Although they are one of Guiding Light‘s newest couples, they are steadily gaining in popularity. Remy Boudreau (Lawrence Saint Victor) and his wife Christina (Karla Mosley) have been slowly easing into an unconventional romance for the past few months. On my first day in Orlando I watched them shoot their final location scene. They were running across Universal Studios and joking around with the giant shark that hangs in the square outside of the Jaws ride. Actually, they were re-shooting the scene because the first time around, his microphone kept falling off and the shark wasn’t actually there.

It was a big week for Lawrence. Not only was he working in Florida, he was also being seen on millions of TV screens all over America that night. He made his debut on Primetime series “Ugly Betty” the evening before I sat down to speak with him. “It was a great experience… it was nice,” he said with a big smile. I wondered if there was a big difference between working on that show and working on GL. “Yes and no… It didn’t feel that different, just on a bigger scale. We shot five scenes in one day whereas we shoot all the scenes, thirty or fifty pages, in one day.” It was nice to work at such a comparatively slow pace.

His on-screen wife is also used to working at a fast pace. Karla Mosley used to star on the Australian children’s show “Hi-5” and has been quickly adapting. “We shot five episodes a week in two days and it was really a musical show so we were learning music and choreography in the other three days,” she said of her experience Down Under. Now that she’s on Daytime: “I’m learning things, but I learn them publicly. I love the format. I love the pace of it. I love the people.” Mosley grew up doing musical theater but is only now exploring music as something she would like to do on her own. In addition to performing in local New York clubs and bars singing jazz, she sang at a Yankees game recently. She’s also started to work on work on original material. When we asked Lawrence about his singing voice, he became bashful. Karla teased him a bit but he insisted he can only accompany. “I’m not going to be opening for the Yankees any time soon,” he said with a laugh.

So far, Remy and Christina’s relationship has been slowly percolating, which is quite a feat for a pair who were married before they were even dating. Lawrence promised that, “There is more of that to come, of those romantic comedy plots that just get flipped around.” It’s been something of a relief for him to play the lighter side after the heavy drama of Ava and the death of baby Max. But the leap from one extreme to the other is something that he really loves about his character. “You can make him dark, make him, angry – it’ll work. Then put him in a fun storyline, in comedy, and it’ll work. He can kind of fit anywhere,” he explained. Something else that fans of the character can look forward to is more scenes featuring the Boudreau family. While Mel, Leah and Felecia will be getting more airtime, Clayton will be getting less. Thanks to an incredibly busy schedule, Montel Williams won’t be returning as the family’s patriarch, but everyone was thrilled to have him around while it lasted.

While Remy and Christina have been turning classic romantic plots on their heads, they’ve also been dealing with very real life issues like social class, school, and what it means to become an adult. The challenges that face them will mount even further. “Remy and Christina go deeper… they have their own desires and those desires don’t necessarily meet in the middle,” Saint Victor hinted, adding, “Something is going to come up in the next couple of weeks that is totally going to turn things around.”

Both actors are taking pleasure in watching this relationship develop. “I love how much they are taking their time with these two… I just love when they challenge each other. We find out that Christina isn’t as ‘altogether’ as we think and Remy is a lot more ‘altogether’ than we think he is,” he said. Mosley is also enjoying the pace and looks forward to seeing the couple, “…have to figure something out. I think what’s good about them is that they work as a team and I’d like to see them go through something that is really challenging… something that could challenge them but force them to stay optimistic.”

– Matt Purvis