Harley and Gus explain to Daisy that the adoption hearing couldnt be delayed. Theyre going to need her to testify for them so that they can keep baby Sydney. Daisy is reluctant to get involved and begs Marley to get her out of it. Harley says that shell ask Jeffrey. The phone rings and Daisys left with Gus. He tells her that he paid a visit to Gillespie and she has to do what he says now. Desperate for a cigarette, she walks to the door as they bicker. Harley interrupts just as Daisy walks out the door. She thinks that Gus is acting suspicious, but he tries to make it into nothing. Shes so happy that Daisy is home. Maybe she will stay this time. Maybe she could get Rick out of the guest room, Gus jokes.

Daisy goes to Main Street when some teenagers roll by on their skateboards. One of them tries to flirt with her and she spots some pills in his bag. She offers to hold the bag while he skates and she pockets the drugs. She pops some pills and goes home stoned. Cranking up the music, she starts dancing around the kitchen when her mother returns. She asks whats going on and Daisy begins rambling while trying to avoid her mothers glance into her eyes. Daisy says that shes just been crying and had to freak out a little over everything thats happened. Harley understands and wants to get back to work so that she can get out of herself for awhile. Daisy encourages her and practically pushes her mother out the door. Grabbing her bag, she rushes off.

At Cedars, Doris arrives to see Gillespie. He asks her if shes there to give him his sponge bath. She doesnt feel like joking. Hes in a lot of trouble unless he does exactly what she says. Within half an hour, hes signed a confession. Doris gets Alan and Gillespie will be a free man. After Doris leaves, Daisy arrives and begins begging him to get out of town. Hes not in a hurry now though; he just did a deal. She doesnt care. She just doesnt want Harley to find out about them and spoil her adoption hearing. At that moment, Harley begins walking down the hallway to the room.

Billy goes to visit Josh. Theyre both quiet. Josh wonders how well Reva is holding up after Jonathan and Sarahs death. Billy says that shes pretty strong. Josh wishes the same was true about Cassie, but something is going wrong; shes been going out, he doesnt know where, and she hasnt been sleeping. The doctor gave her some pills, but she refuses to take them. Hes afraid that shell fall apart and he wont be able to stop it. Hes worried that he cant be solid for her. Billy tells him that when Reva was sick, he never felt strong enough, but he found a way to be there for her. You can be scared and still be strong; if she believes that he can protect her, he will. But he couldnt. Something already hurt her and RJ and he couldnt protect them. Billy puts his arm around his brother and takes him to the church. He tells him that what he said at the funeral made everyone feel better, but sometimes you have to admit that the hurt is too much and give up to a higher power to guide you home. They sit together as Josh sobs.

At the station, Alan is angry that Frank kept him waiting all night. Frank takes him into the interrogation room and leaves him there to stew some more. When Alan turns around, he finds Cassie standing before him. Sleep deprived and agitated, she begins telling him about going into a panic in the middle of the night when she believed shed forgotten Tammys birthday. As she searched to figure it out, she finally collapsed only to be woken in the morning by RJ. Alan tells her that she shouldnt be there and repeats that this is all Jonathans fault. Shes tired of hearing this; she needs him to understand what he took from her. He tells her that if she cared so much, she should have been more protective. She slaps him. She can pound on him all day, he says and she gets ready to slap him agin before he grabs her hand. This wont change anything. She just wants him to confess what he did to her. He wont. She knows, for absolute certainty, that he is going to Hell and will regret everything that hes done. Alan breaks for a moment, exclaiming that he wishes he could go back and change everything. At that moment, Frank is standing in the doorway listening. To him, that sounded almost like a confession, but Alan denies it. It doesnt matter though, soon Gillespie will confess and it will be more than enough. Cassie starts to go and Alan begins to taunt her. Maybe when she returns to the arms of the self-righteous Josh, she can ask him about the deal that Reva made with him to break them up.

Alan is left alone for awhile until Gus arrives. Seeing his son come in to interrogate him isnt comforting. He wonders if Gus is out for revenge. If so, he must have a conflict of interest. Im a police officer trying to arrest a killer. There is no conflict, Gus states sitting down. He goes over the evidence. Soon theyll have Alans phone records and Gillespies confession as well. If Gillespie implicates him, then hes lying, Alan argues. Besides, none of this proof amounts to much. Gus tells him that he misses his father; someone who had feelings, someone who Sarah could have been proud of if she had grown up. Why cant he be a good father for all of his children and stop being a miserable, lonely old man? Alan tells him he should look for other suspects. Lots of people had a problem with Jonathan. He could go and see Lizzie or Beth. Oh, classy, his son says, wondering how Alan could sell out his own family out so easily. He calls in the guard ad puts his father under arrest.

Gus returns home to Sydney. He promises her that he will look after her. Soon he wont just be her guardian, he will be her father. Meanwhile, Doris pays a visit to Alan. She has all the evidence she needs to put him away for life. Alans drowning, but she tells him that things may not be as hopeless as they appear. He glares at her, baffled.

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