Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts of the week of May 25-29.

Shayne finally told Marina that baby Henry was his child with Lara. He made it clear that he would stay out of the child’s life unless they needed his help. She was still quite traumatized by the news and had a strange paranoid meltdown at the hospital. They both decided that it wasn’t necessary to tell Mallet anything. He’s been a little distracted by the murder case anyway so he remained clueless that things were wrong. Both Marina and Shayne quickly began pouring their frustration in a different direction.

After Reva was confronted by Mallet over the murder, she went home with Jeffrey and they tried reassuring each other that they were innocent. After a little push from Lillian, he got romantic and made love to his wife on the rug. She was promptly arrested, not by the sex police, but by Mallet for the slightly less serious soap opera crime of murder. Once she was pouting in her jail cell, the usual crew of men in her life began filing in and offering to help her. Shayne began pouring his anxiety about the baby into trying to protect his mother and shield her from Mallet. Josh stood around but seemed confused about what to do. Jeffrey acted as her lawyer, which wasn’t easy since the evidence is clearly pointing against her. And Marina circumvented her husband and smuggled Colin in through the backdoor to see Reva. They talked about being mothers, how important it was to love their children and protect them no matter what etc., all which, in Springfield lingo, often has all sorts of sinister connotations. Love may save the world, but it also seems to be what causes most of its problems.