Fans of Guiding Light have been enjoying a very special treat over the past weeks. In honor of the show’s 70th anniversary, CBS has created a special place on their website celebrating 70 of the show’s greatest moments. Each week, the site will feature an additional seven video clips from the program’s history. Visitors to the page will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite scenes, with a winner to be announced at the end. The majority of the scenes have been culled from the last 25 years and include: Harley learns Mallet is the new warden, Josh and Reva’s Cross Creek wedding, Nola’s “Wizard of Oz” fantasy, Alan-Michael parachutes into the Bauer BBQ, Edmund learns Dinah�s not pregnant, Reva drives off the bridge, Four Musketeers, Phillip and Beth learn of Lizzie’s leukemia, Phillip is alive!, Jonathan jumps in the fountain and many more.

If that isn’t enough of a nostalgia trip for you, as an extra feature, you can also view a timeline of GL‘s history and see the many milestones that the show has covered over the years. Additionally, the site features photos and video blogs of the cast’s volunteer work as part of the Find Your Light campaign.

For all of this, please visit this link.