Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts on the Week of March 30-April 3.

Last week’s episodes were overshadowed by the announcement that the show would end its run on CBS this September. Whether that will spell the completion of the series or not still isn’t entirely clear. But on the show, at least, miraculous things happen. Jeffrey and post-menopausal, cancer laden Reva had their baby. Before she could have her scheduled c-section, she went into labor and Edmund had to take her to Cedars. Josh and Jeffrey were delayed thanks to being pulled over for speeding. The labor went ahead quickly and the Lewis men all filed by to see the baby and then left the parents alone. Reva was reluctant to part with the child and return to radiation but, in the end, she did and they named the baby Colin. In spite of the outlandish nature of this plot, everyone walked through it as they would any other baby/disease story. If anything, it was more sedate and less maudlin than these stories often wind up being. It’s good to go for quiet realism when what you’re dealing with what couldn’t be further from it.

Meanwhile, another outlandish plot quickly burst. Since no one in Springfield was willing to be a vigilante and go after Dinah, or press charges along the legal route, she ended up punishing herself. She sued herself for all of the emotional suffering she’s caused to the town. The judge found the entire thing ridiculous, Doris offered an appropriately sardonic shrug and the matter was wrapped up with a plug for “The Price is Right.” It was silly and amusing, though I would have enjoyed seeing more of Dinah and Doris questioning each other and showcasing the impeccable comic timing both actresses are capable of. With that out of the way, Dinah felt cleansed enough to go after Shayne. He finally discovered that Lara was pregnant. He blamed himself again and got suicidal once more, only to be saved by Dinah. They finally broke the sexual tension and went to bed after a delicately played scene.