Updated: April 27.

It has just been announced that Nancy St. Alban will be returning to the role of Michelle Bauer Santos. The fifth actress to play the role, she left the series in November of 2005 after five years.

Original Article: April 24.

It looks like Guiding Light will be seeing another old character returning. It is being reported that Paul Anthony Stewart will be returning to the set as Danny Santos. Could this mean that there will be a return of the Danny and Michelle coupling? It certainly looks that way since the show made it official last month that they were seeking to recast the role of Michelle Bauer. So far, details on that score have yet to surface.

There’s no specific date as to when Stewart will be returning, or what would bring his character back to Springfield. He is expected to be back on-screen sometime during the month of May. The Princeton educated actor played the role of troubled mobster and heartthrob Danny Santos from 1998-2005.

Soaps.com is happy to hear he’s coming back and will keep you informed of updates to this story as information becomes available.