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Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts on the week of April 13-17.

The week essentially focused on two things – Natalia and Frank’s wedding and Edmund continuing to flip out. He cornered Shayne but his revenge was interrupted. Shayne still seemed a bit oblivious until Edmund ran up and whacked him in the head with a baseball bat, which seemed slightly out of character. I guess he was in a hurry and couldn’t come up with something more calculated, though, with Shayne’s past flirtation with a baseball career, I suppose there was an ironic jab involved. Afterward, Dinah cuddled Shayne while his parents panicked. Edmund went after Reva’s baby but she managed to run across town and catch him. He wanted to raise her child as his own. “Luckily you won’t have to grow up in this hideous place with wooden bears and wagon wheels and commemorative plates,” he memorably promised the child. They ranted at each other and then she jabbed him with a needle. Josh came and they decided to ship Edmund off. Roc Hoover promised to give him a fate worse than death. If they wanted to give poor Eddie that, than why didn’t they make him stay in Springfield with Reva? Josh and Jeffrey both seemed to realize that they’ve basically switched places. Now Josh drifts around and acts a bit mercenary and Jeffrey is Reva’s grumpy maid. Edmund was driven away, asking “Father Josh” about how he and his cohorts could live with their hypocrisy. It’s a good question, but I doubt we’ll get an answer. We will get a little more Edmund this week though.