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Blogging from the Beacon.

Thoughts on the Week of April 20-24.

It was a bit of a lopsided week last week. Most of the action focused on Shayne and Dinah going to Bosnia, or Marina battling for her baby. The two stories, which have been overlapping all along, finally met up with the week’s big reveal: Baby Henry is actually the child of Shayne and his deceased lover Lara. Of course, he has no idea. This was all revealed to Dinah by a nun who had been following her around the Bosnian countryside. Dinah continues to play therapist to Shayne. Since she’s been to the edge and back enough times, I guess she’s qualified. She took him out for some dance therapy. Edmund escaped from Roc and stalked them. When they got to Bosnia, Shayne wept at Lara’s grave and then he and Dinah made out on the hillside. Edmund is still sneaking around. He was wonderfully unhinged.

Another of the more intriguing developments of the week was Marina discovering a new strain of desperation. Fearing that her illegally adopted child might be taken away from her, she stole some drugs from the police evidence locker and planted them on the woman investigating the adoption. She then threatened to arrest her if she didn’t make the case go away. The agent did. The Coopers celebrated. As Marina admitted, she’s not the best cop, but she is determined to be a good parent. In Springfield, that usually means making other people suffer.