Tina Sloan venice and guiding light star writes book
Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

Actress turned novelist.

Here is some exciting news about one of Guiding Light’s veteran performers. Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) has been busy at work launching her own rich sideline recently. The sophisticated and stylish actress calls it Changing Shoes and it covers a lot of territory. Sloan has been writing and performing for years, but this time around she has combined her talents in a fascinating new way. Under the Changing Shoes name, Soaps.com readers can find Tina in several different forms as she relates the funny stories and exciting experiences of her 26 years of life as a soap actress.

Her life is detailed in three different ways. Changing Shoes, the book, promises to turn the old tales about aging being a process of fading away upside down and offers the humorous tales of her life in daytime. She also hosts Changing Shoes, the one-woman show. Opening this month, the theatrical event deals with Tina’s successes and difficulties as an actress, mother, wife, and friend. She travels back over her life, searching for the answers to life’s questions while looking through her closet at all of her old shoes. These recollection are enriched by clips from Guiding Light as well as the films she’s been in. In addition to the play and the book, she has also launched a brand new website featuring glimpses into the work and a blog that will allow her fans to keep up to date with everything that’s going on with her.

To visit her new website, changing shoes. And for those who are going to be in the New Jersey area this August, be sure to check her out in her one-woman show when she performs at the Cape May Stage, located at 31 Perry Street, Cape May, New Jersey on August 17, 2009.