Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts of the week of June 1-5.

Cyrus has returned to town. For those who have missed him, this is good news. We still have little idea about exactly what he was up to while he was gone, but he seems to have hooked up with some of his old gem thief friends. He didn’t come alone either. He came with a femme fatale, Natasha. While they aren’t exactly Springfield’s answer to Boris and Natasha, they’ve still added an amusing change of mood to the show. It’s nice to see him back to his old criminal self and using his highly practiced boyish charm to weasel his way into things. Another nice thing about the return is that it isn’t arbitrary, it actually fits right in with the plot that’s going on. Natasha’s obviously a criminal big wig and there have already been hints that she, or one of her associates, could have been involved in Edmund’s untimely demise.

Remy has now been partnered with Cyrus. He may have just become a cop again but he’s already been put in charge of a major case. Frank decided it would be a good idea to team him up with the Australian to find the jewels, which is exactly the kind of break Cyrus has been looking for while he’s been clearing tables at Company. Springfield PD strikes again! Last week also saw Remy selling one of the diamonds he stole from Edmund. After Christina found the diamond, he dropped to the floor naked and proposed to her. She said “no”, much to his relief. After selling it, he used the cash to pay down his father’s mortgage, which impressed Christina, who spent much of the week doing vague moralizing. Things weren’t quite as light and playful in the rest of town.