Today, June 30, marks the 57th anniversary of Guiding Light‘s presence on TV. Back in 1952, it made the leap from being a radio series to becoming television’s first soap opera. Episodes only ran fifteen minutes then, but the organ music which would become synonymous with the genre was already present. Check out this sample clip from the show’s first year TV on CBS.

Although this anniversary is overcast with the sad fact that it will be the show’s last, it should also serve as a reminder of just how extraordinary its run has been, of how much it would change over time and how it would rewrite the rules of the genre it created.

Just for fun, here’s a full episode from 1953.

For more glimpses back at the history of the show, you can check out this article and the special anniversary episode that aired two years ago. sends our congratulations to Guiding Light, to the many people who worked so hard to bring it to the air everyday and the millions of people whose lives have been affected by it and who have made it an important part of television history.