Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts on the week of June 8-12.

Cyrus forcefully announced his return to Springfield on Monday with a gratuitous shirtless scene to delight his fans. He teamed up with Remy to find the diamonds, flirted with a giddy Christina and then dropped out of sight for the rest of the week, which is odd. Lately they’ve been spreading the plot time pretty evenly but last week it was more heavily weighted to two stories: Otalia and the murder, with James sort of thrown in as a bookend. Maybe that’s why the show felt kind of aloof. There was a very laid back feeling to the entire week, which worked sometimes, and not others.

Jeffrey and Josh hatched the crazy theory that Edmund isn’t dead. He had a look alike killed and dumped, then proceeded to frame Reva for it. They’ve been in Springfield long enough that this sounded reasonable. Although it makes one wonder why Edmund would shove the crown jewels of San Cristobal into his dead double’s pocket. Does this mean that Natasha is an old enemy of his, or a friend? I have no idea. How about you? I get the impression that not a lot of viewers are enthralled by this storyline, but I find it strangely amusing.

Otalia had plenty of interesting developments as the relationship begins encompassing more people. The two women actually discussed whether they wanted a sexual relationship and confirmed that they did. They also spent some charming time baking cookies and worrying about Rafe. He caught his mother and Olivia together, touching affectionately, and is starting to figure it out. Then he wandered around town, talked to Emma about their parents and to Daisy. It’s been clearly set up that he will have problems accepting his mother’s new relationship, but how this is handled still isn’t clear. It’s hard territory to examine and, maybe, even more complicated than that which Olivia and Natalia have covered together. My hope is that they can have Ashlee also learn the truth about Doris and then there can be a shaded, contrasted examination of the matter. At the moment, it looks more like Rafe is going to be posed to act as Nat’s nagging Catholic conscience, which is good because, frankly, they’ve been a bit weak at dealing with that issue. She made the leap a little too easily, which, dramatically, doesn’t make a lot of sense, although it’s certainly expedient.