Gus drags Harley to Towers while she demands to know why they are running from the police. He knocks on the door and the nurse opens it as he ushers Harley in. She can't believe what she sees: Baby Sydney sitting on the bed staring at her. They send the nurse off and Harley tells him that they will have to take the baby back and make an excuse; like that a hammer fell on his head. He asks her to take a look at the baby's face before she decides what to do. 'She could be ours,' he tells her and she finds it difficult to stay hardline about it. She half-heartedly berates him, but he keeps asking if they can keep her. 'She's not a puppy,' Harley reminds him before trying to call Frank. Gus is worried about this choice, but she explains that he has already gotten into enough trouble this year. He takes the phone and tells her that they wanted a child so'Not this way Gus.' Looking intently into her eyes he confesses that 'this is the only way for us.' He sits her on the bed and is about to confess his entire secret when there is a knock at the door: It's hotel security. He goes out the back way and she soon follows. He begins trying to explain himself with a series of convoluted analogies but eventually she deciphers them and realizes that he is sterile. She tells him that it doesn't matter; they can always adopt. When he first saw her with baby Sydney, he explains, it was like a sign from heaven. Everything seemed to set her into their lives. Harley tries to resist his arguments, but it is futile. If he wants to keep the baby however, he's going to have to come up with something big.

Gus and Harley appear as the first guests on Dinah's show. They explain how they first found the child abandoned by her parents who are now serving time in prison. Her grandmother, who she was living with, died and they couldn't bear to see her passed from one foster home to another. Frank and a slew of cops arrive, pushing past a vainly protesting Ashlee, and wait for the interview to cease. Harley tells her brother that she's only trying to do what's best for the baby and, as they begin to argue, Dinah turns the camera back on. Frank demands that she turn it off, but she refuses. He tells his sister to 'make a sound judgment for once.' Gus tries to explain himself and Frank tells him that 'we'd all like to be heroes, but we can't save everybody.' 'How about just a little girl?' Gus asks.

Gus is asking Zach and Jude what they want for Christmas. They want a kickboxing instructor. Gus says it will have to be something smaller. Harley arrives with the baby and explains to the boys that shell be staying with them for awhile. Frank calls Gus to say that there will be a hearing today and Gus owes him big time for getting him out of deeper trouble. Gus thanks him for coming through for them before Frank informs him that they are sending a social worker over to check out the living conditions.

Gus is asking Zach and Jude what they want for Christmas. They want a kickboxing instructor. They return home and rush around trying to clean things up. While Gus is hiding paint cans, Harley begins complaining about the fact that they have nothing but lawn furniture; they've been living in 'transition' for a long time. They don't even have a sink in the bathroom. Frank and Buzz arrive with a couch and set it up in the living room. Marina follows behind with a box of home decorations while Alan-Michael appears with baby furniture from he and Alexandra. Harley looks around and remarks that it is starting to look like a real home. Rick comes next, with flowers, but when Gus reads the card, he realizes that Rick has taken them off someone who died at the hospital. In the living room, Frank tells Gus that what he did 'was really stupid', but he seems to be doing well with the baby.

A knock at the door and the social worker arrives. Gus and Harley instruct everyone to act normal as they let her in. She surveys them as they stand together like they are posing for a family photo. She begins to look around before she trips over a power saw. Marina interrupts her inspection to say that the home is a family project and it's never too early to start learning carpentry. The social worker tells her that a construction site is no place to raise children. Rick tries to help out by telling her that he's a doctor and he'll keep a watchful eye on them. However, the social worker is friends with Mel and knows all about his 'situation'. Rick moves away from her. When examining a loose wire, she gets a shock and it blows a fuse knocking the lights out. Frank reappears, having fixed the fuse, and he recognizes the social worker. She realizes that Harley and Gus are his relatives and they begin chatting flirtatiously. Finally, she sits down and they eagerly ask her what she will recommend. She says that they are not a perfect family and this is not a perfect home but, who needs perfection-- they're a real family.

Gus and Harley arrive at the courthouse and eagerly await the hearing. They can't believe all the questions theyve been asked, but realize they've had less than ideal lives. 'We're mutts,' Gus says. But the baby is a mutt too and they can be a 'mutt family.' Mel returns from the judge to tell the jubilant couple that they've been granted guardianship, but reminds them that adoption is a very long process. Buzz appears with baby Sydney to take them home. When they arrive, everyone is waiting for them. Gus thanks them all for their help and says that 'if it takes a village, Sydney's come to the right one.' Later, Gus is hoping that he will be able to provide everything to the children. Harley tells him again that she loves him. Even if he can't They take the baby to the window and look up at the moon and tell her that she's not alone: Theyll always be there for her.

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