry for everything that has led them here. He sees emptiness in her and wants to fill her with joy. He wants to protect her; hes done so many things wrong and wants to finally do something right. Lizzie begins to cry and embraces he grandfather. Beth joins her a moment later. Alan-Michael admits that his dad can be an amazing guy: You hate him for all of the ego, but, when he lets his vulnerability be exposed, hes hard to resist.

Inside, Beth and Lizzie still have doubts if theyre going to leave, but decide its for the best. Lizzie goes to ready herself while Alan begs Beth to wait. Before he can say anymore, Doris calls and begins threatening him; shes the one who got him out, he cant fob her off like this. He aks Beth to stay awhile and promises to get rid of Doris. She goes out to the patio to wait, he tells Doris that he already has some ideas about how to advance he career. Doris has ideas of her own and commands him to meet her in half an hour. Alan goes out to the patio just as Beth is about to leave. He apologizes for all the things that hes done to her, but she isnt sure that he knows what that even means. Hes sorry for using her and ignoring her in the name of family, she cuts in. When they lost their child, they also lost themselves, he sadly states. It was this that made him go after Sarah the way that he did. All this time, hes failed to realize that he always had exactly what he needed: Her. This is not enough to put down Beths worries, yet Alan wont stop them from going; he loves them too much not to give them what they want. With this, Beth starts crying and they embrace.

Alan-Michael watches his father almost skip out of the mansion to meet Doris while Beth calls Rick to tell him she wont go. On Main Street, Alan and Doris meet. He tells her that its a beautiful day; his life is pretty good and he may have just saved his marriage. This isnt good news to Doris ears though. You gave me my future, he tells her. She feels the same way and whispers her idea into his ear. Hes shocked and asks her if there is some other way to work this out. Maybe, but this is my favorite, she smiles. The Spauldings arrive a few moments later and see Alan get down on one knee to propose. Hardly able to believe what they are witnessing, they let out some awkward laughs. Doris says yes to the proposal and Lillian asks Beth if she should call Ravenwood. Beth points out to Alan that theyre still married and this doesnt make sense. Alan tries to explian how he and Doris fell in love while she smiles widely. Beth grabs her husband away, realizing that hes cut some bizarre deal. Thats ridiculous, he says. But she knows that he was being the real him before, when he was with her and speaking from his heart, now he is just... He tells her that he told her all those things before so that she wouldnt leave him he would leave her, something hes been planning since he found out about her affair with Rick. While Doris excitedly runs off to get champagne, Lizzie asks him how he can act this way. He tells them that they are a bunch of self-centered drama queens and theyve been making his life a living hell. Now, he wants them all out. Doris return swith a champagne bottle and Beth grabs it out of her hands. She vows not to be pushed outside by a social climbing shark in a bad suit before shaking the champagne and spraying it all over them.

Left alone with Doris, Alan admits that he feels horrible for what he did to Beth. Doris thinks he was brilliant and would have put any lawyer to shame with his performance. She admires his ability to adjust on the fly and Beth has been bad to him anyway. No, Alan refuses. He would have given Doris anything that she wanted, why did it have to be this? This is what I wanted, she confesses. Ever since she first saw him, she wanted to be right by his side. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Beth goes back to Rick, but he wont help her this time; she already made her choice. She goes to the bar where Alan-Micahel sits. They raise a glass to one another. Shes not rolling over this time, he thinks to himself. That makes her even sexier. If nothing else, this could get interesting.

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