Fans of Cailtlin Van Zandt (Ashlee Wolf) have cause to be jubilant. The effervescent young actress has just been signed to a new three year contract with the show. While the actress was initially only hired for a six episode stint, her role has since blossomed thanks to fan support. Writers already have new avenues planned for the character. She will have her own In the Light episode on March 14th and it’s been hinted that she may soon enter into a romance with Ava’s Peralta’s manic ex, Coop (John Driscoll).

In sadder news, sources say that the cool and debonair Michael Dempsey (Alan-Michael Spaulding) is set to be let go from the show. The experienced actor first took over the role in November of 2005. Final air dates are yet to be confirmed but it is expected to come in the spring. A ‘lack of character direction’ has been cited as the reason for his departure. Everyone at wishes him the best on his future endeavors. We shall keep you apprised of any further information as it becomes available.

In other casting news, ABC continues to pursue Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler) for a place on one of their own soaps. While this is nothing new, they are now prepared to offer her a substantial increase in salary. Nonetheless, Tognoni still maintains that she has a great deal invested in GL. Her contract is set for renegotiation in the summer.