It’s been a brutal week for all of us since news of Guiding Light‘s cancellation was announced. We’ve been flooded with e-mails about it at They’ve been both sad and angry, testament to what a profound impact the series has had in the lives of generations of viewers. Here are a just a few samples.

Deedee wrote:

Please say that the news today was an April Fool’s Joke and that you are not going off the air in September. I plan my day around you – appointments, anything – Even listen while I walk.

Deana wrote:

I think it is terrible that the show is canceled. I have watched the show for 25 years. My mom, her mom, my sisters and friends all watch the show. Is there anything we can do to change this decision? Who makes these decisions? I feel this is just another terrible effect of the declining economy. I really feel for all the people loosing there jobs. If there is anything we can do to change this decision please let me know!!! There have been many changes and not all good ones, but I can’t imagine life without Guiding Light!!!

Laurie wrote:

I beg of you not to cancel Guiding Light. I am a daily watcher. I work, but after work each day I watch it. It is the highlight of my day. My mother and I enjoy it together. I can remember rushing home from school to watch it. Maybe make it one half hour but, don’t cancel it. Please reconsider. I am so upset. I may loose my job because of the economy, and that would be the only HIGH spot of my day. Try to get some other channel to pick it up.

Jo wrote:

I’ve been a LOYAL fan since the month before my first son was born in 1968. The actors on GL are truly professional – I’ve tried to watch other soaps, and none compare to GL. The show will be sorely missed by me (and the son I had then). I feel like I’m losing part of my family – best wishes to all the talented folks on the show.

Beth wrote:

It is a sad day when the oldest soap opera of all time is calling it quits! Why not invest in making it the BEST of the BEST?! Television is only looking for cheaper shows and not what people are really interested in! Soap operas are great escapism from the harsh world we live in. We are sick and tired of reality, game and talk shows! Just put more effort into the soaps and watch the ratings climb! Please don’t sell out!!! We also want to see a ‘core’ family with the older generation as well as younger people (to reflect real lives) with meaningful story lines…Thank you!

Linda wrote:

I am so sad Guiding Light is ending. It feels like a death! I have watched this show for forty three years and will truly miss it. I said I would quit watching when I thought Reva was leaving a few years ago and I’m glad she didn’t leave. Now I guess my days of watching really are numbered. It has been the only soap for me. Now I’m not quite sure how I will spend my afternoons.

Guiding Light and all the cast, you will be truly missed by me and so many others!

Donna wrote:

Oh no! Not canceled!! I started watching at lunch with my mother when Guiding Light was a 15 minute show with “Search for Tomorrow.” Through school years, getting married, having babies, I always returned to watch only Guiding Light in the Daytime soaps. The show grew to half an hour. Through divorce, going back to university, I always caught up and watched. I loved VCRs because I taped it every day! The show was now an hour long. Next came the DVR and my retirement… and I am still a daily watcher and fan. Seven decades …don’t give up now!!!

Coleene wrote:

I am almost 74 years old. I know this is a great show. I listened to this as a small girl with my mother on the radio and watched it on TV for more years than most of you have been around. It’s such a joy to sit down and live in another world, for an hour… now you want to take it away.

Everyone here at feels the loss to and our hearts go out to everyone. If you want to show your support for the show, please visit this page.