Lizzie walks into police headquarters holding the little boot of Sarahs that she found. She cant understand how this could have been left behind at the bar unless Jonathan is still alive. Buzz runs into her while she waits. She begins to ramble about how much she needs to talk to Frank, but, suddenly, excuses herself and leaves. Once outside, she tries calling Jonathans phone and discovers that it has been turned off.

Mallet returns to his room. A soaking wet Dinah hears him come in and begs Remy to be quiet as he tumbles out of the shower. Mallet starts calling in and telling her to wait in the shower for him. She tries to convince Remy to climb out the window, but he wont so she runs out to make a distraction. Jumping Mallet on the bed, she tries to keep him busy while Remy walks out to the middle of the room, half-naked, and starts to dress. Using his superb detectives sensibility, Mallet realizes that something is going on. Dinah tries to tell him that they were just doing the laundry in the shower. Remy, still drunk, walks out of the room. Mallet is not impressed. She fesses up to what really happened and begs Mallet not to hold it against him. He tells her that she should stay away from Remy; he is young and impressionable and needs a stable influence on his life or hell end up where she did. Putting on her coat, she walks out.

Cassie goes to visit Reva at Outskirts. She cant believe that theyve both lost their kids. They embrace, but Reva is distant. Cassie tells her that she wants to plan a memorial service for Sarah and Jonathan. Reva refuses outright and Cassie starts to worry that she is in denial, but its not that. Cassie wants to plan the memorial, not for Jonathan, although shell always be grateful for how happy he made her daughter, but for her sister so that she can help her like youve helped me. They embrace again and Cassie says that she wants to be strong like her sister and help her through this. At least Tammy and Jonathan are together now, she says. Revas decided that she will keep the bar running as a memorial to Jonathan. Her sister cant believe how strong she is... she also knows about Revas deal with Alan and her kiss with Josh. Shes not angry though; she understands that Reva needs Josh because she needs him too. Even more than that though, she needs her sister the only person who could possibly know how she feels right now. Reva avoids her sisters searching eyes and tries to keep her at a distance.

Suddenly, Lizzie runs in proclaiming that Jonathan and Sarah are still alive. She shows Reva the bootie as Cassie tries to make her leave and tells her that she is imagining all of this. Reva starts panicking as Lizzie continues to ask how this bootie could have been there and who would have gone to the trouble to shut off Jonathans phone service as soon as he was dead. Faking his death is the sort of thing that Jonathan would do. Cassies heard enough and tries to drag her out, shouting my daughter is dead because of you! Reva stops them and tells her sister that shell deal with Lizzie alone. After Cassie leaves, Lizzie is sure that Reva knows that shes right; she never had the feeling that her baby was actually gone. Reva asks her who else she told this to. No one, Beth would have her put away. Reva says that shes not crazy, but she shut off Jonathans phone and she bought multiple sets of the booties because she knew Jonathan would lose them. Lizzie starts to cry. How can I not feel like theyre gone? What kind of mother am I?

Marina is clearing Tammys things out of her room. She discovers her diary and reads the entry she made on the day of her wedding. Buzz arrives as she begins crying. She hasnt been a cop long enough, she says. She just cant get used to losing people. Wanting to finish this alone, she sends her grandfather away. Moments alter, Remy arrives, still soaking wet. They clear up some more until Marina finds a napkin hidden in a drawer. With it, they travel down to Main Street and remember going to the movies with Tammy. After the show, they took a napkin and wrote down where they wanted to be in ten years. Tammy wanted to be a teacher and live with Jonathan. Remy wanted to be chief of police. Now, none of that will happen. Marina returns to finish packing up with Mallets help. Cassie arrives and picks up one of Tammys things. She holds tight to it for awhile and tells them how much of a comfort it is to know that Alan is locked up. Mallet breaks the news to her that Alan was released and she begins to shake. Confused, she tries to thank them for their help and mumbles hes out and my daughters in the ground and runs off.

Dinah tracks Remy down for coffee. She tells him that he needs to stay awake because, if he doesnt, hell wake up and all the good stuff in life will be gone. No matter how he feels, he cant change anything for Tammy now. She is gone and hes already lost his job. Thinking that shes calmed him down, she returns to Mallets room and leaps into his arms. She tells him that shes talked Remy out of revenge and apologizes for being jealous of him and Marina. She doesnt want to lose her over all that silly stuff. He tosses her on the bed. Meanwhile, Remy returns to the station to finish packing up his things. The other cops tell him that the chief might go easy on him. They also let it slip out that Alan was released. Remy flies into a rage and begins throwing things.

Marina has hot chocolate with Buzz. She asks him how he could have gone on after Jenna and Nadine. He says that he had no choice; you have to live with pain, otherwise you are only existing. Marina wishes she could be like that, but losing Tammy has shaken everything that she believes in.

Cassie arrives at the Spaulding mansion and walks around on the terrace, wondering what Alan is doing inside and how he can go on living like nothing happened. Tammys ghost appears and ask her what shes doing. Cassie is angry that Alan took her away just as she was getting good in her life. Tammy tells her that she needs to let it go and return home to Josh and RJ. Shes afraid that is she lets it go, she will be letting her go as well.

Inside, Lillian helps Lizzie finish packing up Sarahs things. Shes ready for the memorial service now; she wants to say goodbye. Across town, Reva puts a picture of Jonathan and Tammy behind the bar. Her phone rings. She knows its Jonathan, although he doesnt speak. She just listens to the silence and tells him that he can never call again. Hanging up the phone, she says goodbye my son and begins to cry.

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The Spaulding family hold a memorial service and Beth tries to find a new path.