Jonathans car speeds over the cliff and falls to explode on impact. Reva runs up behind and begins to scream as she stares down. Alan comes from behind and is filled with shock. If my sons dead, youre next, she threatens him as they arrive at the police station. Lillian and Lizzie are already there waiting for them. As they anxiously await news, Alan tells them that theres been an accident. Another accident? Lizzie asks her grandfather. Reva slowly recounts what happened while Alan freezes up and stands apart. I pray that they were able to get out in time They? Lillian asks, cutting Reva off. Realizing that Sarah was in the car, Lizzie begins demanding to be taken to the crash site, but Frank arrives. He goes directly to Reva and tells her that he is sorry. Dread fills the room before Alan starts to ask Frank if his people have checked everywhere. They have; there is no trace of any survivor. Alan is crushed. Frank kneels down to Reva and asks her if theres anything he can do to help. There isnt. She runs at Alan, yelling that hes the one who belongs at the bottom of a quarry. Alan continues to insist that this is not his fault. You wanted him dead, but you didnt count on the body count! Reva cries. Now, she has two more funerals to plan. Frank tells Alan that they need to have a talk. Alan says that his family has been through enough today and hes taking them home. But Lizzie wont talk to him and refuses to let him try to comfort her. She walks out and Lillian follows after shooting Alan a look of disgust.

Reva goes to Outskirts and finds Jonathans t-shirt. She holds it up and smells it before spreading it out on the bar. After pouring herself a drink, she cant bring herself to drink it. Clutching at the shirt, she breaks down again. The broke the mould when they made you kid... He suffered more as a kid than most do in a lifetime, but there was a kindness there still. Beneath everything he was smart and passionate... Then she hears his voice from the doorway. She looks around to see him standing there with Sarh. Look, grandma Revas mouth is hanging open, he jokes. She cant believe it. Hes glad to hear that, because if he can fool her, his plan might work. This is the only way out and its the best possible thing that he can do for Sarah. He is only there to say goodbye...for good. Then you might as well be dead, she says. She doesnt want them to go and thinks that she can hide them. That would never work though. Hes sorry that she wont get the chance to watch Sarah grow up, but he has to go. It might not be forever, and hell do his best to tell her all about her crazy grandma. They dont know how to say goodbye. She gives Sarah her mothers cameo, the same one that brought her and Cassie together. Maybe it will one day lead them back to her. He tells her that Sarah will keep him clean. She better, or Ill track you down. He goes to the door and says that hell never forget what she gave him.

Frank goes to see the rest of the Cooper family gathered at Harleys after the funeral. He breaks the news to them. Buzz asks if Alan is in custody. He isnt. Buzz gets so upset that he walks out. Frank asks Marina to come and stay with him for a few days and take some time off work. She declines the offer. Tammy wouldnt want her pulling out of the world. Later, Dinah remembers her time with Jonathan and tells Marina that shes sorry for her loss. Outside, Frank asks Mallet to look after Marina right now; shes hurting and feels like she has something to prove. When Mallet goes back in to take Dinah to lunch, they invite Marina. She says no; she wants to check on Remy or do some work. They dont want her to be alone and insist that she comes along with them.

Lillian finds Lizzie sitting in church. Lizzie says that she wont go with her. Leaning forward, she says that she wont pray and begins to cry. Lillian sits by her granddaughter, who then curls up on her lap. She tells her that they can stay like that forever. Lizzie gets up. She doesnt feel that she deserves to be comforted: This is all her fault. Lillian doesnt understand, so her granddaughter explains everything thats happened. But it doesnt matter now. Nothing will bring Sarah back. She just wants someone to tell her how to say goodbye and explain to her why she is still alive when they are all gone. Is this my punishment? Having to live with myself?

Alan sits at his table and takes out his last photo of Sarah. He begins making calls. He wants to have Outskirts destroyed and then he wants to do everything he can to punish Reva. Hasnt there been enough punishment, or is there never enough for you? Buzz bellows from the doorway. Alan imagines that Buzz is getting some sort of self-righteous pleasure out of this. Buzz doesnt care who is guilty in all of this; he just wants an end to all the hurt. Alan doesnt believe that he can understand the pain of watching his future die. But Buzz does understand; he watched Nadine and Jenna die and it made him want to destroy everything. Alan has to admit that hes sad and broken. Buzz finds the book Alan was making for his child with Beth. Alan wanted to be a good father at least once. He snatches the book away and hides it, asking Buzz never to tell anyone about it. Buzz tells him that monsters dont make books like that and turns to go. Alan asks him if he still believes in forgiveness. Yeah...even for you, he says as he leaves. Lizzie walks in and they stare at each other before he moves to her. He tells her that its okay to show her sadness and she begins crying into his chest. Frank arrives and tells Alan its time to go down to the station. He promises her that he never meant to harm Sarah and they arent to blame for what happened to Tammy. Frank takes him away.

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