Update: September 21st, 2007

For the past week, GL viewers have been seeing ad’s for Jonathan’s Story running at the end of the show. In the last few days we’ve received a lot of emails from people wondering what was going on and where they could get their hands on the book. For those who haven’t read it… I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but it will explain the peculiar relationship that Alan and Reva have developed, seemingly out of the blue, over the last week. If you’re simply curious about all the hubbub, you can check out the book’s page on Amazon here for a few excerpts to get a flavor of what it has to offer. In an intriguing gesture, the book’s publisher’s are now including a blog written by one of the novel’s protagonists, Aubrey Cross, the woman who gets involved with notorious Mr Jonathan Randall. The blog is written as a series of personal entries and, in a more controversial move, letters to the deceased Tammy.

Currently the novel is ranked #63 out of All Books but it has reached the #1 spots in Romance, Mystery and Tie-in categories.

Enter to Win the Jonathan’s Story Sweepstakes (August 28th, 2007)

Are you excited about the release of Jonathan’s Story this September? If you are, or if you’d just like an historic GL collectible signed by the incomparable Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne), you may want to hurry over to Simon & Schuster to enter their new sweepstakes. Just follow this link to the proper page. Once you get there, make sure that you read the rules before entering your answers to three simple questions. That’s really all that it takes to put you in the draw with a chance to win this special 70th anniversary publication from Pocket Books.

Good luck!

Original Article (June 25th, 2007)

Remember the ’80’s and ’90’s, when books about Harley and Beth would pop on store shelves? Well, it’s been awhile, but GL has decided to go back to the publishing game this fall. Following on the well-received ATWT title Oakdale Confidential and its sequel, New York based publisher Pocket Books has decided to release the newest soap based novel in their line. It’s called Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story and was written by Julia London and Alina Adams. It promises to tell the story of what’s happened to Jonathan Randall since he faked his death and fled Springfield. Recent plot developments involving Lizzie and Reva have been set in motion to culminate in a strange plot twist this September which should pull Reva and Alan far closer than they’ve been in a long time.

Does this mean that Jonathan will actually be returning to the screen this fall? Maybe. While Tom Pelphrey was insistent about not returning to the show when he left this spring, in recent months he’s become more open to making an appearance, likely a brief one, as part of a marketing tie in with the release of the book and to finalize some loose threads in the story.

This spring, London’s publisher asked her to write a tie in novel with Guiding Light, a rather daunting task given the fact that she’d never even watched the show before. As she skipped through recordings of the show to get a feel for it, she was helped along by the fact that the Emmy award winning GL writing team provided the plot, chapter synopses, character outlines and points for the entire book. In only 45 days she managed to transform what was virtually a soap script into a full fledged novel. Normally, London is the author of historical romances but she was aided through this task by the book’s co-author, Alina Adams, who is best known for the two recent ATWT novels.

Pocket Books are a well known force in the publishing industry, putting out a steady stream of television based content, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer novelettes to WWE and Star Trek related novels. A division of Simon and Schuster, they also happen to be owned by GL ‘s network CBS.

The book’s official release date is September 18th.