In the police interrogation room, Alan insists to Doris that he is innocent. She knows better however; she just had a talk with Mr. Gillespie and he made a full confession. She knows everything and has enough to put him away for life. But things may not be a hopeless as they seem.... Alan doesnt understand, so she asks him to follow her out. On the way, she tells Mallet that shell be taking Alan for interrogation and they leave. She takes him to her hotel room. Dinah spots them in the hallway and eavesdrops at the door after they go in. In the room, Doris has opera and wine waiting for Alan. He begins to feel like this is his version of the last supper. As they drink pinot noir, he continues to wonder why hes there. She tells him that he seems tense and begins massaging his shoulders. As he relaxes, she tells him that she knows that hes claustrophobic and could have left him in a little cell, but she has other ways of breaking him. She wanted to remind him of what he stands to lose if Gillespie talks. He wants to talk deal and tells her that she is very talented with an exciting future ahead of her. Then Dinah knocks on the door. As Doris opens it, she strides in saying Im no lawyer, but I smell conflict of interest. She didnt know that the hotel also doubles as a holding cell. Wishing she had her camera crew with her, she takes a snapshot of the scene with her phone just in case. Alan congratulates her on actually finding a story: Hes innocent. When Dinah starts getting phlegmatic, Doris reminds her that shes in no position to be righteous; shed be in prison herself if her daddy hadnt been mayor. Dinah stomps out and Alan asks about the deal agin. All in due time Alan, Doris says.

Lizzie still cant believe that she was just a mother and wife; now she has nothing. Looking at her dog she says, I can count on you no matter what and puts her down. The dog runs away. She tries to stop herself from crying by telling herself that she is strong, she is a Spaulding and a force to be reckoned with. No, Beth breaks in. Being a Spaulding has been the source of all of their grief and brought nothing but trouble. Now, she has to save her. They argue through the afternoon, but Lizzie wont listen to a mother who has betrayed her. Beth knows that Lizzie just wanted a better life and she can still have it. I tried the good girl act...Good girls finish last. Even you know that. Thats why you married grand dad isnt it? Lizzie states coldly as her mother becomes more manic. She thinks that they have to get away from the Spaulding curse; thats the only way that Lizzie can have the life she deserves, a life she will never be able to have here. But Lizzie will not go anywhere: She is going to make the life she wants here, even if its impossible. Beth then starts telling her daughter the story of when they went to play bingo at a reservation with Phillip. Lizzie lost all night until the end when her father whispered something in her ear. What did he whisper? Believe and smile, Lizzie remembers and then she also remembers that he left them a few days later and things fell apart. She tells her mother that, if she wants to leave and start a new life, she can leave right now and she can believe whatever she wants to. However, she declares, she is a Spaulding and she is not going to let anyone walk over her ever again. She walks out and leaves her mother to cry alone.

Remy arrives at the station and Mallet wonders why hes there; he shouldnt be. He asks if theyve gotten Alan yet, but Mallet informs him that hes been put on indefinite suspension and has to hand in his badge and gun. Mallet calls Mel to come down and get her brother. Hes not happy to see her and asks if shes come as his sister or his lawyer. Frustrated, he cant deal with any of this and drops his badge and gun on the desk before walking out. Mel follows him to Outskirts where he starts getting drunk. She tries to offer him sympathy but he refuses it. He feels like hes always been a failure. She wont sit there and watch him wallow in self-pity so she takes his car keys and leaves. Once shes gone, Lizzie walks in and asks the bar keep where Billy is. She wants to buy the bar and have it bulldozed. Remy stalks over to her, telling her that he has a clean up plan of his own: He wants to rid the town of all of the Spauldings. He continues harassing her, grabbing her by the arms as she starts to struggle. Dinah arrives and pulls him off of her as he yells in her face. As Dinah takes him away, Remy tells Lizzie that she cant walk away from this. I know, Ill be paying for this for the rest fo my life, Lizzie tells herself. Looking around the bar, she finds one of the booties that Sarah was wearing the day she died. This raises her suspicions.

Doris takes Alan back to headquarters where Mallet eagerly awaits news. She tells him that Alan is being set free; they dont have enough to hold him or Gillespie. He walks out and she follows close behind.

Dinah drags Remy to her room where he begins drinking her mini-bar until she stops him. He tries to leave but she explains that they are on the same team and have to work together. She starts pushing him into the shower to sober him up. As he pulls her in, Mallet begins walking down the hall to the room.

In the hospital, Daisy is frantically trying to dress Gillespie so that he can make a run for it. Hes not worried though and tries to explain that hes cut a deal with the D.A.. As they bicker, Harley walks in and demands to know whats going on. Thinking fast, Daisy claims that she just came in to tell him what she thought of him for killing her cousin. She tells Gillespie that the cop that beat him should have been given a medal and he begins to smile until she punches him in the face. Harley holds her daughter back while Gillespie continues to goad them flirtatiously. He taunts them until Harley brings Daisy out of the room and calls Frank. Daisy starts to wonder if her presence is only making things more difficult, but Harley tells her that she really needs a mother. The guard comes out to say that Gillespie wants to talk to Harley alone. Panicked, Daisy fakes a faint and Harley starts to worry if she should get a blood test. Daisy just asks her to take her for a walk and they go outside. In the few moments theyre gone, Doris walks into Gillespies room, tells him theres been a change of plans and shes having him extradited back to Australia on an outstanding warrant. He begins to shout as hes dragged out of the room. Harley and Daisy return moments later to find Gillespie gone. The guard explains what happened and Harley can barely believe it. Daisy is relieved.

Meanwhile, Sydneys fathers lawyer, Donovan, is hiding in the corridor spying on them. He calls to have a background check done on Daisy. Theres a lot of money on getting that baby away from the Aitoros, he says.

Hello darling, Alan calls out to Beth as she drops her drink to shatter on the floor. She cant believe that hes already out and home again. He almost finds it hard to believe himself. Frank and his drones had him worried this time, but, as he sat in his cell thinking of everything that hes lost, hope returned to him and he realized how much he wanted to come out and lead the family. Beth tells him that hell have to do that without her; she and Lizzie are leaving. She believes that her daughter is at a turning point and she has a chance to help her turn her life around as long as she can get her away from all of this. He tells her that he only wants whats best for Lizzie. Shes unfazed, so he adds that hell be having a memorial service for Sarah. Well leave the next day, Beth announces as she walks out. Doris calls him and says that Gillespie has gone back to Australia. Hes happy to hear it and begins puffing on his cigar.

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